A/N: Okay here is my first ever non-competition Drabble. All will be under 100 words- because less IS more- and it's easy to do.

Thanks to brionjae for the first three prompts. If anyone has a prompt they'd like to see written as a drabble let me know!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry potter in any of the drabbles of this..collection. So nyah!

Drabble One: Eyelashes

They were, undeniably, his favorite part of him.

Not that famous lightning bolt scar or his messy, raven hair or even his stunning emerald eyes.

Not to say that they didn't count for something special on their own of course.

This part of him was dark and sultry, curling into a sexy curve when they made love. They rested softly against his cheek as he slept, casting shadows against his smooth, pale skin. They sparkled with tears when he was sad and fluttered like butterfly wings when he was excited.

Yes, Draco Malfoy loved Harry Potter's eyelashes most of all.

Word Count: 100