Toys (QueenNilya's version)

Draco's eyes were wide with disbelief.

"What in the bloody hell is that thing?" A pale hand rose when Harry opened his mouth to respond. "Don't answer that."

The messy-haired man sighed. "I'd like to think you're old enough to know what a sex toy is."

Draco scoffed. "That isn't a toy, it's a medevil torture device."

Harry tapped the device with his index finger, watching it swing from one of the many straps on his other hand. "You're probably right……what was Hermione thinking when she bought this as our wedding gift?"

"Her dirty perverted muggle-infested mind is a bottomless pit of nastiness, Harry." Draco pointed out with a frown. "Does this really surprise you?"

"Don't talk about Hermione that way." Harry scolded as he opened the drawer in the bedside dresser and dropped the…harness-y thing into it with a thunk. "She was just trying to be supportive."

Pale arms wrapped sound his waist as warm lips brushed his neck teasingly before Draco whispered, "Then she could have gotten us a gift certificate."

Harry was too occupied to complain.

A/N: I proudly confess to have no real knowledge of sex toys, hence the vaugueness of this drabble, and let's face it, trying to research it would have scarred my brain for the rest of my life and possibly in my afterlife.