Give Credit Where Credit Is Bloo By FalconLobo

I Don't Own Fosters This is a slight Frankie X Herriman story

based on a dream I had

What Will Happen After Frankie had used Her Credit Card to buy something at the mall

Then Bloo gets a-hold of it when she gets back read on to find out

Frankie said as she came in the front door:

"Finally I'm back home and I love what I bought and I bet someone else will too"

She left her purse near the TV then Bloo came in and turned it on.

Bloo was watching TV and said "Ohhh The AllTimers Shopping Network

I wish I had some cash to buy stuff with."

He saw Frankie's Purse and pulled out her credit card and said smirking "this will do"

He dialed the number and he said in a bad feminine voice:

"Give me one of everything twice"

He told them the credit card number.

And they said "your order will be there in an Hour Miss Frances Foster".

One hour Later Frankie answered the door as Ordered by Mr. Herriman.

And Earl Said "Hiya Frankie I Guess Old Funny Bunny gave ya a raise."

"Old Peter Cottenbutt a raise are ya nuts?"

"Then how do you expect to pay for all this stuff ya bought?"

Mr. Herriman came along and said all "what stuff"

Earl replied "all that stuff" then he showed them ten trucks loaded with stuff.

"Ms Frankie" Herriman yelled "what did you Do?!"

"Mr. Herriman I did not buy all that stuff!

I bought one item from the mall and that was it!"

"Oh come now Miss Frankie:

Do you expect me to believe you when the evidence is right outside!?"

Then Bloo came along as Herriman and Frankie yelled at each other.

And he said "oh my stuff came Coolness For Blooness."

"Your Stuff Master Bloo How so?"

"Yeah what did you mean by your stuff Blob Boy?"

"Did I Say My stuff?" "I meant your stuff"

"Nice Try Master Bloo I think it's quite obvious that you used Miss Frankie's credit card.

And that you called The AllTimers Shopping Network to have acquired this massive amount of stuff."

"Okay ya got me now can I get my stuff now"

"Oh no Master Bloo everything goes back including Miss Frankie's mall purchase whatever it was."

"Aw man" they both said disappointed.

Frankie knocked on Herriman's bedroom and said:

"Mr. H Can I please keep my mall purchase."

"Absolutely not Ms Frankie now go to bed"!

"Mr. Herriman can I at least show you what it is I got first."

"Oh very well the very least I will do is let you show me what you can't keep."

She opened the door to reveal what her purchase was a red short sexy nighty

Mr. Herriman gulped and said "so this is what I told you to return? What am I crazy?"

He said "you look great and forget what I said before you can keep this"

"Um Mr. Herriman if you're looking at me this way, and telling me I can keep it.

Plus if flattering me is your way of saying you wish to make love I'm all for it."

"Frankie I want you and if you want me ya got me baby!"

Then the bunny kissed her and she kissed him back.

"Oh Mr . H I love you!"

"I love you as Well Frankie And let's get down on it so to speak!"

So The Rabbit got his redhead and Bloo had to clean up after the dogs for a month.

So there you have it always give credit where credit is Bloo.

The End