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" How do you avoid bashing your nose with the other person's?"

Lifting his head from where he was writing up a report for Andy, Athrun turned his head to look at the young woman behind him with a puzzled expression.

"What are you talking about, Meyrin?"

Blushing slightly, Meyrin gave him a shy yet playful grin and said,"Kissing of course! I have always wondered how people keep from bashing their noses together. I mean I know you have to turn your and all, but how do you know when is the right moment to do so? Especially if you have your eyes closed?"

Athrun's cheeks by now were a bright shade of red and with a slight stammer he asked," W-why are you asking me about this?"

Leaning closer to him, Meyrin's deep grey eyes had a mischievous yet innocent glow about them as she replied,"Because you've kissed some one before. Right, Athrun?"

Staring into Meyrin's eyes, Athrun saw in them something that he had never seen before something that his mind refused to name. Something that made him very nervous all of a sudden.

Dropping his eyes from her's, Athrun hoped that by not looking into those deep soft eyes the sudden fluttering in his stomach would go away and thus he would be able to answer her question without stuttering.

Instead his traitorous eyes moved to the one part of her features that at that moment in time could cause the fluttering in his stomach to kick into instant overdrive.

And that amazing feature was her lips.

They were at that the moment curved in to a cute bow of a smile as she studied him while patiently waiting for him to answer her question.

Question. Her question... Wait, what was her question again?

Still staring at her lips, Athrun swallowed hard and in a confused tone asked,"What was the question again, Meyrin?"

Smiling slightly hoping her worry over his strange absentmindedness didn't show, Meyrin said again a tad more slowly this time,"How do you..."

He finally remembered her question. And to her immense surprise and happiness, his answer to it was warm, sweet and didn't bash her nose at all.


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