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Chapter 5: European Experience

"Princess, dinner is ready…" Sei said as she knocked on Haruhi's door.

"Please come down right away" Rei added.

"The mistress will be waiting for you…" they said in unison.

Haruhi rolled her eyes and gave out a deep sigh.

How many times do I have to tell them not to call me princess?

"Ok I'm coming…" Haruhi said in an irritated voice. And with that, the twins left and went down the stairs, to he dining room.

Its been six years since the day she left Japan and arrived at Europe. Six years since she left her father and her friends, first met her grandmother and found out she was the heiress of the fujioka dynasty. Six years since her life changed, and became easier…easier?

"How was your day my dear?" Yukino asked as she took a zip of wine from her crystal glass, looking at Haruhi.

"it was fine grandma, just the usual boring day…" Haruhi said as she sliced her choice cut steak.

"oh, the usual boring day… like what?" Yukino asked curiously.

"well, our professor gave us another of those pop quizzes…" Haruhi said as she ate the sliced steak.

"and then?" Yukino asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"he gave us some hard cases and made us analyze them, then he asked us some questions and then graded us according to our answers…" Haruhi said, making her grandmother pause from eating.

"and what grade did he gave you?"

Haruhi paused from eating her steak and looked at her grandmother.

"Well… also like the usual, an A+" Haruhi said giving a little smirk.

"Oh that's my grand daughter! You make me so proud!!!" Yukino just can't stop herself from clapping.

"Thank you grandma…" Haruhi smiled at Yukino and resumed from eating, as well as Yukino.

"Sei, please get the best ootoro from the fridge and more of this red wine." Yukino ordered.

" Yes ma'am." Sei quickly went to the kitchen.

" Grandma, you really didn't have to…" Haruhi resisted.

Oh come on grandma, I can always have ootoro when ever I want to…

"Oh Haruhi stop. Its for a job well done!" Yukino stopped Haruhi from being her stubborn self again.

"Oh ok!" Haruhi finally gave up.

"Once again I'm defeated by you grandma…" Haruhi said giving a deep sigh.

"Of course grand daughter!" Yukino teased Haruhi.

That evening was a very long evening for them, just laughing and talking about happenings in their everyday lives.

Haruhi opened her locker and saw another rose was inside again.

A rose again? Why do they always put roses in my locker… they can just give it to me personally… sigh..

"from whom could this flower be?" Haruhi asked stubbornly, and yet no one answered.

Ever since she first came into her law school, she's always been receiving roses, letters, and chocolates from secret admirers.

Haruhi is now more than just cute; she was pretty, no, more far than that! She was sublime. Her former petite and straight body now has curves and was no longer flat chested. She grew her hair, until it was up to her waist. No one in her school hates her. They were all fund of her and lots of secret admirers were unto her. She was the most popular in school; she was a heartthrob. Roses, letters, gifts, surprising confessions and many more, not a day goes by without them. But with Haruhi, it doesn't really matter.

"uhm… Haruhi…" a young man about his late 20's suddenly called from behind her. Haruhi turned around to see who called her.

"What is it Youni?" Haruhi asked him.

"Uhm… I was the one who left the rose in your locker a while ago…a—and, I was wondering if..I-I….I could court you?" Youni asked her, a bit nervously but straight to the point.

Haruhi did not spaced out, not like other woman would have. Youni, the most popular guy at school asked her that, Haruhi knew what exactly to tell him. Just like what she told the others.

"Uh..Youni, I'm sorry but I would like to concentrate on my studies for now and I'm not interested on having a relationship with someone yet…. So I'm sorry." Haruhi might have said that to almost all her suitors. Emotionless. Bluntly.

"Princess…" Sei and Rei entered haruhi's room.

"What is it Sei? Rei?" Haruhi looked up from her law book to view the twins.

"The mistress told us to give this to you. " Rei was handing a medium sized box to Haruhi.

"What's in it?" Haruhi looked at the box curiously.

"It's a dress" Sei said smiling at her.

"The mistress ordered it from the hitachiin twins." Rei added.

"Oh really!?" Haruhi immediately opened the box and smiled as she saw another sundress by the hitachiin twins.

They've been ordering clothes for Haruhi from the hitachiin twins but without letting them know it was actually for Haruhi.

"Do you miss them princess?" the twins asked in unison.

"Yeah. A lot!" Haruhi replied. "Actually, you two remind me of them."

"Oh" the twins smiled at her. Feeling very flattered.

"Were gonna go now, princess." Sei and Rei said in unison. The twins were about to go out of the room when,

"Wait a minute! What did I told you about calling me princess?!" haruhi's appearance was really frightening.

"Eh…. hehe.." the twins exited the room, running as fast as they could.

"Haruhi…" Haruhi was walking in one of the corridors of the fujioka mansion when someone called her name. Haruhi turned to see who called her name. It was her grandmother, Yukino.

"What is it grandma?" Haruhi walked towards Yukino.

"Wanna leave the mansion with me for a while?" Yukino asked, giving Haruhi a smirk.

"What do you mean by that grandma?" Haruhi asked curiously.

"I mean… let's disguise ourselves as commoners and you can educate me about commoners and how they live there life." Yukino said with that evil smirk.

"Oh… for a second there, you reminded me of someone.." Haruhi said giggling.

"And who could that someone be, huh?" Yukino raised an eyebrow.

"Just an old friend of mine…" Haruhi smiled at her grandma.

Just an old friend of mine…

"Ok?… so what do you say? Like my plan?"

"sure thing grandma!"

"Haruhi… don't I look funny on this?" Yukino asked Haruhi.

"Of course not! You look fine. Just like an average person…" Haruhi replied patting her grandmother at the shoulder.

"So where do you want to go first?"

"Uhm… is there any ice cream parlor here?"

"Well, I don't really know, since we have our own ice cream parlor here in our mansion." Yukino said bluntly.

"Oh" Haruhi was about to let out a big laugh.

Haruhi and Yukino walked along the commoner streets until Haruhi stopped in front of an ice cream vendor.

"What flavor do you want grandma?" Haruhi turned towards Yukino.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Yukino asked innocently.

"I mean, what flavor of ice cream do you want?" I'm buying from that ice cream vendor." Haruhi said, pointing at the direction of the ice cream vendor.

"Oh… are you sure its clean ice cream?" Yukino asked.

"I'm not that sure but I think its called 'dirty ice cream'." Haruhi replied.

"Isn't it dangerous to eat does kind of ice creams?"

"Of course not! It's safe."

"Ok then, I want strawberry." Yukino finally gave up on the interrogation.

"Ok, I'll get vanilla." Haruhi said pulling her grandma towards the ice cream vendor.

"Two please. One strawberry and one vanilla."

The ice cream vendor quickly scooped their orders in the cones.

"Haruhi, what's this?" Yukino asked, staring at the cone.

"It's called an ice cream cone… it's just like a wafer." Haruhi explained. "Just eat it anyway!"

"Oh, ok"

Haruhi and Yukino began walking again while eating their ice creams. Haruhi stopped again, but this time in front of a hotdog stand.

"Hey grandma, want to try another commoner food?" Haruhi asked.

"I guess so." Yukino replied.

"Wanna try that one?" Haruhi asked, pointing at one of the hotdogs.

"It looks delicious…ok, I guess I'll try it." Yukino smiled.

Haruhi bought 2 hotdogs and applied ketchup and mayonnaise.

"Here." Haruhi handed Yukino one of the hotdogs.

Yukino took a bite.

"Wow, this ones really delicious!"

"You like it huh?" Haruhi raised an eyebrow.

"No!… I love it!" they ate their hotdogs and bought more for the others at the mansion.

After a long afternoon…

"Haruhi…I guess we have to go back now." Yukino said.

"Ok grandma" Haruhi replied with a bright smile.

So they headed back home, back to their mansion. When they arrived, Seirena and Sereina were waiting for them.

"Welcome back mistress, princess." Rei and Sei greeted them.

"So even after we sneaked out, you still knew we were gone?" Haruhi asked, quite amused.

"Of course princess, its actually part of our job to know those things." Sei smirked.

"Everything you'll do, we'll know" Rei added, mirroring her sister.

Haruhi just gave a sigh. Yukino just laughed.

They all went inside the fujioka mansion. Sei and Rei escorted Haruhi back to her room. Yukino went to her office/room. Upon entering her room, the phone rang…

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