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It was cold- his dead flesh touching my own skin, numbing my body completely. Yet something told me that this was a dream… or nightmare. But I could no longer remember why- my mind was too deep into a fog that I couldn't slip past.

To myself, I almost inaudibly muttered, "This isn't real…", and yet the man heard me.

"No, this is real," he responded, running a hand from the top of my head down to my chin, which it stroked playfully.

Is this real enough for you?

Then came the realization- this man, whom I despise above all else, really is standing before me. And yet, as he face moved closer to mine, as his lips even barely touched my own, all of that was forgotten. Gripping his shirt, I slowly pulled him closer with it, a desire to feel comforted fueling my actions as his name softly escaped my lips.


"Alviss! W-what're you doing?!" someone exclaimed, freeing me from my daze. I then broke free of the dead man's lips to look at the boy, only to realize I did not… no, could not, recognize him.

A mix of confusion and shock overcame the numbness, yet a smile crossed Phantom's face. Once again, he ran a hand from the top of my head, only this time down to my chin, which he pushed up to force our eyes to meet.

You were so confused

"Don't worry, Alviss. There's nothing to question here," he assured me, before pulling my lips into another kiss, which I did not fight.

If even for that one moment, I felt that with him is where I belong and nowhere else. So, like before, I pulled him closer, trying to tell him that I want to go with him, where ever it is, I couldn't care any less.

Now that you've decided to stay

He smirked under the kiss, at which point I knew that he understood my message. And with that, we were gone, and all went black…

We'll remain together


What felt like day later, I opened my eyes, yet couldn't see anything. I was scared, at least until I noticed I was on a bed, his arm draped around my waist. I sighed quietly, not wanting to wake the being beside me, and attempted to go back to sleep.

However, whenever I would close my eyes, images would come, showing horrible scenes of destroyed villages, dead people, and people I recognized as Chess Pieces. My mind was trying to get me to leave, and it might have succeeded. For the longest time I lied awake, pondering of a way to escape, yet with no avail.

"You're not thinking of leaving, are you, Alviss?"

You can't abandon me

My breathing deepened from the sound of his voice, at which point the images stopped as did the desire to leave. I shifted myself to the direction that I thought he was in (it is still pitch black) and responded, "No, it was just… a bad dream. That's all."

I could tell that he smirked through the darkness as he pulled me into a tighter embrace.

"Good, because as long as you're with me, you're mine," he stated, and I couldn't help but agree, even if I disliked it. But 'As long as you're with me,' could turn out to be a very long time…

You belong to me

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