Author's notes: Scenelet from Cry Wolf. Scott, prompt #5, the garbage can. Inspired by fic simplicity's prompt #5, garbage. These drabbles counted up as 100 words by OpenOffice; this site's word count often disagrees.

Disclaimer: I don't own them; ITC/Grenada does at the moment. I'm just writing about them. If you want to post these anywhere else, including C2 communities, please be polite and ask first.


Scott pulled the banana peel from his head, and wiped the coffee grounds from over his ear. He shook his head sharply; something slimy oozed down his neck.

"I'm so sorry!" Williams hurried from the house, a towel over his shoulder. He offered a hand to extricate Scott from the garbage can. Tony and Bob came running up, trying to stifle their boyish giggles.

"I should've known something would go wrong with that 'emergency exit'," Williams lamented. "But," he turned his attention to his sons, "you wouldn't have ended up in the bin had two little boys dumped the rubbish!"