Based before Luke and Lorelai get together, after her breakup with Max. Luke and Lorelai are heading to Mia's wedding; Rory has finals and cannot go.

NOTE: There will be not creepy LOST stuff. Just the regular dangers of a deserted Island, although LOST sort of did give me the stranded dessert idea.

"I cannot believe you talked me into this" Luke said shaking his head

"Me either" Lorelai agreed, shaking her head also, a teasing smile playing around her lips

Luke and Lorelai turned a corner sharply, when they heard their flight announcement.

"Come on" Luke said placing one hand behind Lorelai's back in an attempt to hurry her up "Our flight is almost finished boarding"

"But my bag is so heavy" Lorelai whined, complaining about the one bag she had not checked in.

Luke glanced down at the bag before grabbing it and speeding up.

They hurried to the terminal just before boarding had finished. Luke quickly handed over their tickets.

"Thank you" the air hostess responded, "We hope you enjoy your flight with Oceanic airlines"


"Lu-uke" Lorelai pleaded, "Please"

"No, I have now played hangman, four corners, I spy and about seven other games. That's it, no more" he responded

"Hey, it's not my fault Mia decided to go get married in her new husbands home town, in freakin Ireland!!" She defended

"How about you try and get some sleep?" he suggested

"How about, I've told you ten times I do not sleep on planes!!" she protested

"I'll give you a few hours" he chuckled

She glared at him, "Um can I get some coffee please" Lorelai asked a passing airhostess

"Sure, would you like a regular or..."

"The strongest you've got" Lorelai interrupted her.

"An Irish coffee it is" the young airhostess said.

Luke glanced over at Lorelai incredulously

"What?" Lorelai asked

"You drink but you don't sleep" he observed


"You do realize there's alcohol in an 'Irish coffee'"

Lorelai raised her eyebrows in surprise, "Well who cares, I mean we are going to Ireland right?"

"Right" Luke agreed, not looking away. He was in fact quite pleased to be going to Ireland with Lorelai, neither of them knew Mia's new friends and he knew they would be spending a lot of time together. Not that he would ever admit that to Lorelai. He coughed nervously when he realized they were still staring at each other.

Lorelai abruptly broke out of whatever she had been thinking about and looked away.


It was about ten minutes after Lorelai had finished her fourth Irish coffee and she had reached a point of drunkenness caused from a mixture of whiskey and caffeine.

"Lorelai will you shush" Luke said placing a hand on her arm in an attempt to quiet her down.

"Sorry, I just hate airplanes and the 'coffee' helped calm my nerves." she defended

"You never mentioned you hated flying" Luke said genuinely surprised.

"Well, I do okay?" Lorelai looked away and released his hand was still on her arm, he realized too. He went to remove his arm, but Lorelai placed her hand on it. She moved her hand up and down his arm a few times causing the hairs to stand up slightly. Luke looked at her as she concentrated on what she was doing.

"Lorelai" he interrupted

Under normal circumstances she would have been highly embarrassed.

"You have pretty arms" was all she said.

"You're drunk, have you eaten at all today?" he asked glancing at the giddy caffeinated woman before him.

She shook her head.

"I can't eat before flying" she explained

"Well they're serving food in another half hour, you can eat then" He reasoned

"I doubt it"


Luke had insisted on ordering Lorelai food despite her refusal. He looked over as she hungrily ate. He smiled.

"I guess you have gotten over the eating thing" he teased

"So hungry" Lorelai said in between mouthfuls

Luke chuckled.

"Flying isn't so bad" Lorelai said not breaking eye contact with Luke. That was the second moment they had shared on the plane alone.

"No it's not" Luke agreed.

Lorelai giggled and continued eating. Luke got up to go to the bathroom. When he returned he was both surprised and pleased to see that Lorelai had fallen asleep. He adjusted her seat and requested a blanket and pillow. He did not want Lorelai moaning about a sore neck when she woke up, he told himself. He tucked the blanket around her and guided the pillow behind her neck. Without thinking he brushed her hair out of her face and behind her ear. She smiled slightly in her sleep.


Lorelai was woken abruptly by Luke's shaking.

"The plane is having some minor difficulty and you need to just put on your seatbelt" he said soothingly to the disgruntled Lorelai.

The plane had been experiencing some heavy turbulence but once the announcement for all people to sit down and securely fasten seatbelts on had been announced Luke had woken Lorelai. He pulled the blanket off of her and helped her fix on her seatbelt.

"It's okay just some turbulence" Luke said

Lorelai looked scared but very alert.

The plane shook furiously and Lorelai quickly reached over to Luke's hand for support. He took her hand in both of his and soothed her.

"We're over the ocean" Lorelai said

Luke just nodded mentally thinking how he would handle the situation if they crashed. His mind wondered over all of the practical things, the lifejackets beneath the seats, warmth, food, and rescue. Luke had always been a practical man.

"Why don't you put on your jacket" Luke suggested to Lorelai, thinking how it would retain heat in the water. Luke was always cautious.

Lorelai looked at him quizzically.

"You're shivering" He shrugged it off

Lorelai looked at herself and realized she in fact was shivering.

The plane shook worse and Lorelai obediently pulled on her jacket.

Luke held her close and wrapped his arms around her.

"Luke, I'm scared" she whispered

Luke didn't have time to respond as another announcement telling people to put on their lifejackets came through.

Lorelai's eyes widened in shock, but she quickly reached for her jacket and Luke did the same. Luke checked that her jacket was secure before pulling her close to him and comforting her.

Lorelai's mind was going crazy as thoughts of Rory ran through her head.

"Rory will be fine" Luke said as if reading her thoughts, "Because you will be fine, okay?"

Lorelai nodded, Luke had little control over the situation yet his words comforted her.

When they heard the announcement to put on their oxygen masks they did so without uttering a word.

However when the plane began it's decent, Lorelai pulled off her mask for a second.

"I love you Luke" she said, terror in her eyes.

Luke quickly put on her mask again, scolding her for removing it.

"I know, I love you too" he paused, "so much" he said, his voice was muffled by his mask, but she could hear him. People all around were screaming, but they could only hear each other.

She saw how sincere he was and she felt tears in her eyes. She could only think about Rory as she felt the plane drop lower and lower.

Luke looked around them noting all of the exits.

"Don't let go of my hand" Luke said as they neared impact.

Lorelai nodded and braced herself for the inevitable impact.


The pilots had tried their best but the lightning had hit the planes tail. That was actually a lot better than hitting the wing. They were able to steer the plane so that they ended up skimming the water. They flew along barely above the water, allowing the plane to slow down so that the initial impact would be reduced.

When they hit the water, screams filled the plane that had gone temporarily silent. The plane tilted over both sides and broke in the middle. Luke quickly unfastened Lorelai's seatbelt, then his own. Lorelai had been knocked unconscious after luggage had fallen from an overhead compartment. Luke glanced at the small case. He grabbed it and then tried to wake up Lorelai; he tried desperately not to think about the gash on her forehead where blood was now pouring from.

Luke climbed over empty seats as people had slid down to the end of the plane in an attempt to get out. He could see where the plane had broken off and wanted to get out that way. He advised the people around him to do the same. It wasn't far and when a huge wave came and drowned them all in salty water, he was surprised and scared when Lorelai did not wake up. She was breathing so he continued his ascent. He was grateful when another wave titled the plane and he was thrown along with Lorelai out of the plane. He pulled Lorelai tightly to him as he struggled to keep his head from getting engulfed in waves. He grabbed Lorelai and headed toward a piece of debris from the plane. He noticed the case that had hit Lorelai on the head and he grabbed it for assisted floatation. He was very grateful for his lifejacket as he was not a very good swimmer. He kicked as hard as he could through the waves. He had pulled Lorelai onto the case and kept checking to make sure her head was still fully above water. When they finally reached the piece of plane he lifted Lorelai onto it. He hoisted himself up and took a firm hold of both Lorelai and what he thought must have been part of the roof of the plane. He held on for dear life, his own and Lorelai's as they were tossed around by the waves.


He wiped the blood off Lorelai's head quickly and checked her breathing. He tried to wake her up but failed. She was just unconscious Luke thought, at least her breathing is fine. Luke's thoughts were quickly interrupted as a giant wave came crashing over them both almost sweeping them off their makeshift raft. After what seemed like hour's the storm began to subside. Luke had not seen or heard one other person during the storm, he had watched carefully but there had been nobody to be seen. Now that the storm had passed he looked around carefully. There was no land to be seen at all, which he guessed had been expected. There were no known islands around here at all. He was however surprised that no other signs of the wreckage could be seen bar the piece he was on. He looked up at the sky and it seemed so surreal that the sun could shine so brightly after what had happened.

He lay down beside Lorelai; his hours of effort to keep them upright during the storm had left him physically exhausted. He ran his hand over Lorelai's face brushing her hair out of her way. He turned onto his side and tried once again to rouse her. He leaned over to the side and cupped some water which he splashed onto her face. She jumped awake at the coldness and literally tried to jump up. Luke had to hold her down to prevent her from capsizing them.

Lorelai looked up at her surroundings; she was on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

She looked up at Luke who looked relieved and anxious.


He nodded

"Wha-at happened?" Lorelai asked in total shock.

"What do you remember?" Luke asked soothingly

"We, we were on the plane" Lorelai said as everything that had happened came crashing back to her.

"Where is everybody else, where's the rest of the plane" she asked, sitting up now.

"Why don't you lie down and I'll tell you" Luke suggested "You did get a fairly bad blow to the head"

Lorelai reached up and winced as she felt the wound on her head.

"Its fine" she insisted

"Really?" Luke said, "Because you have been out cold for the past three hours, at least"

Lorelai looked shocked and lay down.

"A case fell out of the overhead and knocked you out, the plane split, we got thrown out and we came to this debris, the storm passed about half an hour ago, and then you woke up"

Lorelai lay in silence for about five minutes. Luke had saved her, he would look after her, she felt a surge of hope as she realized she might be okay and see Rory again.

"Thank you" she smiled up at Luke, "that must have been so hard, I'm sorry that I needed to be saved, it must have been tough to drag me onto this and keep me on"

"You're sorry you got knocked unconscious?" Luke asked slightly playfully.

"Yeah" she said

They lay in silence for a few more minutes before Lorelai spoke

"What are we going to do?"

"We wait", Luke said simply, "they know at home that the plane is down, they'll send a rescue team"

"But Luke, where is everyone else?"

"They could be a few miles in any direction, the storm was pretty wild"

"I'm cold" Lorelai said finally

Luke leaned up on his side and looked her over, to be quite honest he was cold himself. Their lifejackets had dried up pretty quickly in the sun, but they had wet clothes underneath.

"Okay, take off your jacket, but be careful only for a second, a wave could sweep you off"

Lorelai looked around at the calm ocean and chuckled.

"I just want you to be careful" he said

Lorelai quickly removed her life jacket and handed it to Luke. She stripped off her warm, but wet jacket underneath. The she took off her sweater. She shivered in her t-shirt and looked at Luke expediently for the lifejacket.

Luke shook his head. "It's wet, take it off"

Lorelai raised her eyebrows, but Luke interrupted before she could say anything.

"I'll look away, just take it off and put this on" he said handing her the dry lifejacket.

She did so quickly, "finished"

Luke turned around.

He began stripping off his own clothes and put on the lifejacket.

Lorelai rose her eyebrows at the shirtless Luke "You never asked me to look away" She teased

"Yea well I'm sure it's nothing you haven't seen before"

"I'm sure I have nothing you haven't seen before" Lorelai teased smartly, "and you looked away"

Luke shook his head; he had walked right into that one.

They had no idea what to do, and were both secretly scared.

After a while Luke decided to take off his jeans to let them dry. Lorelai decided to do the same with her cotton trousers. She was glad, because cotton would dry quickly.

They lay out drying off in the sun; Lorelai glanced over at Luke lying there in a lifejacket that barely reached his belly button and his boxers.

"My won't I have some stories to share when we get home", she said to lighten the mood, that was how she liked to cope with difficult situations.

Luke smiled; he liked how she had implied they would get home.


"Oh my God, where did these come from?" Lorelai said suddenly as she waved something silver and shiny in Luke's face.

Luke pulled the shiny object back from his face and he remembered.

"The giant packet of peanuts you ordered and then fell asleep before eating, they must have been in your jacket"

Lorelai giggled excitedly as she opened them.

"Why don't you slow down with them?" Luke suggested evenly, wanting her to ration them, but not wanting to scare her with the implications that they would be there a long time.

Lorelai's face fell as she was brought back into the reality of the situation.

She finished of a handful of them and then poured out another, slightly bigger this time.

She took Luke's hand and emptied them into it.

Luke took them gratefully and began eating. In truth he was not only exhausted, but starving. He had about five or six left when he held them up to Lorelai's mouth, much to her surprise. She opened her mouth and allowed him to empty them in.

Luke yawned and lay down beside Lorelai. Her pants had dried out and she pulled them on gratefully, she looked over at Luke who was now wearing his dried t-shirt and boxers.

"Here" she said handing him his now dry flannel.

"You keep it" he replied

"Ehh" Lorelai said indicating to his lack of clothes

"Okay, come 'ere" he said

Lorelai moved closer unsure of what he wanted her to do.

He guided her so she was lying snugly beside her and he wrapped the flannel over the both of them. Lorelai smiled contently as she wrapped her arm around his waist.

However neither of them could fall asleep and they just lay there for hours talking about the things they missed from home, and what they would do once they got back. Lorelai knew Rory would be worried sick about her. Lorelai like being this close to Luke, they were floating in the middle of the ocean, on a piece of a crashed plane, yet she felt safe.

"Lorelai" Luke said suddenly, "Do you see that?" he questioned pointing at the horizon.

"Yea" Lorelai squealed excitedly "I do"

"Let's start paddling" Luke said suddenly "In case to wind changes later, we have to make it to that Island"

Lorelai nodded, "Let's go" she said, her voice filled with determination.

Luke and Lorelai all alone on a desert island, I have wonderful plans for this fiction and I really want to continue this story, so I hope that there is a good interest in it. Leave a review and tell me what you think.