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The next morning Lorelai woke up entangled in a blanket. The ground beneath her felt soft, but not soft like her mattress, more like squishy. She disentangled herself from the blanket and realized what had woken her. The sun shone brightly overhead, and the previous day's events came crashing back to her, the plane, the crash, the dessert island. She sat up suddenly looking around for Luke. She stood up and saw his silhouette in the distance. He appeared to be carrying something. As he got nearer Lorelai realized it was the suitcase, and it was loaded with fruit!

"Hey you" Lorelai smiled at Luke

Luke gave her a grunt of acknowledgement

"You got up early" she continued

"How do you know?"

"Umm because you have all that fruit, you must have gotten up very early and gone to hunt for me" Lorelai concluded in a teasing voice.

"I wasn't hunting, I was gathering fruit"

"Hunting/gathering, tomatoe/tomatoe" Lorelai said in a singsong voice.

Luke handed Lorelai some strange fruit and she began to eat it hungrily.

"I guess you will have to eat healthy now" Luke joked.

Lorelai pouted, but continued to eat her fruit.

"I don't think fruit has ever tasted so good" Lorelai said after finishing her breakfast.

"You want some more?" Luke questioned, "the forest is full of whatever the heck this is"

"Sure" Lorelai said accepting the strange fruit.

"This would taste so good with some coffee"

Luke rolled his eyes

"Luke?" she questioned after a while, "What are we going to do?"

He was quite for a moment before he squinted at her.

"Lorelai, there is nothing to worry about"

"I know, I'm not scared I just, I mean…What are we going to do right now, what will we spend our time here at, just waiting and waiting"

Luke decided then that they needed to keep busy to keep from going insane from the waiting for a plane that might take weeks or perhaps never rescue them.

"I think we should set up some where to sleep tonight, somewhere a little warmer for the middle of the night"

Lorelai seemed satisfied with this answer.

They scouted around the island for about an hour. It was quite grand. They eventually decided on a piece of beach that was far enough from the sea, and sheltered on one side by a small cliff.

Luke threw the case down and sat next to it.

"I think we should head back to where we were last night and bring that raft, we can use it for a side of our shelter" Lorelai said

Luke looked at her in surprise.

"Eh", he trailed

"Not just a pretty face honey" Lorelai teased him

"Yeah, I know that but.."

Lorelai cut him off , "you know what"

"Um that…" Luke trailed, jeeze, he thought to himself, he knew where this was heading.

"That I have a pretty face?" Lorelai questioned him

Luke decided the easiest thing to do would be to just give in.

"You have a pretty face" Luke resigned

Lorelai looked surprised that he had given in that easily.

"Why thank you, Casanova" Lorelai giggled as she began the journey back to last night's camp.

After a long haul back, Luke insisted on doing most of the dragging of the thing, claiming it was easier to drag it at his own pace.

They worked together successfully using all the branches they could find and fastened them as best as they could together, along with the plane wreckage to form a shelter.

Lorelai wiped the sweat of her brow and admired their work.

"It's pretty good huh Luke?"

"Who knew we could work so successfully together, and for such a long time" Luke added

"Oooh, dirty", Lorelai teased


Luke thought about what he had said, "Aw jeeze" he blushed

"I just mean, that we didn't drive each other crazy"

"Really?" Lorelai questioned, "I thought that I took that whole Paul Bunyon bit too far"

"Almost, you just took it far enough" Luke said

"What about when I yelled at you for undoing one of the branches I weaved?" Lorelai asked.

"Nah, it was just before lunch and you were cranky" Luke responded

"I was not cranky" Lorelai replied indignantly

"Looks like somebody is getting hungry again" Luke teased

Lorelai went to smack him, but he sidestepped. Lorelai pouted and went to smack him again. This time he grabbed her arm.

"Hey" Lorelai cried, "lemme go"

She struggled to get away and they ended up falling onto the sand. After a short struggle it became clear that Luke was much stronger. His arms were tightly around her and she was completely unable to move. He had obviously won, so he decided to let her go.

"Gah, thank you" Lorelai said as she was released from Luke's grip, "air"

Luke chuckled

She rolled over in the sand and lay next to Luke. They lay in silence squinting up toward the sun.

"Do you feel bad that we are here on this beautiful island, with this fabulous weather when Rory and everybody is at home and thinking that we are probably dead?"

Lorelai asked after a while.

"They don't think we are dead. Unless they find our bodies, there is no way Rory is going to accept that you are gone. Okay?" Luke responded

"She must be so worried" Lorelai continued

Luke responded by reaching over and taking her hand.

She looked up, surprised at the gesture.

"She will be fine. Can you imagine how happy she is going to be when we get home" Luke said squeezing her hand.

"Yeah" Lorelai agreed, "when we get rescued"

They lay there for about a half hour Luke never letting go of Lorelai's hand even after he realized after about fifteen minutes that he was still holding it, his thumb tracing lazy circles across her hand.

Lorelai eventually decided that she was hungry and sick of fruit. Luke told her they could look for something else tomorrow, but that for now the strange island fruit was all they had.

"Oh my God Luke" Lorelai exclaimed excitedly, "if you don't know what this fruit is, then, then, we discovered it" Lorelai exclaimed excitedly

"Well I am pretty sure it doesn't exist" Luke agreed

"Except it does exist" Lorelai said, "I think we should name it"

Luke just grunted in response

"Let's call it…Lorelai", Lorelai giggled

Luke rolled over on his side to face her. "No way, far too confusing. Hey Lorelai, I'm hungry, will you throw me over a Lorelai" Luke joked

She threw one over

"Well I landed on this island and discovered this fruit; I think I deserve a fruit named after me"

"Actually, I discovered the fruit so I think…"

Lorelai cut him off clapping her hands excitedly, "Lets call it a Luke"

Luke shook his head.

"Okay" Lorelai said, "how about Lukey"

"No, it will not be called Lukey, or anything to do with my name"

"Well see" Lorelai said

Luke decided a change of topic was in order, "Hey, it's getting dark, lets get to sleep"

"We worked hard today didn't we" Lorelai stated admiring their shelter.

"Yea we did" Luke confirmed as he helped Lorelai off the sand so they could get to sleep.

As they lay down next to each other, covered over by the airline blanket, Lorelai thought about how bizarre everything that had happened was, the crash, the island, being here with Luke.

"Who ever though we'd be living together?" Lorelai joked about their current residency in the shelter, or 'The crappier shack' as Lorelai had affectionately named it.

"And sleeping together nonetheless" Luke played along

Lorelai grinned over at him, constantly surprised by his playfulness.

"I think your enjoying being on this island, you needed a break" Lorelai said

"A break from what?" he asked

"You know, Stars Hollow, the people, all the little annoyances" Lorelai explained

"Really? because my biggest 'little annoyance' is here with me"

Lorelai just turned on her side, "I may drive you crazy, but you know you love it" she flirted

"Yea right" Luke said sarcastically

"No, don't take that sarcastic tone with me" Lorelai said, "You love me, you said it and you can't take it back"

When did I say that?!!" Luke asked

"Just before we crashed" Lorelai replied confidently

"You said it first" he defended; he had hoped she had forgotten about that, after all, she got clobbered in the head soon afterward.

"I know" she stuttered, "But wasn't not taking it back"

"Neither was I" Luke said simply

"Good" Lorelai said, "Because there's nobody I would rather be stranded on an island with than you" she admitted turning to look at him

Luke looked a little more than surprised "what about Rory?"

"Rory?" Lorelai replied, "puh-lease, as much as I love her, can you imagine the two of us trying to stay alive on an island. What if we were attacked by wild animals?" she questioned

"You think that I am going to be able to protect us from a pack of wild animals?" Luke asked dryly

"Duh, of course you are" Lorelai replied

Luke raised his eyebrows

"You're Luke" Lorelai continued, as if that explained everything.

Luke looked at her as if she was crazy, which in his opinion she actually was. On the inside he was secretly elated though.

"Your crazy" He said

"But you love me anyways" Lorelai joked

"Will you stop saying that" Luke asked

Lorelai was surprised that he had gotten mad.

"Jeeze, lighten up" Lorelai said

"Sorry" he said, "it's just, when I said that, there was a good chance that one or both of us could die within seconds. I just wanted you to know incase, well just incase. I don't want you to throw it in my face like that" he ranted

"I wasn't, I didn't mean to" she stuttered, "I'm sorry."

She slid her hand around his waist and he was surprised by the hug, but he reciprocated anyways.

Lorelai was surprised at how much she enjoyed lying next to Luke like that. Of course it was practical the night before, but now in their warmer shelter, it was not really needed. But neither of them was complaining.

Luke was broken out of his thoughts of Lorelai when she whispered

"Goodnight Luke" Her breath tickled his chest where her head lay.

"Night" he managed to get out.

He slid his arm that she was slightly lying over, around her waist, pulling her closer. She sighed and fell into the second comfortable sleep so far on the island.