By Melissa

Summary: Gabriella is a 18yr old Catholic Student who is raped one evening, What happens when she discovers of her pregnancy, will her parents make her give up her twin girls...

It was very late one evening as Gabriella walked home from the library, she had managed to take a short cut home as she walked thru the Alley between the houses.

noises were now heard as she stopped and looked back, once she turned her head she quickly moved her pace faster. the footsteps were now following her as she hid behind a huge bush of Roses. taking a deep breath as she looked to see if someone was still following her she managed to run.

from then and now she was tackled down as a strong hand held her head onto the cold and muddy ground. there she felt his hand now traveling upon her back and underneathe her school uniform.

"No please" cried Gabriella.

The assaliant kept mum as he now forced himself inside her , there she gasped as she felt the burn and pentration of his manhood inside her. he held her tightly as he was now panting.; gabriella held her eyes tightly hoping this would go away. Merely three hours passed as Gabriella now lifted herself up from the ground as she looked around there she now managed to move up and clean herself as she now looked around as she noticed there was no one insight. there she managed to run straight home.

once she arrived. she managed to unlock the house door and entered. there she saw her mother and her Step Father as they both now stood. Gabriella managed to just look at them and run upstairs as she tossed her bag and went into the restroom..

There she stood now underneath the running hot water as she now removed her cross as she now cried.

The Next Morning:

Gabriella awoke as she moved out of bed as she now dressed and made her way downstairs. there she was now greeted by her mother and stepfather. there they ate breakfast together quitely.

"Well,?" asked Gavin. Gabriella looked at her step father.

"Well what?" she asked.

"Why did you come home late last night?" he asked.

"I didn't mean too , I was at the library and I forgot about the time" lied Gabriella.

She looked to her watch as she now drank her juice. "I have to go, or I will be late for the bus. "Said Gabriella.

She managed to walk out of the house as she now walked to the side street as she now saw Taylor and Sharpay talking away. she smiled as she now made her way to her Friends.

"Hey Gabi" smiled Taylor as she looked at Gabriella.

"Hey Tay" smiled Gabriella.

"Were you able to get your homework done?" asked Sharpay.

"Yes I did, and I hope I pass it." smiled Gabriella.

Meanwhile At

University of Albuquerque

Chad, Jason, and Zeke now stood outside the dorms as they were smoking their cigarettes as they waited for their Friend Troy.

there they laughed and checked out the College girls as they blew wolf whistles as they laughed,

Troy now came out as he came out with Sasha as she smiled.

"Ohhh yea, seems you pleasured her good Bolton" said Chad.

The four men walked out as they now made their way to their classes as Troy made his way to the gym.

"TROY!" What happened last night, I waited for you to come pick me up from the dorm " screamed Nichole.

Troy rolled his eyes as he now looked over to Nichole as he spoke.

"I had other things too do" said Troy.

A/N : Sorry for stopping here, there is more to come where i wrote this, please bare with me, no questions til I get to chapter Five,