A/N: I do not own Ginger Snaps or any of it's characters. I do however own all three movies.

A series of one-shots, just because I don't feel like writing a full fledged story.

Not Alone

Brigitte checked into the dingy motel at reception. She went to her room unlocked the door and looked around. A small mini fridge, one bed, and a bathroom were the only necessities she needed, and that's what she found.

She emptied the contents of her bag onto the bed and put the 20 or so vials of Monkshood in the fridge. She put the little clothes she'd brought with her from Bailey Downs into the drawer that held nothing but a bible. She put her favorite picture of herself and Ginger on the mirror's edge.

Brigitte flopped down on the bed and looked at the ceiling, "I hate this alone thing," she uttered to herself.

Oh, but you're not alone, B. You always have me.

Brigitte jumped and turned her head around. Laying down beside her on the bed and looking straight at her was Ginger. Not werewolf Ginger, but actual human Ginger, bird skull necklace and all.

"Ginger?" Brigitte whispered, tears forming in her eyes. "B-but you're dead. I killed you."

Ginger nodded, and touched her little sister on her cheek. Brigitte shuddered because she could feel it.

Yeah, you did. And don't get me wrong it hurt like a bitch, but you killed the werewolf me, not the real me. I'm still here because you want me to be alive so badly, so I complied. But B, this isn't really alive, it's just an in between. We can have physical and visual contact, but only you can see me.

Brigitte reached out with a shaky hand and touched her sister's cheek. She could feel it beneath her fingers, but there was no warmth. Ginger smiled sadly at her. Brigitte started to cry in a mixture of happiness and sorrow. Ginger reached out and enveloped her sister in a long embrace. Brigitte clung to Ginger. They stayed that way until Brigitte fell asleep. Ginger stayed with her, stroking her hair,

No matter what they told you, you're not alone. I'll be right beside you forever more.

Ginger then slowly faded into the darkness.