Chapter 1: Message In A Bottle

It's been nearly two months since Mitchell arrived back on Earth, after meeting the mysterious rogue Claire, who turned out to be a puppet of the Ori that betrayed them and was then sealed away.

Mitchell had been pestering Daniel to find anything about her in the book of Origin. Turns out Claire had a whole chapter to herself. Basically in the book of Origin 'Sophia' which is Claire's real name, was a child of the Ori, sent to save the unbelievers from sins and guide them back down the path of Origin, if they didn't then Sophia would have no choice but slay them in order to protect the believers. Now the Ori were very forgiving to the villagers who had strayed from them, but for those who would not turn, they simply 'disappeared.' But after a while Sophia saw what she was doing was wrong, she thought that people should be able to choose what they want to believe in, and not have anyone force them to believe in something else. The Ori outraged and shocked that one of their own would betray them, sent out every Prior they had to seal her away. The Ori knew that they had made Sophia to powerful for any of the Priors to kill her, so they made them do the next big thing. Seal Sophia away for all eternity.

According to the book of Origin, this all happened upon thousands of years ago.

After finding that out Mitchell had insisted on finding out about a woman named 'Konji' which was the name given to Claire by her master. They found out that 'Konji' was a personal body guard for a member of a council on some far away planet who was dealing with the black market, slave trading and several other high profile crimes throughout the Galaxy. 'Konji' was a very highly skilled assassin and spy, she dealt with raiding villages and worlds that had resources that were of high value and so she would wipe them out if necessary to gain access to these resources. She also helped her master overthrow his government and they formed a new nation, her master's name was Netan, the leader of the Alliance that Vala had dealt with a couple of times.

'How is that the woman who saved my life have done such things and then change so much that she fought to save an entire planet from the Ori invasion and risk her life for people she didn't know?' Mitchell kept asking himself that question everyday since learning about Claire's past. But now he didn't even know what to call her anymore. If he ever saw her again, who would she be? Would she be Sophia? Or Konji? Or Claire? Or someone completely different?

Mitchell and the rest of SG-1 had just returned from a routine mission. They had all been issued some down time and the only ones left on the base were Cameron and Vala. Cameron was hiding from Vala in his guest quarters on the base. He was lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling, wondering where Claire was now. He knew it sounded strange, but he thought that she was still alive. No he knew that she was alive. Just imprisoned somewhere. It was really late at night, and only the night staff was on duty, and Vala would have probably gone back to her room by now. Deciding he could at least try to get some rest, even if it only ended up being a couple of hours. Mitchell closed his eyes and allowed the darkness of sleep wash over him, like an ocean wave.

He found himself in a cold place, nothing but ice and snow for miles. But somehow he was flying over a lake that hadn't frozen over. He dived into the lake and it seemed to go on forever. But when he finally reached the sandy bottom, he found a huge blue crystal, just big enough to fit a person in it. He placed his face against the crystal and saw that Claire was inside. She was breathing slowly, she was in some sort of deep sleep. Mitchell was banging with all his might on the crystal, desperately trying to free her. He suddenly felt some force pull him away.


Slap! Mitchell snapped his eyes open only to find himself back in his room in the SGC. That was one hell of a dream, it felt so real. When he focused his gaze, he saw that Vala was sitting on the bed next to him, looking concerned at him. She smiled at him as she placed her hand down on her lap.

"I was wondering when you were going to wake up." Vala said and she stood up and walked away from the bed. "You were having a nightmare, I was walking back to my room after you rudely left me in the mess hall."

Mitchell sat up and rolled his legs off of the bed. He placed a hand on his cheek. "You slapped me!"

"I tried several other things before I slapped you, I mean I almost went to get a jug of water and through it over you." She turned round to face Mitchell and her gaze dropped down to the floor and her expression changed. "You were calling for Claire." She returned her gaze back to him and stared into his eyes. "You want to talk about it?"

Now it was Mitchell's turn to look down at the floor. "I think she's trying to contact me." He folded his arms across his chest and sighed deeply. "I have to go find her."

"Do you have any idea where she might be? Any clue at all?" Vala asked as she tilted her head to one side slightly.

"Under a huge lake on some frozen planet." Mitchell sighed again as he stood up and let his arms drop down to his sides.

"Good now let's get going." She turned and went to open the door.

Mitchell deeply confused ran up to her and placed on of his hands on hers, leaving the door shut. "What are you doing Vala?"

"You got a message from you're friend and I'm going to help you find her." Vala swiftly opened the door and walked cheerfully down the corridor. "Leave everything to me."

Mitchell sighed deeply and turned and gazed sadly at the bed. He had just hoped that Claire was the same woman that he had met and that she would be alive and well when he found her.

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