How Much She Means To Him

Summary: When Starfire is knocked into
a coma saving Robins life he and all the other
Titans do everything they can to bring her back
while each of them come to there own special realization
of how special Starfire is to him or her
Robin is on his own journey to find out just how much she means to him.

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(It's A cool, breezy and bright Sunny Day at Jump City Raven is reading a new mystery novel BB and Cyborg are playing the new limited edition of madden 07 and Robin and Starfire are on the roof just finishing watching the sunrise.)

"Thank you for watching the sunrise with me friend Robin." Starfire said gratefully

"It was no problem Star." He said as he flashed her special smile

"Hey Star could I ask you something?"

"Of course..."

"Have you ever you know met anybody special?"

"I do not understand what you mean," she said

"Well have you ever fallen... you know in love with someone before?"

"No as a Princess that is something I had heard of only in fairytales I always dreamed of marrying somebody not because I have to but because I want to but I am not sure that that can even happen ." she finished softly

"Why do you say that?"

"Because I am an alien, I do not know the cultures of this planet. Every time I try to fit in I make a fool of my self, and the boys back home all know I am a princess, so how can I tell weather there are marrying, me because they love me, or they just want to get to the throne. I want some who loves me just for being me."

"Wow I never knew being royalty and finding well you know true love I guess could be so hard."

"It is okay but what about you did you ever dream of finding true love?" she replied

"Oh well you know Batman never really wanted me to I don't know I think he's just trying to protect me he's loosened up a little now though since my parents death I, I don't think I really wanted to care about anybody." He admitted

"And do you care for anyone now?"

"Well yeah I mean I care about the Titans and you known the people of jump city."

"Oh I care for our friends as well." she said a hint of disappointment in her voice

"Are you ok?"

"Of course why do you ask?"

"You just sounded sort of I don't know disappointed."

"Oh do not worry friend Robin I am fine... well I shall see you later." She gets up and turns to leave

"Hey Starfire wait!"


"Um I wanted to tell you...I wanted to tell you that..." The familiar ringing of the Titans alarm cut off Robin

"Trouble come on Starfire lets go!" The two of them race down into the living room where Cyborg is typing away at the keys

"Cyborg who is it?" Robin asked

"It's Cinderblock he's robbing the city bank."

"Okay Titans go!" At the scene, Cinderblock is destroying the bank there are people trapped inside then the familial words of Robin rang out

"Titans Go!" (While Raven BB and Cyborg fought Cinderblock, Starfire and Robin help the hostages inside. Robin brings out an accountant, while Starfire helped a 5 year old and her mother she then rescued a young women probably in her late 20's or early 30's, while Robin helps an older couple. By the time they are done, the other Titans had already rounded up Cinderblock. When Raven Beast Boy and Cyborg all walked in to check on Starfire, and Robin, she shot a quick glance at the women she rescued, who was currently embracing what seemed to be her husband. Starfire noticed that they were wearing similar rings, so she assumed they are married. She smiled as she thought about what her perfect wedding day would be like but the smile quickly disappears as she notices a cracking sound she looks up just in time to see the roof above Robin ready to cave in she quickly jumped into action. Robin look out!! She yelled just as she pushed him out of the way the roof collapsed on her all of the debris electrical cords and metal poles holding the roof up landed on her)

"Starfire!" Robin yelled as he and other Titans quickly got to work trying to free there young friend from the debris and cords then Beast Boy yelled

"I see her hand!" but as they removed the various items they saw something they were dreading blood a small pool of it was now leaking on the floor when they finally freed her she rolled into Robins arms unconscious and bleeding very badly from her side

"Starfire…Starfire? What's wrong with her? "Robin exclaimed

"It's okay Robin we need to get her to a hospital." Cyborg said

"Right a hospital ok lets go!" Just as he said That, Cinderblock smashed his hand into the bank, hit Robin and unconscious Starfire in to the Street. Robin landed just outside the bank, but Starfire landed down the street, he heard Starfire groan as he ran towards her. However, the ground shook from Cinderblock, slamming his fist; Robin ended flying towards Starfire and landing next to her, as he tried to guard her from Cinderblock's Psychotic and Random Attacks. he ran thinking Cinderblock was going one way, only to get side swiped and have both himself and Starfire fly into the window of a car and roll off into the ocean Robin grabbed Starfire's hand and pulled her and him self out of the car, but he lost his grip because of the force from the car. And her hand slipped from his just as he reached the surface Robin gasped "Starfire?" Starfire! aaag He dives back down franticly searching for her then his hand touches something he immediately grabs it and pulls Starfire to the surface he climbs out Just as the other Titans run up to them for the second time today this time Raven Stayed with Cinderblock

Starfire...Starfire...Star wake up Starfire get up! Why won't she wake up?" Robin whispered

"Robin she's going to be okay but it's like I said we need to get her to a hospital now!"

The whole time there all he could think was "please don't die" As soon as they got to the hospital Robin ran with Starfire into the ER and asked for a nurse within seconds Starfire was wheeled off and the other Titans came in

"What did they say about her Robin?" Raven asked

"They said she has a head injury she lost a lot of blood she has some internal bleeding first degree burns from the electrical cords a bruised lung from being hit and being under water so long a broken rib and she's in a coma." He said sadly

Raven just put a hand over her mouth and leaned her head on BB shoulder

"So is she gonna be okay?" Beast boy asked

"I wish I knew I really wish I did." Robin said

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