How Much She Means To Him

Summary: When Starfire is knocked into

A coma saving Robin's life he and all the other

Titans do everything they can to bring her back

While each of them come to there own special realization

Of how special Starfire is to him or her

Robin is on his own journey to find out just how much she means to him.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Teen Titans

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Robin snapped his head up and swung it around the room panting heavily, he looked down at Starfire she was still the same thank goodness. He looked at the clock it read 5:00am he closed his eyes, laid his head back on her hand and went to sleep. If he had stayed awake, he would have seen a little color return to her face, Starfire's face moved a little and her eyes fluttered but she shut them just as quickly trying adjust to the light. She blinked a few more times and frantically looked around remembering her dream Robin had been in trouble! She quickly looked around and tried to get up, but her hand was stuck she looked down. Robins head laid on her hand she smiled lovingly at him, she looked at the clock 8am how long had she been asleep? She sat upright gently removing her hand to scratch his head Robin woke up and slowly lifted his head

"Good Morning Friend Robin."

"St, St Starfire!" Robin yelled before jumping on her and planting a kiss on her lips he soon realized what he was doing and jumped back blushing like mad

"I um I mean you um you're um I'm glad that you um uh..."

"Robin?" Starfire whispered

"Um yeah?" he answered unsure of weather that was a good idea or not

"Did u mean what u said to me?"

"What when I said what." Starfire looked down and fiddled with her blankets

"What you said to me after Slade told me what he, he said oh yes I am sorry I am such a burden to you and the team as soon as I am better I will leave if that is what you desire." she said sadly

"What! No I don't want you leave Star and your not a burden your a really important part of the team I'm happy you woke up I uh I missed you"

"Robin may I ask you something?" she asked seriously

"Um sure Star?"

"Do you love me?" she asked

"I um well you see I what?" Robins eyes grew about 20 times there regular size as Starfire painfully slid out of bed and took a few wobbly steps towards Robin before collapsing in his arms

"Starfire! Be careful you're still hurt you can't..." Starfire cut him off

"You didn't answer me yet." Starfire pointed out to him Robins faced turned crimson what would happen if he said yes and she rejected him this was one of those times where he wished BB would bust in and ruin the moment but that wasn't going to happen

"It is alright Robin I understand." Starfire said letting one crystal tear fall down her cheek "we are too different it would never work I am sorry for bothering you." Robin stood there like an idiot didn't he just jump on her and kiss her less than ten minutes ago? Wasn't that enough to prove it? Apparently not

"Sta, Sta Starfire...don't cry." Robin stated plainly

"Why not?"

"Because if your sad than I'm sad."

"Wh, why is that."

"Because, that what's you do when you care about somebody, or when you love someone. You feel their joy and happiness, you feel there anger and their sadness there a part of you. So when you left it was like a part of me left to and up until this point I didn't know how to say what I needed to so um this is it." Robin said sitting down on her bed, which he had placed her back in



"I love you too." she gave him a tired and soft smile finally he couldn't contain himself anymore and wrapped his arms around her in a gentle yet secure hug as he let the tears slide down his cheeks

"I thought you were going to die and leave me all alone," he confessed

"Robin I would never do that." she gave him a small smile as she neared his face but just as they leaned in for the kiss

"STARFIRE YOURE ALIVE!" Beast boy yelled as Raven and Cyborg followed Beast boy transformed into a puppy and curled up on stars lap as she hugged him

"It's good to see you awake Starfire." Raven said with a genuine smile

"It really is little lady." Cyborg agreed

"Thank you it's nice to see everybody again." Starfire tried to sound enthusiastic, but she was still weak from such a near death experience and very tired although she was extremely happy, to see them again Raven looked at her friend, noticed a tint of disappointment in her eye, and heard Robin saying many bad things about Beast Boy in his mind. Raven took the hint and told BB and Cyborg to let them have some privacy, Robin and Starfire both gave her extremely, grateful smiles. Robin looked at Starfire

"So um where were we?"

"I believe I remember." and two finally had there first kiss

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Happy Reading Princess Starfire

(Outside the room)

So Raven, why don't we follow suite? BB said raising his eyebrows a little Raven looked at him with a deadly and sinister look first she slapped him then she kissed him softly on the lips and left to go to her room smirking the whole time

"Man alright nice Going BB" Cyborg said "BB? B...B? BB?" Beast Boy just sat there with a stunned look on his face and then he fainted on the floor Cyborg looked at him then thought to him self

"I wonder how long it will be till they start double dating."