What I need

Jarod was sitting in a small pub in Dublin.

He had decided that it had been time to take a vacation. So he had flown to Ireland. It was far away from the Centre and the people there were very different than the Americans.

For him, it was really relaxing to spend his time there although he had already helped a few people.

He hadn't even called Sydney. All he wanted to do was to spend a few days or maybe even weeks on his own, with nothing to remind him of the Centre.

So the look on his face was priceless when the door opened and Miss Parker walked in.

In the first moment, he had been too shocked to move. Then he had panicked. How could she have found him? Why was it always him who had never luck?

And then he realized it: The way she was dressed, the way she wore her hair … She wasn't there to return him to the Centre. She had no idea that he was there.

It was just a big coincidence!

But what should he do?

He was too curious about why she was there to leave. So he just kept on drinking his beer and started observing what she was doing.

She ordered a drink and then took out a book. He smiled when he read the title. "Ulysses". What else could a girl like her read in Dublin?! Of course … She was smart, so he shouldn't be surprised …

When the waitress brought her order he couldn't believe his eyes: Miss Parker had ordered water! No bourbon, not even a beer.

He couldn't suppress the urge to confront her.

Knowing that it was maybe the stupidest idea he had ever had in his whole life and accepting that it would maybe be his last idea, he stood up and walked towards her table.

She didn't seem to notice him and he had to smile at the thought that Miss Parker was really so deep in thoughts and relaxed that she ignored her whole environment.

Jarod coughed.

Miss Parker looked up.

He grinned.

She smiled.

Jarod was shocked to see that look on her face.

Miss Parker started to laugh.

He joined her.

After a few moments, she regained her speech.

"Jarod …" She shook her head in disbelieve. "That's like it must be supposed to be: I think I can take a little time-out from the Centre and then I meet you."

She still smiled.

"I thought the same. I'm on vacation, too."


"So … ?"

"I mean: What are we going to do? Shall I just ignore you and forget that I've just met you?"

He seemed to consider her suggestion.

But then a song began to play.

And he held out his hand.

She gave him a questioning look.

"Care to dance, Miss Parker?"

Now she looked really stunned.

But she accepted his hand.

He led her to the dance floor.

I know if I just keep my distance
You will see what you are missing
And you will learn that no one can love you like I do
I look involved in conversation
But I'm strugglin' with temptation
So tonight as you walk into the room

She smiled when she understood while he had wanted to dance with her. So it was true … She had always been right …

What I want is to hold you
Cause my world without you is just another lonely place to be
But what I need is to hold out
Until you have no doubt
There's only one love for you and it's me
So I'll be strong 'til you can believe what I need

When he saw that she smiled he hoped that she understood …

My impression of what love is comes and goes like your kisses
It's clear as day when I hold you in my arms
Though I'll admit that you're my weakness
I'm gonna fight these feelings
Until you can promise me your heart

She had tears in her eyes …

"I promise …"

What I need is to hold out
Until you have no doubt
There's only one love for you and it's me
So I'll be strong 'til you can believe what I need
What I need

And she believed …


P.S. The song is "What I Need" by Julie Reeves. The sequel is called "You'll be blessed".