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Mel sighed, shivering violently. It had been hard, trying to survive. Especially since she knew how everyone blamed her. Blamed her for the trip, for this disaster. Even though they tried to convince her otherwise, she knew what she knew. The look in their eyes when they looked at her. She knew about pain, she knew about guilt. But she didn't know about life. Really, she had grown up pretty sheltered. No problems, no worries. Until her mother killed herself of course. Then Melissa felt that it was her fault. That somehow, if maybe she'd been better, been home quicker, she could have stopped it. But no, she, Melissa, failed yet again.

She was walking in the woods, with Nathan and Daley. They were out getting fruit. It had been a very dull week. Melissa had numbly done her chores, ignoring everyone. The others had attempted to draw her into conversation, but she had just laid there. She had also switched jobs with Eric; so she didn't have to interact with anyone.

While lugging the water, Melissa had had time to think. Time to think about life. Melissa realized she had stopped caring. Usually she was den mother, looking out for everyone, pushing aside her own desires for sleep and relaxation, and had pretty much bended over backwards for everyone. Not anymore. She stopped caring.

Life was unfair. Just plain unfair. Melissa tried to save everyone, mainly because she always wondered if she could have saved her mom. Her mom killed herself by throwing herself in the pool, their 15-foot deep pool, and being unable to swim, drowned. Melissa had been scared of drowning since then.

But Melissa wondered if she had done something. Maybe she didn't clean up her room or something, and it had just pushed her mom to the edge. Maybe. Life is full of maybes. Of failed tries and near-misses. When Melissa had found her mom, she hadn't even tried to help her. She just sat down on a lawn chair and stared into the water. The coroner had said that he mom had been dead hours before Melissa found her, but Mel was adamant upon the fact she killed her mom. She must have. Her dad was a lazy low-life scumbag who should rot in hell, and Jordan was an angel. Alex wasn't around, so that left Melissa. Little Melissa. She learned that day that she could get along fine on her own. That with no one, she could survive fine. But she still couldn't shake her fear of water. The way it moved, as if taunting her, mocking her. The opaque color it sometime had, The way the tide move din, and claws angrily at your ankles, as if it wanted to pull you in and make you disappear. To swallow you whole, and you're never found again.

"Melissa?" Nathan's overconfident voice brought her back to reality.

She stopped in her tracks. "What?"

"We're heading back, you coming?" asked Daley.

"Um, yeah, but I'm going to go this way," she said, motioning to the left.

"Okay, don't get lost!" teased Nathan, and Daley and him disappeared behind the foliage.

Mel sighed, and started her way towards the secret cave only she knew about. NO way did she plan on going back tonight. No, tonight, she needed time to think.

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