A/N: I know I'm technically on hiatus, but I saw Brother's Keeper and I couldn't help myself. It was just the way Bobby reacted when Frank questioned his relationship with Alex. Was I the only one who saw the blush and devilish smile?

By the way, it's exceptionally hard to write a story with a newborn on hand, so I must give cudos to the mothers and fathers on this site who do it all the time.

"So, what'd you and your brother talk about?" Alex asked that night, after they had arrived at their favorite little Italian place a few blocks from Alex's townhouse.

Bobby shrugged, "He's coming with me to see Mom tomorrow for her birthday." His eyes shifted between his plate and the woman sitting across from him. Tentatively he said, "He asked about you."

"Oh really?" Alex asked, raising her eyebrows in a manner she had used when first meeting Frank Goren. "What'd you say?"

"A little white lie," he replied without replying. "You know, the mayor himself gave us the go-ahead with the wedding, why are we waiting again?"

"Because we haven't found the right time to tell Captain Ross."

Bobby nodded, leaning forward in his chair as he studied the table instead of his fiancee. Finally he muttered, "I think I want my brother to be there."

"Okay, Batman, whatever you want."

"Are you being snippy, Robin?" his eyes twinkled with a rarely seen glint of humor. She had started calling him Batman shortly after she had stopped calling him Sherlock. It had become something of a joke - apparently she thought that Robin was much cooler than Watson.

"Why? Would you like me to be?"

She found him sitting outside in the cold, one dark, woolen Burberry covering his thick frame, the other one cradled in his arms like a baby child.

"Everyone needs money, right?" he asked again as she sat down beside him. "It wasn't meant to hurt me."

Slowly Alex extended her arms so that they were wrapped around one of his own. She burried her face into his shoulder and breathed in his smell - that never changing smell of dusty books and mint tea. "It's going to be okay, Bobby."

He snorted distastfully at the words, "No it's not, Eames." He didn't see her wince at the name he only called her at work. "Dad's dead, Mom's going to be dead in a few weeks, and Frank doesn't even care enough to show up when he says he will. I don't have anyone left who cares anymore. Everyone's taken away from me."

"That's bullshit." Alex pulled away from him so that she could look into his eyes clearly. "You know damn well that you still have me - and Logan if you ever got up off your high horse and reminded yourself that he's still there!"

His saddened eyes finally met hers after a few moments of playing cat and mouse. It was the first time in two days that he'd met her eyes without any stone walls in place. "She's dying, Alex. My mom's dying and there's nothing I can do anymore."

Alex leaned back in and placed a chaste kiss on his forehead. She pulled back slightly and said, "Let's show her that you're happy before she dies. Show her that she didn't completely screw things up with you."

Bobby nodded, his eyes never leaving hers, "Okay. Let's go tell Ross."

A/N: This was a little hard to write with my baby nephew wriggling around in my arms, but write it I did. Why? Because I must make every episode shippy. It's my goal in life. Next shot: 30. Now, how can I turn that into a Barrek/Logan thing??? OH! I know! The wedding ring on Logan's finger!