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Chapter 14: The Return

Sareesa stared at the fiery person, watching as the black chains wrapped around her body loosened at his touch.

Though he had been nothing but a pillar of fire to her moments before, he was now in the shape of a man; albeit a man with skin that glowed as brightly as an ember in the wind.

"So, you died. And my son will probably be coming to get you, no?" Their was mockery in his voice. Obviously, he didn't care a bit that she was here, or if his 'son' rescued her.

"I don't know." He turned back to her, black shrouds of eyeballs gleaming with red flames as he bared golden licks of flame in his mouth.

"Really?" He sounded breathless; excited. It disgusted her. "How marvelous."

For all of his supposed cruelty and complete 'master of them all' attitude, he seemed but a foolish child to her; one that delighted in pain and torture.

Though she was not entirely sure that he was only putting this on, as an act. Maybe he truly was a monster.

The Devil heard her thoughts and chuckled. "I am, and yes, I am." She was confused, until she thought over her her questions.

It made sense; in a roundabout way.

It was very confusing, talking with Lucifer.

"Hmmm," he mused, stroking a fiery chin with one clawed hand, flames sprouting from his head; an imitation of hair, she supposed.

"Another one. So soon, too."

"Another what?" She demanded, then bit her lip. "My lord," she added quickly.

He bared fangs at her in a feral smile before answering. "Another vampire. Like yourself. And one I've got quite the bone to pick with as well. Taking some of my best demons and transfusing them into rotted corpses; the nerve of that bastard.." He continued grumbling, and she was quite sure that he had lost his mind.

"Ahh, and here comes my son... I hope you two aren't on bad terms. The last time that happened was- not pleasant."

"The-last time?" Her voice quavered as he stooped towards her again, plucking the chain away from her throat as it squirmed higher of its own accord.

"Yes, hasn't he told you? Oh, of course not. That would be uncomfortable. Another of his 'brides' as he would say. They all die, probably because of his immensely careless attitude. Can never get a thing done with that boy-"

"Yes, thank you Father. It's always a joy to hear you praising my achievements." The voice was dry, strained; and so familiar that her heart nearly exploded as she felt familiar coolness slide around her shoulders, lifting her up.

"Sareesa," Dracula whispered, touched her hand gently.

"I'm alright," she breathed, nearly drowning in his wonderful scent. She had no idea why she was being so - close to him. Maybe being dead had affected her natural mind set.

"Apart from being dead," he said, dangerously calm.

He stood, pulling Sareesa up with him. Dracula looked at Lucifer; Lucifer looked at Dracula.

She felt their mindspeech flying in between them, and then the chains binding her melted into the air, dropping off of her body.

Dracula caught her as her body crumpled, and held her close to his chest. "We have a bargain, then?"

The Devil smiled. "As always, my son. Remember, though, I want that stone down here now, if not sooner. It is not safe in the living world any longer." He frowned. "I have no idea how that one managed to get it, either.Be careful, though, he is a necromancer, he could have attached a part of his soul to that gem. No matter," his voice lightened, and he turned now-golden eyes on Sareesa.

"Keep him in line, would you? It's hard enough trying to get him to visit on holidays, let alone stop sassing me long enough to have a nice conversation," he smirked.

Dracula scowled at him while Sareesa covered a weak smile. "Of course," she said.

Lucifer bestowed a burning kiss to her forehead and a blatant look at his son before flapping a hand.

"Begone! Or I'll set my hounds on you." Dracula smiled then, as they began to fade.

"You don't have hounds, father." Their last vision was of Lucifer, grinning as he tapped his chin.

"Ah, right you are."


Sareesa's eyes snapped open, and she took in a deep, shuddering breath. Above her, she heard Dracula doing the same thing, purging the darkness from his lungs.

Not that it would kill them, it just tasted and smelled horrible.

"Welcome back," he rasped to her. She smiled at him.

"Thank you." She raised herself slowly.

He didn't notice as he watched her green eyes. "For what-"

She smothered his reply as she kissed him, one long hand wrapping around his neck as she bit his lip, drinking in his blood.

He pulled back, laughing. "A wonderful welcome."

She shook her head. "No, this is." And kissed him again.

He shrugged and yielded, not that he would have stopped.

Faintly, he felt a deep feeling of magic emanating from the two doors behind them, and felt cold fire creep over his body as red light stole over the cavern.


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