The Practicality Of Whimsy

Duo dropped down in his desk chair and sprawled out, somehow managing to take up over the half the space in his and his partner's twenty-five by twenty-five foot cubicle. "So, 'Fei, you wanna get married?" he asked with calm, cool casualness.

Wufei's fingers didn't even pause in their typing as he turned to face his erstwhile boyfriend. "To get a tax exemption?" He snorted derisively and gave the long-haired man a scathing glare, before turning back to his computer monitor so that he could finish filling out his paperwork – for the mission they'd just completed yesterday, and which wasn't due for another week; which Duo would put off until the last second – in triplicate, of course. "Dream on, Maxwell."

Barely two weeks before, the Sanq legislature had passed a law regarding people in 'protective industries' – those who followed the motto of Protect and Serve – which included everyone from forest and park rangers, to firefighters and police officers, on up to Preventers Agents. Anyone who was a member of such a protective agency, and was married, automatically got a ten percent reduction in their taxes for the year, and every ensuing year.

Holy matrimony hadn't been such a popular event since the draft notice in AC 180, which stated that people who'd been married less than three years were exempt from serving.

"No, not to get the exemption," Duo replied, sitting up and taking on a serious demeanor.

Wufei finally stopped typing, and turned to face his lover. Narrowing onyx eyes at Duo, he asked, voice more puzzled than suspicious, "Then why?" There was really only one other explanation that Wufei could think of, but after three years of partnership on the job, and over one and a half off the job, it would come a bit out of nowhere.

Duo gave him the acerbic look that said 'Duh, much?' Then his sarcastic exterior faltered, and taking a deep breath, Duo pulled a plain navy blue velvet box out of his jacket pocket and held it out to his lover with shaking hands. "Because I love you, and want to spend the rest of my life with you," he said, voice faintly trembling.

Wufei eyed the box, face frozen in an expression of bewildered awe. It was stamped with the jeweler's logo of the only high class jewelry store on L2. The two of them hadn't been to L2 since a case two months previously.

Duo could see his lover tallying up those points in his head and coming up with what was obviously a very surprising answer: that he'd been planning on asking 'Fei to marry him for quite a while.

Despite having almost expected it, if only for a few seconds, Wufei was floored. He stared at Duo for a long moment, the silence stretching between them, then blushed. "I…don't know what to say."

"Well, I'd like if it you said yes," Duo said, trying to cover up his anxiousness with joking banter.

"Yes." Before Duo could even breathe a sigh of relief, or throw himself at his lover to wrap him up in an exuberant hug, Wufei was rolling back in his chair until he bumped into his desk. Reaching back with one hand, Wufei fumbled open the drawer on the right side of his desk and withdrew a similar velvet jewelry box. Holding it out to Duo, he continued, "I…want to spend the rest of my life with you, too. I have for a while, just…it wasn't until that mission that I got a chance to go shopping for this, and ever since I was…just waiting for the right moment to ask." He blushed again.

Duo gave a mental snort; trust 'Fei to be practical even in his fits of whimsy.

Then he grinned. He wouldn't have Wufei any other way. "Now's the right moment," he said, and leaned forward to kiss those smiling lips, the two jewelry boxes falling to floor, momentarily forgotten as the two lovers revisited exactly why they wanted to be together until death did they part.