Chapter 9- Savior in the mist

She was battered, bloodied and mad as hell.

"SARA!" I cried aloud to her.

"That's for terrifying my children you bitch!" Sara yelled as she loaded the gun once more. I knew that weapon, it belonged to Jake, and he always kept it in his car… Sara must have grabbed it before coming here. The vampire emerged from the shadows, the gun slowed her down, yet didn't stop her. Sara stormed in without fear; she reloaded the gun with a vengeance before cocking the hammer once more. she began to blast away at the vixen; she took the time to blast the shackles off of me and pulled me from the symbol. Sara looked to me with great joy as I to her.

"What you're doing… is really hot right now," I told her. She blasted the vampire once more.

Sara gave me a grin when she realized one thing. "Well, it was nice while it lasted, I am out of ammo! RUN!" she yelled to me.

I tore off the cloak and ran out from the room. The vampire unleashed a pissed off screaming howl into the halls. We just awoken an angry beast… with no idea how to stop her.

We ran through the hallways, running as fast as we could pass everyone, those who tried and ask us what was wrong where shoved off to the side by a fast perusing gray mist. Sara found ourselves running to the ring, there wasn't any show yet. But… We just cornered ourselves. I looked to her, with great sadness. "I'm sorry" I whispered and held Sara in my arms. "I couldn't protect you"

Sara embraced me back. "The girls are safe, same with the dogs. That's all that matters" she replied to me.

The arena filled with the gray mist before the vampire vixen came from it. She looked angrier than ever before. "I tried to offer you immortal life… All you had to do was live off the sex I gave you… but NO. You chose HER!" she growled.

I help Sara close to me, tightly. The vixen made her way slowly to the ring. "I never would have done anything with you. Even if you made me immortal, never would I sink to the low you have. I would rather die than be with you!" I yelled aloud to her.

She grinned an evil smile. "So be it. If I cannot have you to myself… no one will!" Just as she was about to pounce into the ring, Sandman stood behind her, creaking open a can of beer. He stared at her as she glared to him.

"Now then, I think something isn't right here. Especially with the likes of you missy, I mean, why the hell would you go after a forty something man when some of the guys here are younger than he is? Oh well, I don't judge a Succubus" he smirked.

The vixen stumbled just slightly when he said Succubus. Is that what she was? "How do you know?" she demanded of him.

Sandman smiled. "I've seen more desperate chicks than you" He approached her fearlessly. Either he was too drunk out of his goddamn head, or he knew something… The vixen grew restless. She tried to attack Sandman. He pulled something from behind him… He grabbed her in midair and did something to her. Sandman pulled a blade, slid it across her throat and down her middle. She crashed to the ground as he grinned over her. "You ain't getting yourself any tonight… or any other night" he grinned as her body decayed to ashes before our very eyes.

Sara and I froze, not knowing what happened! "What the hell did you just do?" I demanded of him, refusing to let go of Sara.

Sandman held out a dagger. "Well, I guess you know now… I come a family of vampire hunters" he smirked as he lit up a cigar. He let out a puff into the air. "I had to be sure… too many mistakes as of late with crazy fans and actual vampires"

With that spoke, he just walked away before we could thank him. Sara looked up at me with a smile. "You know… for once… I got to be the hero, and saving my Man in distressed," she said with a grin.

I smiled back at her. "You got an idea for tonight?" I asked of her.

Sara grinned. "Indeed I do…"

I was reunited with my girls. Sara had left them in the hands of Vince when she came to rescue me, even the dogs were there. Vince was puzzled to say the least as to what was going on. "For a moment. I thought you were out to shoot Mark!" Vince explained. "What were you shooting at?"

Sara only smiled. "Nothing, the gun wasn't loaded"

Vince knew better. "Something went off… what was it?" just as he asked that question, Sandman was thrashing a kendo stick about the place, oddly enough it sounded like a shot gun!

McMahon only nodded his head as he moved on. I went to find Kane and Orton. Strangely enough, Randy's legs fully healed within the time of the vampire's death. Kane too recovered from the damage he sustained after being buried alive! I guess things can finally return to normal around here…

As for me… Sara and I got some pointed from Sandman as to how to protect the homestead against undead wacko vampire bitches that think they can make me an everlasting boy toy… After all, one can never be too careful…