"Chief! This is Emily. I've got the story. Uploading it now. I see it as headline Holonet - 'Love Conquers the Code' - 'It's Matrimony For a Jedi Master.' Something like that. Waddya think?

"Waddya mean it's old news? The wedding just happened!

"I know that Master Kenobi isn't on the council, but he was a strong voice in their stand against attachments!

"I know, but….I know…but. No, Master Windu doesn't have any love interests. Not that I know of. Hang on, Chief, somebody's trying to get my attention."

"Finished with your report, you are?"

"Yes, Master Yoda, did you need something?"

"Any plans for later you have, hmmm?"

"Uhm…Master Yoda? How much have you had to drink?"

"Enough to know, judge me not by my size you should." cackling laughter

"Chief? I'll get back to you with that front page story…."