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Anyway, this started out being a nasty little Smoker/Ace oneshot.

But I decided that was boring. I wanted to do something different from the obvious a Marine really shouldn't be bonking a Pirate fic. I thought for a while and realized what I could do to make it different. I won't say here since that would give away the story. But doing this thing would require more than one chapter.

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This is rated M for obvious guy/guy action. If you don't like…stop reading this fic as well as all anime Fanfiction cause that's like what 90 percent of them are about.

anime lovers are perverts.


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Ace yawned then rubbed his eyes.
The wind was cold and had quite a bite it…or at least that's what he assumed by how the people below him were huddled in clothes.

He didn't feel the wind, or feel the cold.

Kind of sucked sometimes he couldn't even hold an ice cube without melting it.

And cold drinks…forget it. The instant he touched the cup it heated up.

Thus making beer and drinks on the rocks completely nasty to him.

Sighing he took a sip of his rum.

Rum was a good drink, it didn't need to be cold to taste good.

Ace sighed again. God he hated Stake outs.

He was waiting on a rumor that Blackbeard would show up at this bar tonight. He somehow doubted the pirate would. The information was crappy at best but it was better than nothing. If the Nakama killing asshole didn't show up in a few minutes then Ace would leave it at that. It was getting really late. The bar was almost empty now.

Yawning again Ace shook his head hoping that he wouldn't fall asleep. So far so good to his knowledge. He sometimes fell asleep and didn't realize it but that was rare.

The wind blew at his hair. He knew it was cold, but it felt…normal to him. Neither hot nor cold. It was still refreshing despite the lack of temperature. The air felt good on his face.

Ace looked down at his rum bottle.

It was almost gone. The long boring watch was going to end with him drunk as fuck he knew it.

A flash of gray suddenly caught Ace's attention.

It wasn't blackbeard but it was someone of equal interest.


Ace grinned leaning forward in his hiding space.

What in the world was THAT marine doing here?

Wonder if little brother is around.

That was usually when he came across the white hunter. The man had taken an unhealthy interesting in Luffy. From what Ace could tell Smoker had disobeyed several direct orders to return to Loguetown so that he could pursue the Straw Hats.

After the Crocodile insolent however he apparently had been given full freedom to hunt all he wanted.

Ace smiled. From what he heard Smoker had told the brass to eat shit. He had refused the promotion even if he couldn't stop them from telling the world it was him that took down Crocodile.

To bad he was a Marine. Smoker would have made one hell of a Pirate.

So what was he doing here? Was Luffy around, or was the White hunter just taking a break. Ace doubted the latter, after all the man was walking into a bar frequented by pirates.

Ace looked up, glancing at the moon and stars. It was late, if Blackbeard was going to show he would have already.

Time to have some fun.

Jumping from his spot Ace took a moment to stretch out the kinks.

Smoker was already at the bar when Ace went in. Glancing around he noticed with a chuckle how all the pirates in the joint were quickly and quietly making their way out.

"Rum please."

Ace said flashing two fingers as he sat near the white hunter. Taking the glasses given him he filled them to the brim and then slide one over to the hunter.

Smoker didn't move for several heartbeats making Ace wonder if he would accept the drink. Finally, he took the offered drink, his body language screaming out a, ah what the fuck why not.

"Portgas D. Ace."


Ace said with a smile lifting is own glass before draining it. Smoker was silent for a long moment, when he did speak Ace was rather surprised. He had been expecting for the marine to finish his drink and then attack him. Their devil fruits were useless against each other, but the Marine did have a stick with sea stone on it. (Ace wasn't even getting into what a stubborn and persistent bastard Smoker was)

"I lose one brother only to find the other by mistake."

He sounded kind of frustrated.

"I'm not interested in your head."

"I've heard that before."

Ace paused a moment. Smoker was being usually talkative. Might as well find out about his brother.

"So you lost Luffy?"

Smoker's shoulders stiffened but he didn't look over at the pirate. Ace suspected the reason was, he couldn't fight what he didn't see. If he looked at the pirate then his duty as a marine would come to play and they would have to fight.


Ace frowned as he filled his glass again.

That actually kind of worried him. Where could Luffy be that the great white hunter couldn't follow?

"I first lost him at Jaya island. Apparently you're kid brother beat up a worthless pirate and then declared he was going to Sky island."
Ace felt his jaw drop.

Sky Island! Sky Island?

His brother was trying to find that island.

An Island that not even he had been to. In fact only a handful of pirates had ever been able to make it there. Even fewer returning to tell the tale.

Ok kind of worried was out the window, freaking out sounded kind of good!

"Contain yourself. You're going to burn the place down."

Ace blinked then flushed in embarrassment as he took a moment to control his inner flame. Smoker was right, the bar was burnt black, any hotter and it would have caught on fire.

"Fuckin Sky island."

"And apparently somehow you're little brother ended up at Enies Lobby."

Ace paused. Rumors were sometimes slow going on the ocean. He had only heard the skimpiest details. He had heard someone had declared war on the government.

"Oh god. Don't tell me Luffy was the one involved in that."

Ace slapped his face.

"Makes older brother worry huh?"

Ace sighed.

"You have no idea."

Ace took the rum and offer more to Smoker. The marine nodded and flickered the glass toward Ace so he could pour easier.

"I'm rather surprised Smoker-KUN"

That got a growl out of him. Ace smiled widely.

"I thought for sure you would pick a fight with me already."

"You came in here after me. You're the one trying to pick a fight."

Smoker muttered as he ground what was left of his cigars onto the table and reached for two more. Ace lifted a finger, lighting them both as soon as they touched the older mans lips. Smoker growled at that to, but took a deep drag anyway.

"Oh contraire. I was rather hoping for this. Civil conversation. You might be a Marine and I a…"

"Don't say it!"

Smoker snapped suddenly. Actually kind of startled him a little. Ace titled his head an eyebrow raised.

"There aren't any pirates here. I'm fuckin off duty and I can't catch what I can't see."

Ace's other eyebrow rose as well. Ooooh so that WAS the game he was playing. He was completely in denial right now. He refused to see a pirate thus there was none to chase.

"Alright. I'm not here."

"I'm tired."

He said completely ignoring Ace.

"I really wish I'd never met that pain in the ass brother of yours. Nothing but trouble."

Ace chuckled then taking a chance patted the Marine on the back.

Smoker tensed up, tiny curls of smoke coming from his wrists and feet but he didn't attack.

"I've been saying that since he was born. The loudest baby on the planet. I was only three but I can still remember his screaming."

Smoker almost smiled at that.

"How old is he?"

"Luffy? Oh he's 17 now."

A huge puff of shocked smoke left Smokers lips. That had Ace thinking, how the fuck could smoke be shocked looking? He wasn't sure but Smoker pulled it off nicely.

"A fuckin kid."

He paused.

"that's makes you 20."

"Hey the marine can count!"

Smoker shook his head as he finished his drink.

"Fuckin babies. What is with you kids?"

Ace shrugged. He knew he was young, in fact he was one of the youngest on Whitebeards crew, as far as division captains went the second youngest had 15 years on him.

"Ah you're just jealous old man!"

Smoker snarled and whirled in his chair.


Only to blinked confused at the sleeping pirate.

Grabbing his poker stick he unsheathed it. Gently so not to wake the pirate he pressed the end of it against Ace's arm. The young man's snore change pitch but he doesn't wake up. "Fuck."


Ace woke up…his head was fuckin killing him.

Rolling over Ace made a face at the smoky smell that seemed to saturate the pillow he was using.

Smoky smell?

Opening one eye slowly Ace was actually kind of worried about what he would see.

I fuckin fell asleep. I fell asleep right beside the White Hunter. Probably the only fuckin guy I should worry about.

Smoker was strong, and with their powers it wasn't like he could just burn the bastard if something happened. It would be more of a hands to hand thing…and Smoker had Sea stone.

The room was hazy, the air thick and humid.

Sitting up Ace realized he was in a bed. Obviously not his as he was staying in a dark little shit hole. These sheets were rather nice, even if they did smell like smoke.

Looking around the room Ace was met with more proof this wasn't his room. Nice blue colored walls, clean and tidy. No holes in the walls and nice thick looking carpet.

Ok…so he established this wasn't his room, but it wasn't a jail cell either…sooo where was he?

The haze that hung in the room smelled like smoke, not the nasty cigarette smoke, nor the sickly sweet smoke of cigars. It smelled more like wood burning kind of smoke, rich and a little gritty.

Someone was in the shower. That was the reason for the humid and thick air. Plumes of thick vapor was escaping the bathroom filling the room.

Ace swung his legs over the side of the bed. Looking himself over he couldn't see any wounds or any clues as to what happened.

The smoke was obviously a huge hint, but Ace couldn't even image Smoker taking him anywhere that wasn't a jail cell. He just couldn't wrap his mind around that Smoker for some unknown reason had kidnapped him and then taken him to his own hotel room.

Ace looked between the bathroom and the door out to freedom.

Should he stick around and find out what happened, or did he run for it while he had the chance?

Shrugging Ace laid back down on the bed and folded his arms behind his head.

What the hell.

He was a curious guy.

No sooner had he laid back down when the door to the bathroom opened.

Vapor and smoke billowed from the room obscuring the man in the doorway for a moment. Ace frowned, he might not be able to make out the man, but the size and shape left no doubt. Few guys could claim Smokers tall yet wide and solidly built frame.


Ace felt his breath catch as the white hunter walked out coming into full view.

The white hunter had a way to small hotel towel wrapped around his hips. It covered what was necessary but just barely.

"Do you do that often, fall asleep mid conversation?"

Ace smiled trying to cover up his shock at how his body was reacting. Damn he had known Smoker was hot in that older old man way. After all that jacket he wore for sure as hell didn't even try to cover up the thick chest and stomach. Smoker wasn't cut like Ace was. Ace's build was grace, sculpted and refined, Smoker was pure power.

"I'm a pyromaniac narcoleptic. So the answer would be a yes."

Smoker snorted and went about business as usual. As if he didn't have a mortal enemy watching his every almost naked move.


Ace started.

"Do you normally bring…Pir…folks like me to your room?"

Ace corrected himself before he said Pirate at the scorching glare Smoker sent him.

Smoker put two cigars in his mouth. He didn't light them, just chewed a moment.


Ace shifted up so he could sit up against the headboard.

"well I'm honored to be the first."
He smiled and gestured to the room.

"Nice place. The Marines really know how to live it up."

Smoker grunted as he walked across the room and picked up his pants.

Ace swallowed as he realized that Smoker had stripped out here while he was out.

Damn what a time to be sleeping.


Ace said trying to control the flare of desire that thought shot through his body. He was kind of annoyed actually. He usually didn't bother to curb his rather healthy sexual appetite. He saw something he wanted whether it be male or female and he went after it. If they said no after a few tries then he would focus somewhere else. However he really couldn't be so…obvious…or could he? He doubted Smoker would be interested. Nothing he had done even remotely hinted that Smoker was anything but a straight uptight Marine.

"What now?"

Ace remembered the first time he had seen Smoker at that restaurant in Arabasta.

The smell of smoke, the sickly sweet cigar and the mans own mixing flawlessly.

He had ogled the chiseled stomach and the unique gray hair. It wasn't old gray despite Ace's earlier barb, but rather a natural bluish gray.

Ace always admired strength and Smoker had that in spares.

It wasn't often that a man had physical strength as well as devils fruit. Most that ate a devils fruit learned to rely on it to much.

Smoker wasn't one of those men.

Besides Ace liked to play with danger, and messing with a Marine such as Smoker was about as close to getting burned as Ace could get.

Smoker shrugged.

"I'm off duty. Do what you want."

He sat down heavily onto a large cushioned chair.

Ace relaxed. His gut told him unless he pushed to hard that Smoker wouldn't hurt him right now. He didn't really understand why. Maybe the guy was tired, maybe it was because like he said he was off duty…hell maybe it was because Luffy was his brother…but whatever the reason it seemed that Smoker refused to think of him as a pirate right now.

"the sheets smell like smoke."

Ace said casually as he reached over and grabbed the bedspread to sniff it.

"Don't like it then get the fuck off my bed."

Ace chuckled.

"Never said I didn't like it."

Smokers head snapped toward Ace. His eyes narrowing as his mind went through the implications of what that might mean. However the disbelieving look that momentarily flashed across his face told Ace that he must had dismissed it as nothing.

Ace smiled widely, showing his teeth. Hmm maybe Smoker was interested.

"You're too tense. You need to relax a little bit Smoker."

"And how do you suggested I do that brat!"

Smoker snarled, no doubt getting annoyed with Ace's teasing.


Ace said thoughtfully.

"You're almost naked and off duty. I'm laying on your bed. What do you think I suggest you do?"

The cigars fell to the floor with two soft thumps. The noise was suddenly loud in the stunned silence that echoed through the room.

"Absolutely not. Get out!"

Ace pouted.

"You sure?"

He reached down and unbuckled his belt.

"That's why you brought me here isn't it? That's why you didn't just arrest me while I was helpless."

Smoker was suddenly on his feet.

"Get out you fucking pir…"

Ace stood up walking to the furiously blushing marine.

"Say it."

Ace purred low and soft as he leaned against the rock hard body of Smoker.

Standing on his tie toes he was just able to reach to nip at Smokers ear.

"Come on. Say it. Pi..ra…te."

Smokers hands were suddenly grabbing at his arms. It wasn't a friendly touch as Ace suddenly found himself getting slammed against the wall.

Ace's eyes widened slightly as Smoker reached for his sea stone jutte.

"Get out."

Ace sighed as he realized he might have pushed a little too hard. Smoker was livid, his cheeks flushed in anger, his teeth grinding, his muscled bulging in readiness for a fight.

And God if he wasn't fucking turned on by it.

He felt hot! The only kind of heat could feel now. He wanted it, he needed this warmth, this fire that had nothing to do with his devil fruit.

Ace cocked one side of his hips forward letting his pants hang lower than normal off his slim frame.

Smoker visibly swallowed. His mouth a firm thin line, it looked almost unnatural to see him without at least one cigar in his mouth.

Ace's took a step forward, moving to the side slightly to avoid the stick. One touch and Smoker would have him. He doubted the Marine would let him go once he had him under the sea stone power.

Never taking his eyes of Smokers Ace kept his face neutral.

This was a game. A dangerous game that could get him killed. Executed like a common thug.

Smoker could be branded a traitor. Lose everything he had maybe even his life as well.

But despite the dangers this was still a game, a strategy if you would, like risk…or rather more like Chess. One move countered by another until someone gave in.

Smoker wanted him gone. Ace wanted to stay…depended on their actions now would determine who got what they wanted.

Smoker had set the table, now all that was left was to play the pieces.

Reaching out Ace brushed his fingertips against Smokers stomach.

God Smokers skin actually felt warm. How fuckin long had it been since someone felt something other than room temperature. He pressed his hand up closer wanting to feel this strange warmth. Was it Smokers devil fruit or just his head playing tricks?

He really didn't care. He just wanted…needed more.

Smoker didn't move. He held the sea stone stick in one hand still pointed at where Ace had been. His eyes were narrowed, his jaw set as he watched the young pirate touch him.

Ace didn't dare blink as he slowly traced his fingers up Smokers chest. He could feel the skin twitching although Smoker gave no indication of any feeling.

He growled when Ace's fingers found a nipple.

Slowly he circled his fingers softly around the body part. So pale it blended in with the rest of his chest.

Two moves, and Smoker had yet to counter.

Ace stepped closer, so that his body was almost flush with Smokers. His other hand making its way higher than the other was it traced the contours of Smokers collarbone, then higher yet on his neck.

Ace opened his mouth to say something, but stopped as Smokers eyes became cold.

Ace froze waiting to see what the Marine would do.

He moved suddenly and despite half expecting it the movement still startled him. Ace yelped as he threw himself back trying to get out of range of the sea stone. Plumes of smoke engulfed the room, whirling around tightly around the pair.

Ace momentarily blinded tried to jump back further hoping for distance but found himself slamming yet again into the wall.

The cold point of sea stone jabbed hard into his rips making his knee's buckle suddenly and he collapsed. He would have fallen to the floor if Smoker hadn't suddenly grabbed him by the throat and pushed him up onto the dresser.

He couldn't move, his limps felt heavy and his internal fire sputtered and died.

He found himself sitting on the dresser his limps hanging useless.

The place where the stick poked him was burning cold. So cold he would have shivered, teeth chattering if he had the energy.

This was the only cold he could ever feel.

The bitter cold of the sea.

Smoker leaned forward his eyes glaring hatefully at the young man in front of him. He jabbed the sea stone deeper into Ace ribs, hard enough to bruise.

Ace tried to open his mouth to speak but didn't have the energy to. Despite what some thought, different sea stones were of different strengths. All weakened Devil Fruit users of course, making them weak and without power. But some only sapped energy. One could still move slightly and talk. Most Jail cells were like that. Only strong enough to keep the prisoners from using their powers but not enough to were they were targets for the other inmates.

But this…this…This was the strongest sea stone Ace had ever encountered.

He couldn't even blink. He just stared limply as Smoker grinned at him.

"I fucking hate you!"

Smoker snarled.

"You're lawlessness, your dirty kind spreading like a disease in the sea."

Ace tried to breath but found it hard to do so. Seriously did Smoker really have to jab him so hard with that damn thing.

"You FUCKING brat!"

Smoker made a deep noise in his chest. It wasn't his usual snarl though. He then tightened his grip on Ace's throat cutting off all air.

The pirate squirmed but honestly couldn't do much else.

He's going to kill me.

Strange as it sounded, Ace didn't mind all that much. Death sucked ya, but if he got to chose who would off him, he would have picked Smoker.

Ace smiled as black dots started to swim in front of him. It only got wider and wider as his chest shook with laughter.

I'm going to die.

Suddenly Smoker let go.

Ace gasped and choked around his laughter as the sea stone was also taken from his chest. When he finally got control over himself he looked up at Smoker.

The Marine was watching him with wide eyes.

"You're the third man I've ever seen that has laughed before death."

Smoker didn't let Ace speak as suddenly with just as much force as when he attacked, Smoker attacked again in a totally different way.

Smoker lips were hard and unforgiving against his, kind of like the rest of him actually.

He grabbed at Ace's hair hard. Pulling the younger boy to him, not letting him go.

Still not recovered from the near choking Ace soon started to see spots again.

"Goddamn pirate."

He broke the kiss to snarl scornfully as he lowered his head to tear at Ace's neck. Ace gasped as he felt teeth bite into his skin a little to hard. Pain and pleasure was a thin line, a line that Smoker was blurring as Ace felt his skin tear a little.

The Marine licked at the new wound before latching on with his mouth to suck away the sting. Ace's gasp turned into a moan as he draped his arms around Smoker broad shoulders.

The sea stone fell to the ground with a clatter. That sound was wonderful, almost as wonderful as the way Smoker was pressing to him.

There was no softness to him, not in his kisses or his touch. He was all smoke and grit, bone and muscle.

He didn't give an inch. Didn't let Ace move. The Sea stone might be gone but Ace was still very much at Smokers mercy.

I'm still a prisoner.

Ace grinned at that as he arched his back so that their bodies were closer together.

Smoker grabbed one of Ace's wrists, forcing the appendage above the black haired boys head as he kissed him again.

Ace grunted as Smoker suddenly broke the kiss and with almost casual ease threw Ace off the dresser and onto the bed.

Ace landed rather ungracefully. His limps flying all over the place as he bounced once and hit his head rather hard on the headboard. He rubbed the spot gently as he watched Smoker walk toward him. It didn't hurt much, nothing he couldn't fix with a flare of flames, but that didn't mean he wanted to be abused. This was sex not a fight.

"Oi bastard, take it easy!"

Smoker was already on top of him biting and licking his way down Ace's chest.

"Stop bitching."

Smoker bite Ace's nipple, making the younger boy cry out. His lips felt so hot on his chest.

Panting Ace tangled his hand into Smokers hair.

He suddenly wanted to laugh. Even the bastards hair was rough. It was stiff and coarse in his fingers. He'd never felt anything like it.


Ace jerked surprised as Smoker latched onto the bruise he had created with the sea stone. Ace could still feel the after effects of the weapon, the mixture of hot and cold was making his head spin.

Smoker was tugging on his pants. Ace's belt rattled against itself as the Marine focused on his task like he focused on everything.

Single track mind.

Not that Ace minded one bit. His pants were feeling way to tight.

Ace shivered as the material was yanked down his narrow hips. The air made his erection twitch. One thing he did like about not feeling cold as he never had to worry about cold air on his boy parts anymore.

Smokers hand was suddenly on him, pressing and pumping. The dry calloused skin griped at his most sensitive part roughly, almost rubbing him raw.

Ace threw his head back and choked back a yell. He was being overwhelmed.

Every thought, every touch, every move was dominated by his partner.

Ace might have been the one to suggest this, but Smoker was in charge now. HAD been in charge since he had attacked Ace with the sea stone.

Still a prisoner.

Echoed through Ace's thoughts. Smoker tugged on him, making Ace mewl in pleasure as he switched to the other nipple. The one he left behind was red and swollen. Might even get a crescent shaped bruise.

Smoker lifted his head, and Ace took the opportunity. The way things were going, Smoker was probably going to be fucking him real soon. Once the main show started he knew he wouldn't get another chance.

Reaching with both hands he grabbed Smokers hair and forced the White hunters lips to his own.

Ace's kiss was much different from Smokers.

Ace closed his eyes working his mouth as he let his tongue flicker out. He allowed his face to melt into Smokers as he opened his mouth allowing Ace in. Smoker distracted seemed to almost stand still as Ace used one of his best Aces in the hole (hehe pun totally meant :P)

He was a fabulous kisser.

He considered it his best trait in bed. Of course he was no slouch in the other departments either. He did have his pride. But kissing was something he did special.

Not that he did this with every partner.

No kissing was more intimate than sex.

Smoker earlier hadn't kissed him as much as conquered his face. There had been no closeness no feeling in that motion. It had been all pressure, taste, heat and teeth.

This was a kiss.

Ace felt Smoker moan into his mouth as tongues flickered against each other.

He wanted to be intimate with Smoker. As crazy as it sounded he didn't just want sex from the man. If he just wanted sex, he could have hit on anyone. Sex was release and nothing more.

Ace was taking a chance with Smoker.

For the sake of something more than sex, Ace was willing to take that chance.

A chance that could very well kill him even after the fact. Smoker could still kill him and then turn him in for his bounty after fucking his brains out.

It was dangerous but he didn't care. All that matter right now was him kissing Smoker.

Ace tightened his grip on Smokers coarse hair.

He poured himself into this kiss. He turned his tongue into a dancer, his lips into an unspoken language. He didn't know if Smoker would understand…he didn't even know if what exactly he wanted to say.

He just had to. No real reason other than that. He just had to.

Marine and Pirate

Fire and Smoke

Hunter and Bounty

Smoker the Great White Hunter was his exact opposite in every way.

Maybe that was what drew him to the man.

Ace broke the kiss, teeth catching Smokers bottom lip as he tugged the flesh gently before letting go.

Smoker was breathing hard, his eyes wider than normal as he stared at the smug kid under him.


He gasped…his eyes narrowing as if he was trying to figure Ace out.

Hmm that was probably it. After all Smoker seemed like the kind of man that had to understand everything at all times.

Ace was now something he didn't understand.


Ace didn't know what to say. Sometimes the truth was more than words could handle.


A woman's voice rang out. Ace's eyes bulged as the door suddenly swung open.

Jeez didn't the Marines every fucking knock!?

Didn't the Smoking bastard even lock the fucking door!?

Ace yelped as he rolled over off the bed hoping that the young woman would be so mortified at walking in on Smoker that she wouldn't see who Ace was.


The woman cried out. Ace caught a glimpse of a very stunned and very red faced woman in glasses before he hit the ground with an audible oomph.


Smoker growled out. As he almost casually grabbed the bed spread and covered himself. Granted the towel was still there but the little bit of cloth left absolutely nothing to the imagination in his heated state.

The woman didn't leave however. She stood there very ridged her arms at her side.

Ace didn't dare look over the bed however. He knew almost ever Marine knew what he looked like.


The woman said, her voice filled with hurt.

Ace raised an eyebrow. Was the woman involved with Smoker. If that was the case Ace might have to feel bad. He was a lot of things, murder, pirate, general hell raiser, but he sure as hell didn't want to be a home wrecker.

"Sir…that's….that's Portgas D. Ace!"

She was crying, Ace could clearly hear the tears in her voice.


Smoker said without comment, Ace frowned.

"He's a pirate Sir! Captain of the Whitebeard pirates second division!"

"I know."

Ace figuring hiding was no use anymore poked his head over the edge of the bed. He gave Smoker a confused look.

"Then why Smoker?!"

The woman called Tashigi looked angry enough to kill someone…namely Ace. Ace's eyes fell to the Katana the woman was holding.

Smoker put a cigar in his mouth and lit it. The woman suddenly smiled, although it had little happiness in it. She was shaking.

"Its not to late Smoker-san!"

Ace took a moment to fix his pants before standing up. The woman didn't even spare him a glance as she bent over to pick up the forgotten Sea stone.

She held it out to Smoker.

When Smoker made no move to take the weapon she grew angry.

"Take it. Smoker-san please take it!"


"You have to! He's a pirate! You have to arrest him!"

Ace frowned but didn't speak. He didn't know who this woman was to Smoker, but the air in the room was suddenly heavy. One thing was for sure, this woman trusted Smoker, a trust he was destroying. She was panicked, grabbing at straws, trying to reclaim what she had come to know Smoker to be up until the moment she came through that door.


"Sir…please don't."

The woman's voice cracked.

"This pirate isn't worth it."

This woman would not look away. Ace had rather hoped she would. After all she obviously held Smoker in high regard.

"Smoker sir."

The woman continued as she held out the sea stone.

"If you don't put him down now. You will be court marshaled! Thrown in jail! EXUCTED FOR TREASON!"

Ace swallowed hard.

They were getting burned.

"Please…Smoker! What about your JUSTICE!"

Smoker stood up, his eyes lowering to the sea stone. For half a moment Ace was sure the Captain would take it and turn on him. It was to be expected.

This was a gamble that had turned badly. Fighting was the only way for them to get out of it.

However he didn't take the sea stone. Instead he grabbed his pants.

Tashigi blushed bright red and looked away as Smoker dropped his towel and put his pants on.

"Their Justice is SHIT!"

Smoker suddenly lashed out as he reached and yanked forward on the sea stone. The girl cried out in shock as she got pulled forward with it close enough so that Smoker could grab her by the collar. Without even a hint of hesitation he slammed her against the wall.

Ace's eyebrow twitched. So Smoker was like that to everyone, not just him.

Tashigi head banged against the wall hard enough to crack it. Her eyes were impossible wide.

"They covered up what happened in Arabasta."

Smoker said suddenly cutting off anything she was going to say.

"And now Enies Lobby."

Ace titled his head listening even as he stepped closer to the window. Smoker had mentioned Enies Lobby before in the bar.

Taking a quick peek out from behind the curtains his eyes narrow as noticed several Marines running toward the hotel. Seemed like someone had taken notice what was going on in this room.

The girl, she was out of breath when she came in here…and sweating. Looked like she ran a marathon.

Ace stepped away from the window letting the curtain fall into place.

She ran here ahead of the others to try and help Smoker. To stop us before he got caught. If he had taken the Jutte I don't think she would have mentioned how she found us.

Ace crossed his arms waiting to see what Smoker would do.

"3000 good soldiers died on that island!"

Smoker said. His voice was quiet but by no means soft. It hurt to hear it, almost rough enough to make ones ears bleed.

"The straw hats! Zoro!"

The woman started before Smoker rammed her against the wall again.

"Baka! Does that really seem like something those dumb ass pirates would do!"

The woman blinked as Smokers voice dropped even lower.

"Buster call."

"Buster call?"

Smoker took a deep drag then blew out a plume of smoke.

"hmm. You really don't know?"

Smoker suddenly sighed and released the girl. She rubbed the back of her head, her eyes darting between Smoker and Ace.

"Do what your justice says. Mine no longer is with the Marines."

Tashigi closed her eyes.

"Then…then I must arrest…AH!"

Ace didn't let her finished as he struck out hard with his fist.

Smokers eyes got wide as he whirled around and growled savagely at him.

"We don't have time for this. We're about to have company."

Ace picked up the sea stone, for a moment he stared at the metal before looking up and meeting Smokers eyes as he handed it to the Marine (ex marine?)

"I don't know what the fuck is going on. But I'm leaving."

Ace went to the window and opened the glass. He paused a moment looking over his shoulder.

"You can follow me if you want. I know a place they won't find us."

Smoker grunted, as he slapped the sea stone to his back.

Ace smiled, taking that as a yes.

By the time the marines arrived, there was nothing but smoke and a pair of blue burning curtain left of the pair.


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