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Commodore Loren couldn't believe it!

They were losing.

Not just losing but losing miserably to a young boy and a swordsmen.

Granted they hadn't been winning against the other pirates, but that man was a well know and very dangerous. And with their sails disabled at the very least they could wait until the men fell over from hunger.

"Who are these kids?"

He said in shock to his lieutenant who looked just as wide eyed as himself.



Commodore glanced at where the marine was pointing to. Although really that wasn't necessary as anyone with eyes would have noticed the HUGE fire ball that suddenly flared from another black haired young man.

Loren felt his mouth drop open as all seven of his ships were destroyed in a huge blaze.


The Straw Hat boy yelled out even as he ducked and twirled to avoid his men's swords. They had already discovered that bullets did absolutely nothing.

Loren looked around, over half his fleet had been destroyed in one blow.

Most of the men on his ship had been defeated without so much as a scratch on the pirates.


As much as Loren hated to sink such a beautiful ship…he had to get control again.

Both the boy and swordsmen paled at that, as over two dozen cannons from the three remaining ships suddenly roared to life.


The gray haired man Loren had noticed earlier suddenly turned to smoke.

Loren cursed loudly. Just how many fuckin devil fruit users did they have on that ship? It was rare to encounter one, but here this little Straw hat ship had three!

Not a single cannon ball made it past the smoke screen the pirate made.

"Whoo Hoo way to go SMOKER!"

Loren clenched his teeth.


The man was silent for a long moment as he tried to find his voice.


"Order a retreat."


"You heard me. We have no sea stone aboard. There is no way we can defeat them."

Loren took a deep breath as his lieutenant yelled out for a full retreat.

"BOY get off my ship!"

The straw hat paused. He smiled although it wasn't quite the happy go lucky smile as before.

"Sorry Ossan. Come on Zoro."

The boy said draping his arm around the green haired mans neck again.


They left the same way they arrived.

"Sir…are you sure we should just leave?"

Loren closed his eyes. He wondered how many of his men were dead now.

"Yes. Place a call into headquarters. We need sea stone and backup. Send up the white flag, get as many survivors of that…fire that you can."

"Yes sir."


Franky sighed in relief as the Marine bastards turned tail, picked up their wounded and ran. He could feel the adrenaline slowly drain out of his systems leaving him feeling a little jittery but happy.

That had went well. Hell he didn't even have to fight, and the ship didn't get a scratch on her. He had been nervous for the Thousand Sunny. Not that he didn't believe she could take whatever the Marines gave her, but…well he just didn't want to see her hurt.

"Wow Bro!"

Franky slapped a large hand onto Smokers back. The ex-marine sent him a glare, but it didn't even scratch Franky's metal frame.

"That was SUPER! You really should think about join'in Dude."

Franky grinned at the glare. Granted he didn't know even half the history this man had with his Luffy-captain. He had heard a little from Zoro about this Marine causing them trouble before…but also how the man was a good guy. Luffy had stated quite loudly at that point that he liked Smoker and wanted him as their Namaka.

No matter how much Zoro had protested Luffy had made up his mind.

Franky wondered if the man even knew yet that he was already part of the crew.

He knew from experience that once Luffy decided you were nakama it was set in stone.

Smoker's lip twitched.


Franky threw back his head and laughed.

"That's exactly what I said. You better watch your boys. Lu-man don't take no for an answer."

"Don't you think it strange."


Franky smirked as he allowed Smoker to change the subject.

"Those ships. What do you think about them?"

Franky turned toward the retreating ships. His sharp eyes looked over the well made curves.

"Old fashioned. Nice workmanship though."

Smoker nodded.

"I'm not an expert but I thought as much."

Smoker glanced toward the pirate ship. It was a wreck although still sea worthy. He could see the crew although not their features from here. They were all still standing, looking at them with unsure and wary postures.

He chewed on his cigars.

"What is the strangest thing you've ever seen?"

That had Franky raising an eyebrow.


He said thinking. He'd been born and raised on the grand line. So he'd seen a lot.

"Enies Lobby was insane, but I'd have to say the strangest thing I've ever seen was a flying Sea King. I saw it one night when I was still building my body. It rose out of the sea and into the air, without so much as a how do you do."

"I've heard of those."
Smoker said. No one knew for sure if they were real or not, but he wouldn't doubt the iron man.

"I've seen a man die smiling. But…I think today might be stranger."

Franky scratched his large chin.

"got idea about what happened, bro?"


Franky glanced at the pirate ship again. He vaguely heard Nami and Luffy arguing about whether or not it was a good idea to go say hi.

Luffy being the captain was winning as they obviously were heading that way.

Ace, Franky noticed was keeping back on his skiff, probably to back them up if needed. The surf board thing was amazing. Franky made a mental note to look it over later.


Luffy was waving like a mad man to the other pirates. Franky chuckled to himself.

He'd never met a guy so insanely powerful, and yet so very childish.

Luffy was a monster in body, child in mind.

Both him and Smoker suddenly stiffened as a tall muscular man with black hair, and a large round man jumped onto their ship.

They didn't move to attack though, so Franky let himself relax a bit.

He was full of cola so he was ready for anything they could throw at them.

"Ello mates."

Franky said with a friendly grin.

The two pirates looked wary. Franky noticed that all the conversation behind him had stopped. So the others had noticed their guests.

He took a moment to study to pirates.

The black haired man was tall, not as tall as him, but big enough. He had a long cigarette and a rifle casually slung over his shoulder butt first in the air. Not the normal way a man would carry a firearm.

The other man was tall as well, but almost more wide than tall. However Franky didn't think that slowed the man down much.

Both men were a little dirty but seemed completely uninjured despite fighting 7 marine ships at once.

The black haired man suddenly stepped forward and offered his hand.

"Thanks are in order I believe. I'm Ben the first mate."
Franky glanced back, and was very relieved to see Zoro walking up to take the offered hand.

Franky was just a shipwright, dealing with other pirates just wasn't his thing.

"Roronoa Zoro."

"First mate?"

The one called Ben asked. Zoro gave him a sharp single nod.

There was an awkward and tense silence.


Which was broken as Nami literally screamed loud enough to raise the dead.

Ben asked, Franky didn't miss the recognition in the mans eyes. But there was also a good hint of confusion.


Luffy their rubbery Captain jumped out of the tree's trying to avoid whatever projectiles that Nami had gotten her hands on!

Zoro's eyebrow twitched as he reached out just as Luffy zoomed by them and caught the boy by the back of his red shirt.

"Luffy say hi to the nice pirates."

He said obviously trying to contain his anger. Franky chuckled loudly.

Luffy blinked at Zoro then looked at the pirates. Several oranges that HAD been in his mouth fell to the ground with soft thumps.

Ben and Lucky's mouths almost hit the ground! Franky didn't think he'd ever seen a greater look of shock.

"You know them?"
Zoro asked casually.

Franky frowned. Here Rubber man was the one to activate the stone, and they fell into the sea with pirates the boy knew. Way to much of a coincidence.

Luffy was smiling, wider and happier that Franky had ever seen him. The boy fairly seemed to glow.

Franky frowned as he noticed the two men hadn't gotten over their shock yet. Hmm seeing an unexpected friend was one thing, but the amount of shock they were showing suggested something else.

"Something wrong dudes?"

"I'm seeing things. That can't be Luffy!"

The one called Lucky said.

"But it is…?"

Ben frowned the shock disappearing as a more calculating look replaced it.

"The scar, the hat…He looks like Luffy."

"Ben, Luffy is 7 years old. That can't be him!"

Franky felt his metal jaw drop.

"Woa woa woa. Say again?"

Luffy blinked looking confused.

"No I'm not."

"We saw you not even a week ago. You were seven then!"

Luffy looked even more confused. In fact everyone was looking sort of dazed.

Finally Ben crossed his arms.

"If you really are Luffy, then you have a devil fruit ability. Show us."

Franky nodded. That was a good idea. Some DF users could change their appearances but no curse was ever hit twice. So Luffy's curse should be proof to them that he was indeed Luffy.

Luffy shrugged and grabbed the side of his mouth.

"I'm a rubber man."

He stretched the skin nearly the length of his arm.

"So we did go back in time."

Smoker suddenly said drawing attention to himself.

"You knew?"

Zoro said sharply, his hand on his swords.

"And just when were you going to tell the rest of us?"

"I suspected, but I wasn't sure."


Ben said softly.

"You should explain what happened."


Night had fallen.

And all the pirates had each retreated to their own ships.

Ben and Lucky had a lot to explain to their Captain as well as the other crewmates.

Not to mention most of the straw hats needed time to talk about this as well.

It seemed like everyone but Luffy was going about this carefully.

No one wanted to jump the gun of trust and then be wrong.

Ace stretched his arms high above his head. He felt good, as he always did when he let loose his power.

Shanks…Ben, Lucky, all of them are here. This is weird.

During the actual talks Ace had kept back on his skiff. At the time he hadn't known whom the pirates were. He could just make out the customary two sent for negotiations. He couldn't see their faces.

No one had made any violent moves so he hadn't done anything but make sure Luffy's back was covered.

After the two had left, Ace had returned only to have his mind blown.

They were ten years into the past and not only that they had landed right smack dab into Shanks. Luffy's childhood hero.

So what the fuck is that stone?

It was to much of a coincidence that they found Shanks so easily. Did the stone send you to old friends? Or maybe to important people? But that didn't make much sense, why not just send Luffy to their own times Shanks. Wasn't like the man was dead or anything.

To weird.

Ace was heading to his room. He was exhausted. He had watch sometime just before dawn. Luffy had said he didn't need to, but Ace had told his brother he was staying on his ship so it only made sense that he help keep a look out.

Yawning widely Ace slowed down as he passed Smokers room.

The man had been…well quiet. More so than usual.

It might just be the strangeness of the situation, but Ace didn't think that was it.

Maybe it's the fact he helped protect the ship against Marines. Or maybe it was us attacking marines and him letting us. I probably killed quite a few with that fire attack.

Ace shook his head. There was no sense wondering about this stuff.

That man was a mystery and Ace doubted he would ever understand him.

Ace opened the door to his room.


Ace said in surprise when he noticed the man he was just thinking about standing in his room.

He was facing the port hole, looking out to sea. He was jacketless as well as shoeless, although the presence of pants made him more dressed than the night before.

Smoker turned slightly to glance at Ace then went back to the port hole.

"I want to apologize."

That grabbed Ace's attention. Smoker didn't seem like the kind to apologize.

"For dragging you and your brother into my mess."

"It's alright."

Ace said with a sigh as he walked into his room. He rubbed the back of his head not sure what to make of the apology.

Was he…flattered? No that wasn't the word. Flattery was when someone says nice things said about you, usually bullshit stuff.

This was…well it was more…he was impressed more than anything. Smoker didn't have to apologize. No one was asking him to, it wasn't expected. After all wasn't like he was the one to fuck with the stone. All he wanted was an experts advice and then to leave.

Ace smiled, liking Smoker all the more for this.

"You didn't have to."

Ace started, only to be cut off.

"Yes I do."

Smoker turned toward him. His face was stone, Ace couldn't see a single emotion in his face or eyes.

"what if we never get back?"
"Well that wouldn't be…."

Ace stopped himself as his mind went over the question, and what it would truly mean to be stuck here.

"You're getting it."

Smoker said softly.

"Well…We couldn't go by our names that's for sure."

Ace said softly. It wasn't just the names, but whom that name would endanger. They couldn't let their younger selves be put into danger over stuff they did.

Not only that, but when they hit the right time, it would appear to everyone else that they were ten years older over night.

"If we stay, we'll lose ten years."

Smoker nodded.

"That wouldn't mean so much to me. I have nothing. But to you and the Strawhat."

Ace sat on his bed.

His brother wouldn't just sit down and do nothing for ten years, nor would he be convinced to change his jolly roger to protect his younger self.

Luffy was extremely proud of things he did. He didn't brag, but every fight was like a badge of honor. Every fight his little brother was in, was something that shaped him into who he was.

To pretend to be someone else, and forget all that…it was to much for Luffy.

What about me? Could I take on another name?

Thinking about it he probably could…as long as he was allowed to remain with the Whitebeard pirates.

Bet the old man would let me in…if I explained things and could prove it.

Whitebeard wasn't a fool, but he wasn't narrow minded either.

If Ace could prove his case then the great pirate would probably let him in.

Not as second division captain for sure.

Ace thought bitterly.

I would have to work my way up again.

But if he did that, what would he do when his younger self showed up?

It was all very confusing.

And the ones at most risk….the younger and more venerable Ace and Luffy.

Geez we're still just kids. If this got out, they could go after us.

Smoker was silent. Which Ace was glad of. He needed the long moments to think.

"Did Ben say anything about the stone?"

Ace of course hadn't been there, but he knew from the straw hat meeting what had been said.

"He wasn't sure. He said he'd look through some of his books."

Ace nodded.

"If Ben can't figure it out. No one can. He's a genius."

Ace suddenly chuckled.

"Actually having Ben and Robin in the same room would probably make me feel stupid. I can handle only so much brains in a single room."

Smoker made a non committal grunt then started to leave without a word.

"Oi? You're leaving?"

Ace stood up, kind of surprised Smoker would leave the conversation at this. Actually he felt a little more than surprised, it threw him back to the confusion of last night and Smokers unexpected departure.

"Portgas, I'm tired and I have watch in a few hours."


"Good night."

"Damn it, Just wait a moment!"

Smoker raised an eyebrow at the curse word. Ace hardly ever raised his voice or cursed.

Despite being a pirate (a cocky one at that) Ace was uncommonly polite…well usually.

Ace stood up both hands jammed deep into the pockets of his shorts.

"Just give me a moment."

Ace clenched his teeth. What was it about smoker that always threw him off. Last night he could barely catch his breath and now…he couldn't seem to find the words he wanted to say.

Smoker sighed exhaustion heavy on his face. His shoulders slumped as if burdened by a heavy weight.

"Just ignore it Portgas."

Ace narrowed his eyes as Smoker continued to speak.

"Ignore and just let it be."

"I don't want to let it be."

Ace snapped, a little angry although he wasn't entirely sure what Smoker was suggesting.

"Why did you leave last night?"

THERE finally, Ace nodded to himself. That was the question he wanted to know. That was the starting point. Figure that out and everything else would fall into place.

Why had he left?

Ace clearly remembered the ex-marines words.

"Fuckin pirate! There are you happy!? Did you get what you wanted? Now just fuck off!"

Ace didn't know why…but somewhere along the lines things had stopped being simple. When he had first (as his grandfather put it) conned the marine into bed, it was simple lust. There was a good deal of thrill from the risk taking, as well as the appeal of similar devil fruits.

But in the end it had been simple lust.

But…somehow somewhere, maybe from last night, things got complicated.

Ace hated complicated.

And so did Smoker apparently. The man stiffened, his hands clenching at his sides. His eyes darted toward Ace a hard glare that on a lesser man would have had them running for cover.

"That is none of your business."


One word. Calmly said and without aggregated emotion.

That one word said it all.

"I don't even know why I'm mad."

Ace said bitterly.

"I had thought it was all just fun between us. But something about last night tells me…that perhaps you think differently."

Smokers lip twitched. Causing one of his cigars to jump.

"I didn't expect…getting hit on, when I brought you to my room."

He finally said.

Ace frowned…something in Smokers voice struck him as wrong.


Ace started then stopped. He remembered a certain conversation at hide out number 32. Smoker had said he knew the marines were coming.

"You were using me."

Smoker didn't deny it.

"But why?"

A moment later Ace answered his own question.

"The girl. You used me as an excuse, so she wouldn't get involved."

It made sense. Smoker didn't want the girl getting involved, didn't want her to follow him, which she might have done if a plot of murder by the government and whatever else had happened pertaining to the stone had come to the surface.

Granted Ace didn't know her at all, but he could tell she had been very loyal to her smoky captain.

"It was also cover. You didn't want her digging around at why you got a bounty."

Ace thought back to the words Smoker had with the girl. Granted he hadn't been paying to much attention as he was more worried about getting away. But he did recall Smoker mentioning Enies Lobby.

"Just to make sure, you used Enies Lobby and the buster call. If she researched anything she would discover what happened, and think it was the slaughter that made you defect."

Ace's eyes narrowed.

"but never a word about the stone. Saying anything about it, an object a man was murdered over would have been death for her as well…am I right?"
"Sharp as well as strong. I can see why Whitebeard made you a Captain."

"Leave the old man out of this."

Ace walked over to Smoker, placing himself between the man and the door. Small licks of fire erupted from his shoulders and down his back. A sign at how truly pissed off he was.
"I don't like being used. Was sleeping with me just a bonus to you?"

"Technically we hadn't fucked yet."

Ace later wondered why that comment made him so mad. It was crude yes, but it was the truth. They hadn't 'fucked' yet as Smoker put it. Just heavy petting, one blow job and a few interruptions.

So he later wondered why he felt the need to hit the man.

Which is what he did. Punched him straight in the mouth.

Smoker took it too, much to Ace's surprise. He didn't turn to smoke or anything.

Granted the punch had come out of nowhere, even for Ace. He had barely realized it was his fist, so maybe Smoker hadn't seen it coming.

Still didn't explain why the man didn't turn to smoke and heal the damage.

"I knew Marines played games, but this is low even for them."

Ace straightened his spine.

"Get out."

He said stepping back from the door. He closed his eyes and forced his fire under control.

Smoker had lost one of his cigars. His lip was split and bleeding, no doubt his mouth was filling with blood. But he didn't spit, instead he just casually wiped the blood from his lip and walked out.

Ace turned to watch him leave feeling more hurt than he felt he should.

He would never understand that man.