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Sunao opened his eyes, blinking in the inky black of the dorm room that he shared with Sora. At once he groaned and shifted in annoyance. He shouldn't have allowed his sleep to be interrupted, though he wasn't sure just what was at fault. Matsuri had kept them up late again, sending he and Sora shuffling back and forth in the name of the school Do-It-All team.

His covers were disheveled, but they were soft and warm, and he had no desire to move. With another irritated grumble that this time he did not bother to muffle, he sat up and rubbed his eyes. It was then that he noticed that the figure in the adjacent bed was sitting up as well.

"Hashiba," Sunao croaked at Sora, finding his tired voice with difficulty, "What are you doing?" He yawned, and it wasn't until he managed to close his mouth again that he realized Sora had not moved.

"If you're not doing anything constructive, go to sleep, Hashiba." With that, Sunao collapsed back onto his pillow and rolled over.

He had barely closed his eyes when he felt the edge of his bed sink with the weight of another body.

"Hashiba," Sunao gritted through his teeth. "Get off my bed."

"That's not very nice, Fujimori," came the low response. "Aren't you even going to ask me if something's wrong and why I'm still awake?"

Sunao snapped his eyes open and bolted upright, drawing away from the speaker in one fluid motion as a glare of hatred plastered itself onto his face.


"That's right."

Sunao cursed himself. He should have known. Sora slept like a rock and would not have been awake in the first place. And that deep, dangerous voice belonged to Yoru.

"If you're looking for Ran," Sunao replied dryly, "He's not coming out tonight."

Yoru smirked triumphantly and leaned in until their faces were nearly touching. "I'm not looking for Ran. My intention was to talk with you."

Sunao couldn't help it. He blushed.

"Apparently you have no objections," Yoru observed when Sunao failed to answer.

Sunao bit his lip and fought to steady his breathing. This was not what he needed right now. He didn't need to have Sora's body so close to him, on his bed, in the darkness of their room. When Yoru leaned forward and caught his lips, he didn't need to feel Sora's mouth on his. And he didn't need to feel the automatic response within himself as his body heated and began to react eagerly. It was not Sora at all. But it was Sora's body, Sora's delicious lips, and Sora's deep eyes that stared into Sunao's when Yoru released him and waited for a response. That was precisely why it was so wrong.

Sunao shoved Yoru away, trembling with rage. "Don't do that again," he warned, his voice quaking.

"Why not?" Yoru asked. "You can't resist Sora's body, can you?"

"I-I hate Hashiba," was all Sunao could stammer, fuming. Sora was the reason that so many things in his life had gone wrong. Sora had betrayed him. Sunao felt Yoru watching him, and he tried to keep his face passive.

"Would it kill you to go easier on Sora?" Yoru didn't argue when Sunao left the bed in a huff, but he waited for an answer.

"Why should I go easy on him?" Sunao demanded. "That guy is such a stupid, childish…" He trailed off.

"It hurts to finish that sentence, doesn't it?" Yoru was smug now. "You know it's laced with lies. You don't really believe that about Sora at all, do you?"

Sunao felt the fight drain out of him. He gripped the edge of his dresser and refused to turn around. There was no way he was facing Yoru. Why couldn't he have kept on sleeping? Then a thought struck him.

"Why are you defending Hashiba?" Sunao asked warily, pivoting to absorb the amused look on Yoru's face.

"I thought you'd never ask." Yoru stood, crossing the space between them in mere seconds. "Because if you and Sora could get along, Ran and I might have more time together too."

Sunao struggled to escape from the space Yoru had cleverly enclosed him in, but there was nowhere for him to go. He'd have to buy time with his words.

"So what, then," he shot vehemently, "You're going to try to seduce me with Sora's body? Then I won't be able to resist Hashiba anymore, and you think we'll strike up a relationship?" The thought made him sick.

"You're really very perceptive, considering you seem so pigheaded at first glance."

Sunao froze. Was Yoru telling him that his guess was right?

Yoru chuckled. "Figure it out yet?" And then he was reaching for Sunao's wrists.

"R-Ran will hate you for this," Sunao gasped, as Yoru twisted him away from the wall and led him back to the rumpled bed.

"Ran already agreed that it was necessary in the long run. For us to have more time together, you and Sora have to like each other. So you were right when you said it earlier. Ran won't be coming out tonight to interfere." The grin was almost sinister, and it grew more lustful as Yoru laid Sunao onto the bed, holding him down with the weight of his body.

Sunao found to his horror that he was no longer really resisting. He gasped aloud when Yoru pressed down on his hips. Then he ran one thigh between Sunao's legs, and it created a friction that made his whole body weak.

"H-How can you do this?" Sunao snarled, hoping he could at least resist with his words if his body refused to cooperate. "If you really love Ran, how can you—"

"Your body is his," Yoru interrupted. "And while it's not as pleasant as it would be with Ran, it's simple enough logic."

Yoru paused, and Sunao assumed it was to gauge his reaction. But the male above him looked contemplative, and finally Yoru spoke again.

"This isn't supposed to be a punishment," Yoru said. "I'm inside Sora's body. You should enjoy it."

Sunao burst into wry laughter, fitfully struggling against Yoru's strong arms. "I'm not like you." Then Yoru gave him a look that said his patience had ebbed.

"Then that's just too bad, isn't it?"

Sunao's breathing hitched dangerously when Yoru planted a steaming kiss on the side of his neck. He felt a guilty pleasure rocket through him and settle in his loins, and when Yoru shifted above him to heighten the contact between them, the pleasure only grew. Now Yoru was sucking at his throat, leaving blooming red spots all over his neck. Sunao felt the throb of desire overtake him. He didn't want to. He had no interest in Yoru, and he hated Hashiba. But Sora's body… That tightly muscled abdomen that he could feel through Sora's shirt, those enticing fingers that slipped over his skin and made him ache, and that reckless, messy hair that brushed Sunao's cheek as Yoru moved to lick his earlobe. His lust for Sora's delightful body was uncontrollable now. He knew it was too late to stop himself. Yoru knew it too.

The least he could do, Sunao decided, was try not to encourage Yoru too much. When firm, commanding lips met his, when Sunao felt Yoru caressing the inside of his mouth with Sora's tongue, he didn't respond.

"That was for you, Hashiba," he muttered desperately when the action had finally ceased.

Yoru let out a low chuckle. "Hmm. You're going to make me do all the work?"

"I'm not going to have Hashiba getting on my case for this later." The moment the words were out of his mouth, he hissed. Yoru's skilled hands were stroking his hardened member, and the pressure building there was too much. But Sunao would not beg for release, no matter how he yearned for satisfaction. He'd been seduced despite himself, yes, but that didn't mean he would allow himself to be defeated.

But thoughts like that disappeared when Yoru took him between the legs with his mouth.

Sunao writhed at the sticky sensation. He arched his back as Yoru came down on him, clenched his jaw at the jolt of longing it caused when Yoru cheekily decided to add teeth for two successive strokes. He fisted the bed sheets until he lost feeling in his fingers, but he didn't care. He was being swallowed up inside Sora's mouth, where it was hot and wet and too appetizing for words. He needed more.


Yoru broke off long enough to grin and drop a reality check. "This isn't Hashiba, Fujimori. Or did you forget?"

Sunao felt the dread assault him. His face colored, and he knew at once he'd said the wrong thing in his elated fog.

"Looks like it really is Sora you want after all," Yoru noted, amused. "See? With Sora's body pleasuring you like this, does it really matter that it's actually me?"

Sunao didn't answer. He hoped that wherever Sora's mind was, it wasn't in a conscious realm where he could witness what was happening between he and Yoru.

Yoru seemed to read his thoughts. "Sora can't hear you. I'm sure he has a fairly good idea about what's going on, though."

Sunao was overflowing with unsatisfied lust. He fisted both hands in Sora's hair. Or was it Yoru's?

"J-Just don't stop."

But Yoru was through with whatever magic he'd been working with his mouth. He pulled Sunao roughly to a sitting position and melded their lips together. This time, Sunao responded. Sora's lips were commanding, enticing, fiery and icy all at once. Sunao gave in; he folded like a deck of cards, he let the spasms of desire assault him. Yoru gnawed teasingly on his lower lip, slid his tongue in and out of Sunao's mouth, and finally released him for a breath of air. Then Yoru shifted to behind Sunao and whispered his words raspy and low.

"Lean into me," he ordered, and Sunao nearly collapsed in his haste to follow directions.

Now Sunao was on his knees, with Yoru hugging him from the back. Yoru wrapped one arm around Sunao's waist to hold him up and kissed the back of his neck. At the same time, Yoru's free hand slid back down Sunao's navel and found his erected member. Sunao let out a low moan of pleasure at the feeling of Sora's hand clutching him tight. He absolutely could not maintain his control. He couldn't take it – it all felt so good. Yoru gripped him harder, squeezed in all the right places, rubbed and stroked and drove him mad. Sunao was nearly on the brink.

Another series of sighs and moans escaped him as he rocked to the rhythm of Yoru's motions. His hands needed something to hold on to. He raised them above and behind his head – found the back of Yoru's neck and pulled him in sideways for a very sloppy kiss. Still Yoru was unrelenting in his smooth pattern. Suddenly Sunao felt the pace quicken, the pressure increase, and he began to hit the breaking point. Sora's hands were sinful and satisfying.

Sunao was slick with sweat. He cut their kiss short and released a loud, wanton cry. His hands found Sora's thighs, and Yoru pressed against him in response. Sunao was going to burst. This felt too incredible to be real.

One last satisfied cry and Sunao came. He opened his eyes, which had been squinted shut in ecstasy, in time to see Yoru lift his coated fingers to his mouth and lick them clean one by one in a manner that nearly made Sunao ache for it all over again.

"How was that?" Yoru asked. Sunao could tell the question was rhetorical.

"I-I want to see Hashiba," he managed to choke out in the aftermath.

Yoru laughed at him. "Why?"

"I want to tell him not to get cocky after this."

Yoru didn't reply. Sunao put a hand against Yoru's chest and shoved him hard. Yoru fell off the bed with a thump and rubbed his head.

"Fujimori? What the hell was that for?"

Sunao blinked. Then he nearly keeled over. "H-Hashiba!"

"Why am I out of bed? Damn. Matsuri had us out so late… I need some sleep. What's the big idea?"

Sunao let him ramble on. He hoped Sora didn't notice the way the sheets were such a wreck, or the heavy flush that still graced his cheeks from his encounter with Yoru. But the other male seemed clueless. Sunao heaved an internal sigh of relief. Perhaps Sora was simply too tired to realize what had occurred. But Sunao was sure he would in the morning.

"Go to sleep, Hashiba," Sunao commanded. He laid down himself and tried hard not to worry about what repercussions would arise from his actions the next morning. He cursed his susceptible body. Luckily, Sora obeyed him, and with one last sigh, Sunao closed his eyes and went to sleep.


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