"You have cat lips".

She looked up from her sundae, confusion expressed clearly on her face. With one eyebrow raised higher than the other, she starred at him for a few moments.


"Cat lips. You have cat lips".

She pondered the statement, but couldn't come up with any ideas of what he meant.

"What are cat lips"?

He chuckled, her adorable cat lips set in a frown. One eyebrow still higher than the other, she looked so pretty right now. He could admire this gorgeous creature all day, but felt he should explain his random statement.

"Ya' know, cat lips. Like…ya' know how a cat's lips are shaped, right"?

She nodded her head, her cat lips still in a frown, one eyebrow still higher.

"Yours are like cat's lips. They're all…curvy and such…ya' know"?

Her eyebrows were now leveled with each other, as understanding crossed upon her face.

"And like…cat's are cute, and you're cute. Like a cat…you have cat like eyes also…why are you so cat like? Are you really a cat"?

She giggled, her cat lips showing her teeth. Her incisors were sharper than most, like cats.

"You're adorable. I swear, it's crazy. No one should be this cute. You should be sentenced to Azkaban for cuteness".

She was laughing now, clutching her stomach. Her cat like eyes squinted, and her cat lips expressed the look of total joy.

"I should call you kitty…cause you're so cat like. Cat eyes, lips, teeth…even your nose is cat like. It's all…turned up, but in the cute kinda way…am I making a fool of myself"?

She nodded her head as she regained composure over herself. She smiled at him, her cat lips turned upward and her cat eyes looking very happy.


It was his turn to giggle, but he quickly stopped. Giggling is for girls, not manly man.

"Maybe I was a cat in my past life, and that's why I still have all my cat features".

He shrugged and smiled, as he pulled her warm paws (hands) into his hands.

"I love you Lavender".

"I love you too Harry".

El Fin

Whenever I think of Lavender's features, I think of this girl in my class. She is very cat like and horribly freaking cute.