Okay, well since I have been having some major writers block with my chaptered stories lately, I have decided to make another one-shot!

This is not exactly what you would call a tragedy, but it is not a fluff. Just so you all know.


Growing up, Haruno Sakura had dreamed of getting married, living happily ever after, then having beautiful and happy children with the man of her dreams. The said man would love her unconditionally, hold her in his arms late at night, carry her to the bed when she was tired after missions and hold her hand when she would take her very first pregnancy test.

That never happened.

Twenty-two-year old Haruno Sakura looked down at the stick in her hands, the bright purple letters saying 'Pregnant' staring at her. Of course she was happy in a way that she was going to be a mother, she had dreamed of having a daughter that had her pink hair, and was as kind as her. But, now, looking down at the white stick, all that she could feel…was regret.

Regret, regret, regret, regret.

Harshly throwing the stick and hearing the cracking sound of the plastic breaking, she let a tear fall down her cheek.

Regret, regret, regret, regret.

No father.

Her child would never have a father.

Of course, her baby's father was alive and kicking, hell he lived within walking distance, but to her…he was as good as dead.

The man that she had made passionate love too, gave her innocence, her virginity to,…….was married.

Regret, regret, regret.

It had been two months prior, before her life crashed, before time seemed to stop-her world seizing to turn. She had found him, staring straight back at her with eyes filled with regret and pain. She had allowed him to fall into her awaiting arms, giving her all.

Regret, regret, regret.


He had promised her so many things, a love, a night of passion, everlasting joy. So many things that she had only dreamed of had been promised and she believed that one such being as the said man could give her such things.

She believed that when he came back, he would give her the ring that would forever bind them together in marital bliss. When his kisses landed upon her pure skin, she felt that then, everything would be all right, that things would work out, she would be happy with the man of her dreams.

Regret, regret, regret, regret, regret.

Tears fell form her emerald eyes as that day came to mind. The day that her lover had returned, his ebony eyes looked at her. Yes, he did carry the rings that would forever bind him in marital bliss, yet, that ring with the diamond in the middle was not for her.

She wiped the tears from her cheeks as the feeling of helplessness overwhelmed her. She could not stop the flow of pain that hit her, the pregnancy, the night of passion and promises.

But she felt most helpless in the fact that she could no stop herself from seeing the sight that would forever haunt her.

He had another.

Before her very eyes she watched him embrace a woman, no older that she, and kissed her on the lips so lovingly and gently rubbed her bulging stomach that bore the child of the said man.

It was no surprise that he got married to the young woman two days later, surrounded by his closest of friends.

She never received the invite.

Regret, regret, regret, regret, regret.

That had been a month ago, she had cried, the betrayal that had haunted her in her earlier years stinging. The loneliness as one Subaku Gaara had said, was truly most painful feeling in the world.

She had never told a soul of that night of passion, it had been her secret and she would forever hold it within the darkest reaches of her tiny broken heart. Her eyes landed on the clock on the wall, it was way past her time to report to the hospital, yet she could not care.

Nothing mattered.

Within her was the baby of a man that had never loved her, and was married to a woman who was already baring the child the said man.

She, with trembling legs and a shaking body, rose and walked to her bed. Today was a Saturday, on this day she would clean her house and prepare dinner for her teammates…they have not been over in over a month…. ever since then.

Tears clouded her vision and she couldn't make her way to her bed, the pain was too much for her to handle, this agonizing pain was just too much.

Falling onto the cold and unforgiving ground beside her bed, she let herself be consumed by the ever-so-gentle hands of darkness. Tears fell freely from her closed eyelids as her mind unconsciously fell into the soft lullaby of her dreams.

That had been two days ago.

Two days ago she found out she was pregnant by an unloving man. A man that was already with another woman, a man that had another woman pregnant. A man that was married.

Sakura looked down at her small and fragile hands, the hands that used to be able to destroy buildings with out even trying, hands that could perform any jutsu, hands that now held the thing that would kill her.


It was the only way out. She could not bear to kill her child with abortion; she could not bear to have it when she knew that the father would deny the child and their night of passion. This way, if she took her baby with her, to where ever she will go, then she wont have to be alone anymore. Right?

Tears blurred her vision; closing her eyelids she with trembling hands tied the knot that would hold her neck.

Wrapping the rope around the bar that she had put up so that she could exercise and train, she tested it before she looked down at the ground. This was it, everything was set, she had the pregnancy stick thingy in her pocket, so that at least Naruto or Kakashi would know, they deserved that much. All of her lights were off; her home had been cleaned so that when they go through her belongings, they would not have a hard time.

She sighed, at least now she would not have to see his face. She doubted that she could look into his face ever again.

"I am so sorry," she whispered, rubbing her flat stomach, she knew that she had no right to take this baby with her, but she knew that if she went through and had her child that the baby would have a sad life.

Else where…

Uchiha Sasuke, twenty-two and Anbu captain he was finally walking back to his home for the first time in two and a half months. He had been on a very long and annoying mission, he had gotten back a few hours prior, but the blonde ramen loving friend of his just would not let him go from the ramen stand because he had so much to say about what happened while he was gone.

Looking down at his watch he sighed, today was so long and still he could not go home. Naruto had told him that Sakura had gotten sick and that he wanted him to go see her just to cheer her up. Plus, Naruto thought that something had happened between her and him.

"She better be happy that I came to see her," he mumbled, "This is taking my sleeping time."

With that he ran to her apartment, dismissing the feeling in his stomach that would not leave him alone, she would be alright…he hoped.

Sakura looked down at her feet, moving them into a swaying motion, the chair fell, suspending her in midair.

The rope tightened around her neck, just as she had wanted, and stopped her breathing.

She did not fight the feeling, she let her hands fall at her sides, and the rope was starting her hurt her neck though.

She couldn't help it, her instinct kicked in and she fruitlessly fought the rope on her neck, she knew that she would not cut the rope, she would not give up on dying, it was the only way out for her and her child.

Tears fell down her eyes as her vision became blurry….

Sasuke ran faster, something was wrong, he knew it, and it had to do with his Sakura. (Note how I put 'his sakura')

Ripping her door open, he did not care that he had broken her lock, he just had to get to her, he knew that something was up and that she was in trouble.

He heard gagging noises from her training room, running to the room and pulling the door open harshly he was not prepared for the sight that greeted him.

Sakura heard faintly her door opening, and with her vision blurred by tears and the tunnel vision she was experiencing, she did not know who it was.

Her hands were at her sides; the will to move was no longer in her body.

Yet, she fell, her body falling into another and two strong arms holding onto her and a hand pulled her rope from her neck.

No she thought, I have to die, I can't stay here…

Sasuke, who had saved her, was frantic, she had to be okay, she had to be.

Getting the rope from her neck he gently held her and, thinking that she was not breathing, started to breathe air into her mouth.

Sakura, who did not who the person that was saving her was, got scared when a mouth descended upon hers. Hesitantly letting the said person hold her and breathe air into her lungs, she let her mind wonder to who the person could be…

Naruto? No, he had a date with his girlfriend tonight.

Kakashi? No, he was still on his honeymoon with his wife.

Sasuke? Wait, he couldn't, he was still on his mission…right?

Using one of her hands, she gently pushed on the chest of the man, pressing into him so that he would move away from her. The person pulled away, and strangely she felt the need to have his lips upon hers again….

She opened her hazy eyes to see a blur of black that was slowly turning into a form of a man, despite her current state, she wondered if it was he. Hoping that it was and at the same time not.

The said person pulled her into his arms, embracing her and holding her head so close that she could hear the frantic beating of his heart. Sasuke, who was both shocked and scared to see his Sakura near death held onto her fragile body.

All was quiet between the two people, the only sounds being the harsh breaths of Sakura trying to get her breathing back to normal.

She closed her eyes to let herself relax, whoever the person was that was holding her, was hopefully not going to hurt her. Letting that thought go through her head she rested her body onto the said person, her mind going blank as the gentleness of the person swaying her into a soft slumber.

Sasuke, looked down at her relaxed form, happy that she was okay. Noting the even breathing and her lack of movement, he pulled her closer and set a soft kiss to her brow. Picking her up he walked out of her apartment. Closing the door to her place, he walked back to his large home in the vast Uchiha estate.

"Like hell if I would let you be alone tonight." He mumbled, gaining speed and running to his warm home.

Sasuke looked down to the sleeping form of one Haruno Sakura. He had brought her to his home, set her on his large king sized bed and sat. Just sat.

Despite the soft indifferent expression that adorned his face, a million of questions and thought ran through his head.


What could have happened to her that would make her want to hurt herself? Kill her?

Did somebody hurt her?

Was she hurt?

What would have happened if he did not come to her home when he did?

The last question haunted him as he stared at her motionless form. What would have happened? Could he have lived life if he did not have her in it? The answer to that one was just as hard to figure out.

He reached out his left hand, the ring on his finger glittering in the light provided by the lamp. Gently holding her smaller hand in his larger one, he gently caressed the skin that seemed so smooth, opposite of his large calloused ones.

Kissing the tips of her fingers he looked up and down her resting form. He noticed a something inside of her pocket. He looked to her face, she was still asleep, and so he reached for her pocket and grabbed the small material from her person.

At first when he looked at it, he did not know what the little stick was. In his life never having to deal with the subject on which that stick was needed. He turned it over, his eyes widened as he saw the bright purple letters saying 'pregnant' on it.

He looked over to her face, to her stomach, the stick, her face, and so on. His mind got even more confused as he began to think of why? Why would she have this? Why would she be pregnant? Who would get her pregnant?

"Sakura…" he voice was breathless.

He set the stick back onto his nightstand and began to think of ways that this could happen. Could she have been raped? Or was it consensual? What the hell happened while he was away?

His thoughts went on and on, until Sakura moved in her sleep, her body curling around his hand that still held hers. He sadly smiled; gently rubbing a hair out of her face he watched her sleep waiting what the next day would bring him when Sakura would awake.

Sakura woke to the bright lights from the morning sun that shone through the windows of Sasuke's room. Her fear rose as she realized that she was not in her house and what happened last night wasn't a dream.

She could smell the scent of cooking and she looked to her left, getting off the bed and standing up she noticed that whoever had saved her, also knew that she was pregnant.

Scared and fearful for whom she would find down the stairs she slowly made her way to the kitchen where the scent of eggs and bacon came from. She turned the corner and walked into the kitchen and came face to face with the one and only Uchiha Sasuke.

A gasp escaped her lips….

Okay, normally I would make this a really long one-shot. But hey! I just want some feedback then I will make the next chappie.

I hope that you guys like this; I just am having a hard time with my other stories at the moment so I decided to make a short story. This should only last about 7 chapters at the most.