This was fic originally going to be a one-shot, but it wasn't long enough, but it still turned out how I wanted. It can be read from either Al's or Ed's POV(if i did it right)!! So here it is. The first in a series of (what I hope will be 100) drabbles. Drabbles, to me, is anything less than a one-shot. So my one-shots will still be getting their own pages...for now at least. I will put this once and only once:

Disclaimer-FMA is NOT mine!!! Get it? Got it? Fabulous.



Through your Eyes


Please, don't give me that look. I love you too. I do, please believe me. Don't look so sad. You have nothing to be sorry for. I stop your apologies with my lips on yours. You worry at first, then we meld. Lips, soft wondrous delight. Tongues, strong smooth muscles colliding in wanton mouths. Are you sure? Am I? Of course. Flesh on glorious flesh, we move as one. The automail is part of us too, a reminder. An homage to fact that we have lived, loved, and lost. In the end devotion conquered sin. We hold each other close as we cry out to the heavens of which we will never truly believe. For you are my heaven. My brother. My everything.


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