Title: Crazy
Author: RamblingRose
Rated: R
Summary: Rose went to bed on a perfectly normal night in the parallel earth and woke up to something completely different. Doctor-Rose
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all affiliated characters are trademarks of the BBC. No profit is made to the author with use of these trademarked entities. No part of the plot or story, herein, is not to be republished without consent of the author.

Chapter One -Waking in the Wrong World

Rose slowly tore off her work clothes and fell onto her hotel bed naked, not caring that the curtain was open on her top floor room. Working for Torchwood had its moments of fun and danger… but sometimes it just drove her crazy.

Such as the day she had finally been relieved from.

She had been sent to Cardiff to help the local Torchwood with a problem with the rift. The little band of renegade could hardly do anything without help. They needed someone like Jack Harkness or the Doctor to help them with their problems… they honestly did. Instead they always called Torchwood 1 in hopes they would send Rose Tyler to the rescue.

She was actually considering moving to Cardiff so she wouldn't have to spend the night in seedy little hotels -- even though she always stayed at the same posh hotel with the wonderful view of the Millennium Centre... Everywhere was 'seedy' when compared to the TARDIS' vast corridors and rooms, even Pete's mansion failed to impress Rose Tyler. Then she could keep a constant watch on the rift so the others wouldn't have to call her at least once a week when the rift decided to pop out some creature from across time and space. Either that or they needed better training.

If the Doctor was in her world, he would know exactly what to do to get the little band of renegades on par with the London branch of Torchwood. As far as Rose was concerned, they were little more than a gathering of sci-fi shows that asked the government too many questions so they were placed in Cardiff, manning the rift.

How long had it been, she finally wondered. Once she had mentally complained about her day, her mind always went back to the same place… How long since that day on the beach? A year? Two years? Ten?

Rose sat up as she glanced over at the vanity mirror and looked at her reflection. She would like to think she looked good for being on the parallel Earth for nearly ten years. The only evidence of time gone by were the faint stretch marks on her stomach from her pregnancy.

The one she had almost told the Doctor about, but changed her mind at the last moment because of the pained look on his face. Roma was almost nine, having been born some five months after being stranded in Pete's world. She asked about her father constantly, wanting to hear stories of her mother seeing stars most humans had only dreamt of seeing… Battling unbelievable creatures in unimaginable ways… A sentient ship that was much bigger on the inside than the outside, but looked like a phone box.

Roma always got a dreamy look in her eyes when her mother talked about the TARDIS.

Rose smiled gently at her reflection and plopped down in the bed again. Tomorrow the craziness would come to an end. Tomorrow she could go back to being Rose Tyler, Peter and Jacqueline Tyler's daughter… Romana Tyler's mother, that worked for the government and had plastic lightsaber duels with her daughter after school -- the coolest mother in the whole of her daughter's grade.

For right now, things were still considered crazy. Rose Tyler was still wearing an alert com in case the rift went nutters again. Hopefully things would be back to normal in the morning.


However, when Rose awoke some hours later to what sounded like the alert com going off…

She awoke in a white room that smelt heavily of Clorox. It wasn't a posh hotel room over looking Cardiff… it was a small white room with bars on the out-of-reach window. The alert sound was coming from a small intercom box close to the ceiling. And, she wasn't naked, she was dressed in a starchy bluish-white set of clothes that resembled a hospital uniform.

Rose jumped slightly when a knock sounded on the metal door keeping her in the small room. "Who… Who is it?"

"Time to get up and go eat breakfast before going to see the doctor Miss Tyler," a voice laced with too much sweetness called. The door latch popped open and Rose screamed in horror when a plump blond woman entered the room dressed in a crisp white set of scrubs.

"Oh dear," the welsh woman hummed. "Is it a bad day today Miss Tyler?"

"What are you doing here?" Rose demanded, huddling herself in a corner. "The Doctor… the TARDIS regressed you back to an egg… The Doctor, Jack, and me took you to your planet to the hatchery… How are you here? How are you in Margaret's body again?"

"Miss Tyler, how often have we been through this?" the woman said sweetly. "My name isn't Margaret… I'm not a Slitheen. My name is Blon. Blon Passameer-Day. Remember how you laughed about how my parents would give me such a silly name when I already had such a silly surname?"

Rose shook her head, her eyes drifting to the badge on the nurse's top. There, in lovely gold letters on the black tag, was the name 'Blon F. Passameer-Day' along with her title as nurse. Rose blinked several times.

"But we got off to a bit of a rough start didn't we?" Blon continued. "I can hardly constitute having to hold you down so the doctors could restrain you as being a good start." Blon took closer steps toward Rose and reached out to touch her. Rose squeezed her eyes shut as the woman's warm hand stroked her hair affectionately. "Come on, let go get your breakfast. We don't want to keep the doctor waiting… You're always so happy when you see him."

Rose watched Blon with wide eyes as she backed away and held out her hand in invitation. At first Rose hesitated, but then she reached out and took the woman's hand. If she was going to find out what exactly was going on… she knew she had to first get out of the little white room.