Title: Crazy
Author: RamblingRose
Rated: R
Spoilers: S1 & 2
Summary: Rose went to bed on a perfectly normal night in the parallel earth and woke up to something completely different. Doctor-Rose
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all affiliated characters are trademarks of the BBC. No profit is made to the author with use of these trademarked entities. No part of the plot or story, herein, is not to be republished without consent of the author.

Chapter Two -Jack & Adam

Rose settled herself next to a skittish dark haired young man that she almost instantly recognized. "Adam?!" she exclaimed.

He looked at her with wide, fearful eyes. "What?!" Suddenly he looked relieved. "Rose! You're here!" He threw his arms around her neck. "Thank God you're here. They've been harassing me again. They were… they were… they were…"

"Who? Who was harassing you?" Rose asked.

Just as Adam was about to respond Rose jumped at the sound of someone clicking their fingers next to her ear. Almost instantly, Adam howled in horror and covered his forehead.

"Stop it!" Adam cried. "Stop it now!!"

The person clicked their fingers again and Adam stopped trashing about. Rose looked up to see Captain Jack Harkness stepping around the chair to have a seat beside her. Jack laughed cruelly and clicked his fingers again, sending Adam into another frenzy.

"I could watch him for hours," Jack grinned, clicking his fingers one last time.

Rose blinked in surprise. "Why would you do that Jack? That's cruel…"

"Cruel? I'm not the one that thinks his head pops open every time someone clicks their fingers," Jack snorted.

"So… you're not crazy or something?" Rose asked.

Jack scoffed. "638 suicide attempts in one year," he said. "I must be crazy right? More than three times a day actually since I keep my nose clean for a few days after they patch me up from my latest attempt. But no, I'm not crazy." A pained look crossed his features. "I just wanna die… is that so wrong?"

"Yes, it is," Adam piped, cringing when Jack held his hand up in a threat of clicking his fingers. "No… please don't…"

Rose put her hands around Jack's and forced his hands to the table. "Stop. But it is a bit wrong of you to go about trying to see if you can kill yourself just for the sake of it."

"Everyone's a critic," Jack huffed. "The doctor says the same thing." He lowered his voice. "Hey Rose, why don't you work your magic with him like you always do to make sure we all get extra medication."

Rose blinked at Jack unsurely. "What?"

"Oh come on," Adam groaned. "Everyone knows when it's your day to see the doctor we all get extra medications. They haven't any problems with anyone for days because of you. We may be crazy but we're not stupid."

Rose frowned and glared at Adam before clicking her fingers. Instantly, Adam began howling in agony. She looked at Jack. "What do you lot mean he only gives extra medication on days I see him?"

Jack grinned wickedly and gave her a wink. "What do you think we mean? The same thing you would give your other doctor years ago, before they found out what he was doing…" Jack clicked his fingers. "We're just lucky, I guess, that they haven't figured out that another doctor has succumbed to those big, beautiful, brown eyes of yours. Either that or they are just keeping it quiet."

"You know they can tell when my head opens, Rose!" Adam blurted, once jack finished talking. "I don't want them stealing my thoughts and ideas again. They'll know everything I know and I don't want them to know!"

Rose was quiet.

"Just, while you're working your magic with the doctor," Jack said. "Make sure to tell him we all need an extra dose of medication for a few days. I won't be suicidal as much… He won't go on about the imaginary hole in his head… And, no one will have to worry about Chantal."

Rose sat in silence between Jack and Adam and nibbled at the meagre breakfast. She learned that Adam was under the idea that some doctors had put a device in his forehead so that his forehead would open when someone clicked their fingers -- for the sole purpose of learning the things he knew about her. Apparently, several people in the mental institute thought she was very important and in need of protecting… Jack included, but only because he was sure he would get killed doing so.

There was nothing really wrong with Jack, per se, he was really out for attention from his wealthy parents. He pretended to think he was some sort of time traveller from the fifty-first century with homicidal tendencies in order to get himself locked up. His parents didn't visit him much but he enjoyed the atmosphere so he kept his act up so he could stay. He was smart enough to know the limit of his boundaries. His hobbies included reading science fiction novels for ideas and clicking his fingers when Adam got too annoying.

Adam was a certified genius, was at the top of the list world-wide, and one day cracked under the pressure. He was convinced that he had been working for someone in America and had somehow gotten a device installed in his head that gave the government access to every bit of knowledge he had in his brain. Jack had been the one that had started the idea that they were looking for information on Rose, only as a passing joke, many years back and it had sort of stuck since.

There were many names and faces that were familiar to her around… but she knew she knew them from her travels with the Doctor. And she was fairly certain that one of the rubbish bins resembled a Dalek. Everything seemed to be strategically designed to make her think she was crazy… but she knew she wasn't.

She had her Torchwood mental evaluation results to prove it… well, except she didn't rightly have them handy at the moment as something seemed to have gone very wrong.

"How can I get a hold of Torchwood?" Rose asked curiously.

Jack looked at her, clearly stunned. "Rose, you are in Torchwood." At her questioning gaze, he nodded toward a big sign on the wall that clearly read: Welcome to the Torchwood Institute of Mental Rehabilitation.

Rose opened and closed her mouth several times in shock. It was that moment, Blon decided to come back and take her off to see the doctor.