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When Push Comes to Shove

Late at night, shadows roamed the black expanse of Tokyo's alleys and side streets. Silence ruled the midnight, the tension of emptiness it created more menacing in its unbroken continuity. Or so it was at first.

From a dark corner emerged a man of unstable faculties. His huge bony frame was intimidating, to say the least. He moved sluggishly with a lopsided gait, dragging his body resolutely to wherever his forbidding lair may be resting. Only as he passed was the quietness broken, the scrapping sound of his footsteps very audible in the sleeping town.

Zanza; an urban legend; the so-called street fighter of the Yakuza who beat up men for sport and money. Though immortalized by the wagging of tongues and discreet whispers among the concealed dwellers of the black market, he has abruptly disappeared from sight after supposedly fighting with another legend, the Hitokiri Battousai.

Now more popular as Sagara Sanosuke, resident bum of the Kamiya Dojo, he is assumed no longer as dangerous as he was years ago (unless of course if it concerns a restaurateur who has the potential to be threatened by a mile-long tab and impending bankruptcy). Only a few know, those of the underworld of course, who he used to be. Not that he has any problem with that. After all, a brawl a day keeps the doctor near today. Too bad, his personal favorite (doctor, that is) has gone.

Suddenly, he stopped. Drunk as he was, he felt the presence of another being in his immediate vicinity. Senses alert and adrenals ready to pump hormones into his blood stream, Sano waited for his challenger to appear.

"Come outhh, you assshhhole," he grated, speech slurring a little. "I'm willin' give you whatsha wanth."

His brown eyes, now sharp and hunting, scanned the area around him, waiting. Soon enough, wraith-like creatures crawled on the ground. Eyes snapping up to see the one who stepped between the moon's rays and the earth, Sano saw the new comer. He was tall and wiry, a blade probably forged in Japan though it's hilt was of the Middle Kingdom, hung from his side. His hair, like the ex-gangster's was short and spiky. The only difference it had from Sano's was its pale hue, the same color as the pocked surface of the moon.


Elsewhere, Himura Kenshin was surprised to find himself blanketed by some undistinguishable material. He found it rather pleasant in spite of himself. One is usually wary of unfamiliar things and this he has never seen before. Never on his ten years as a vagabond, nor on his four years as an Ishinshishi patriot. Not even as a child, during the six years of regimented training he spent under the unshakable Hiko Seijuro or even earlier during the first eight years of his life.

He reached out deftly to investigate the matter. He tried to catch some of it on his quick fingers but failed as it seemingly passed through his hold.

"This must be the stuff that makes up dreams," he murmured to himself half-consciously.

He started walking. Though he was blind in every direction, he trusted his feet to carry him to his destination. Not that he knew where that is exactly.

Soon, the haze cleared up and he found himself atop a small hill, the green expanse of fresh lush vegetation creeping from beneath his feet to spread before his mystified but delighted eyes. He did not recognize the place at all and yet a nagging sense of familiarity contradicted the emptiness of his memories.

Scanning his surroundings, he let his eyes wander listlessly through Utopia, not warily snapping his eyeballs in z's like he's wont to do ordinarily. From a distance, he caught a glimpse of something both his brain and heart recognized, the raven black flapping in the wind and a momentary flash of blue in the sunlight. Kenshin's whole being soared. This he will never forget. Never ever.

"Kaoru-dono!" he called, waving at her.

She turned halfway, squinting against the sun behind his back. She giggled gleefully, gurgling like a brook, and tossed her head away in a mock snubbing way. Daring him to follow, she picked up her kimono and skipped a few spaces away.

Kenshin smiled a little, challenged by her evasive playfulness. Now, what shall I be, a kitten or a thunderstorm, he pondered. Wait for me, Kaoru-chan, and you shall experience both.

Kaoru had turned to his direction again. She seemed to be investigating him intently. Apparently, she was fighting of the urge to laugh. Soon enough, her stern thoughtful expression gave way to a simper. She turned away again and walked on, this time, following an invisible winding path in a rather frisky pace.

"Carrot." He heard her murmur in amusement.

It was then his self-consciousness struck. He let out a barely audible groan as he was reminded of the eternal flame beating from his posterior.

Kitten or thunderstorm. Just don't let me be chicken, please.

She paused, flipping a glance at his direction. Small tell-a-tale gestures betrayed her growing impatience. Her lips settling into a mildly irritated pout, she casually blew on her bangs. Encouraged instead of put down by that subtle show of exasperation, Kenshin began running after her, following her trail of sweet smelling perfume.

This time she laughed, the sound akin in its cheerfulness to a sudden burst of song from the courting birds in spring. She, too, ran, seeming to glide in the sea of swaying grasses, a dapple doe in a sensual sinuous dance. He followed her like a sick dog, stumbling here and there, the clumsy predator. Sides aching in laughter, he finally convulsed to a stop and dropped on the mattress-like comfort of the thick green.

Shaking her head chidingly, Kaoru approached her fallen pursuer triumphantly. Arms akimbo, she waited for him to rise to his feet.

Acquiring some of her frolic, he swept her off her feet with the effectiveness of a warrior and the mischief of a child. He merely chuckled at her indignant frown as she rubbed her buttocks, perfectly sure she did not hurt herself in that fall.

"What took you so long, Kenshin?" she complained.

A deep rumbling came from with in him, resembling the purr of a contented cat more than anything. "Does it matter at all?" he breathed. "I'm here for all eternity, yours to command."

"Mine to punish, then," she quipped.

"Yes," he conceded with a smothered a laugh. "Alright then, to punish as well. But what for?"

"You're late." She glowered at him.

"Aa. So, what exactly is my punishment, Kaoru-hime? Let your heart speak."

"Princess?" she whispered in his ear, her breath tickling not only the area of flesh her breath touched but also his spine. " Fine, I forgive you."

He turned to her, his violet eyes meeting her blue ones glinting with unvoiced promises. Her face mirrored the mysterious longing look in his.

"Come closer," she invited, voice soft, seemingly undemanding and normal, and yet conveying the very quintessence of her passion and thus tantalizing to his ear. "Come…"

Without a trace of a protest in his blank mind, he obliged and drew closer to her. And closer, and closer, and closer…………………………


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