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Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar
The Grand Tournament

Synopsis: Harold's past comes to light (no pun intended) as he, Joey, Rebecca, and Amara enter a new Duel Monsters tournament sponsored by Kaiba Corp.

Fanfic Chapter 233: Day of Rest
Episode Basis: Part of Unwanted Guests Pt 1

The sun rose on a dude ranch in the southern United States. Inside one of the lofted cabins slept a group of kids. The six beds in the loft were reserved for the guests of honor: Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler, Harold Kumara, Amara Pennfield and Tea Gardner. Amara's two cousins: Alexis and Atticus Rhodes were curled up like cats on the sixth. At the moment, four of them were currently in use. As for the others, Rebecca Hawkins and her Grandfather got the only actual bedroom in the cabin. Tristan Taylor slept on the couch and Duke Devlin had a hammock set up in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. Everyone was sleeping peacefully.

Well, most of them were sleeping.


Duke and Tristan fell out of their beds while Joey, Harold, and Amara looked down from the loft.

"Up and at 'em everyone!" Rebecca said brandishing the pan and ladle that were her makeshift alarm.

"Up and what?" Amara asked groggy.

Tea joined Rebecca, "Honestly, all of you do nothing but sleep and eat," she complained.

"And your point is?" Joey asked.

"Give us a break, Rebecca," Harold said as Alexis raised her head and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "Some of us are still recovering from our ordeal." The group had been recuperating at the ranch belonging to Amara's grandfather for what was going on three days. They all actually slept through the first day and half of the second. Yugi, Joey, and Harold, the ones who were in the thick of the heavy fighting, slept through the second as well.

"Where's Yugi?" Rebecca asked.

Alexis stuck her head out, "Mister Yugi said he wanted to go for a walk," she said.

"Man, I hate it when he does that," Tristan complained as he fell back on the couch.

Rebecca whined, "How could he go outside without taking me along?"

Tea rolled her eyes before saying, "Come on, Beck let's go look for him."

It was a beautiful day. The sun was warm, the breeze minimum, there was even a fish jumping in a nearby lake. Yugi went up to the lake and stretched, "Man, this feels good."

Yami appeared besides him, "We needed this," he commented. "Some rest was good."

"Tell me about it… oh, the God Cards." Yami reached into his deck and took the three Egyptian God Cards out. "They look good as new too." The color had returned to the card backs and the pictures restored. "It's hard to believe the theft of three Duel Monster cards almost brought about the end of the world."

A loud crash came from the other room. Everyone ran out into the Game Store.

The door had been busted in. Yugi's Grandpa was lying on the floor. "Grandpa, are you all right?" Yugi asked.

"Yugi…" Solomon said weakly. "I'm sorry… your cards… the cards you got at Battle City… they've been stolen!"

"The God Cards have been stolen?"

A large blue demonic-looking being appeared in the sky.

"It's Obelisk!" Harold realized.

Two more creatures appeared on either side of it. One was a red serpentine dragon with two mouths and a yellow creature with a bird-like head and lion-like body. They were Slifer the Sky Dragon and the Winged Dragon of Ra.

"Slifer and Ra too," Amara noted.

"This is totally nuts," Joey complained. "Who would steal the Egyptian God Cards then summon them in plain sight where everyone could see?"

"We would, mate." A bright light shone on Yugi and his friends. Four motorcyclists stood before them. They had strange devices that resembled Duel Disks. Their heads were covered by motorcycle helmets but three of them were men and one was a woman. "Our light can overcome any darkness you can dish out."

"Give me my God Cards back," Yugi demanded.

The cyclists laughed. "If you want them back," the woman said, her English accent filled with defiance. "You'll have to go through us."

"It scares me to think how we almost lost the God Cards forever," Yugi was saying.

"I can tell you what scared me," Yami said. "Seeing the Seal of Orichalcos played for the first time."

"Now I'll play a card more powerful than all three of your Egyptian God Cards combined!"


"Oh, it's possible. This magic existed long before the Old Kingdom of Egypt! I play the Seal of Orichalcos!" The ring around Guimo's life point counter started to glow. A green circle of symbols started spinning around them. A series of asymmetrical lines was drawn forming a six-pointed star.

"The Seal of Orichalcos was so strong," Yami mused. "Not just what it did on the field, but what it did to the mind."

"I'll say, you remember how Mai acted when we saw her at Industrial Illusions?"

Joey stepped forward. "Is that you, Mai?" The motorcyclist took off her helmet. It was Mai! "Hah, I knew it was you, what brings you to San Francisco, did Pegasus call you too?"

Finally she spoke, "I'm not Mai."

The others looked at each other confused. "Okay," Amara said slowly. "Mai… or whoever you are, we're looking for Pegasus, do you know where we can find him?"

"I can show him to you."

"Don't you mean 'show you to him'?" Harold corrected.

Mai drew a card from her Duel Disk. "He's right here." She showed them the card.

Joey and his friends screamed. The card was a Seal of Orichalcos card and it had Pegasus's terror-stricken face on it.

"Mai, drop that thing!" Joey shouted. "You don't know what it's capable of."

"Mai," Amara gasped. "You're a Warrior of Doma?"

"Mai, please, we're friends," Joey protested. "Tell me this is all a joke!"

"I was never part of your little playgroup and now I'm going to take you apart piece by piece!"

"That cold stare she gave us still sends chills up and down my spine."

"Actually, I was talking about what it did to me during our first duel with Raphael."

"Who cares, with the Seal of Orichalcos behind me, I can't be stopped!" Yami drew a card. "Since my Dark Magician is useless, I'll sacrifice him to inflict 1500 points of direct damage to you!" The Dark Magician got onto the catapult. The catapult fired. As Dark Magician flew, he transformed into a ball of energy and hit Raphael. "Now that he's in the graveyard, he's useful again." With his destruction, Dark Magician Girl gained a power boost. "This is it, I only need to destroy one more monster and I choose… my worthless Dark Magician Girl!" The Dark Magician Girl actually turned around and stared at him. Even through the Seal of Orichalcos's influence, her hurt look could be seen.

"Yugi, I am so sorry."

"Stop apologizing. Have you forgotten, I was the one who pushed you out of the way."

"But you wouldn't have to if I hadn't played that Seal of Orichalcos card."

"NO!" Yugi had got the arm that held the Seal of Orichalcos into a sleeper hold.

"Let go, we're going to lose the duel! Trust me, it's the only way!"

"Pharaoh, please, don't play that card!"

The field magic card slot opened out. Yami slid the card into it and the slot closed. "I play the Seal of Orichalcos!"

"Yugi, what are you doing?"

"The seal can only take one of us so I'm letting it take me instead."

"Yugi, no!"

The boy stared up at the spirit, his eyes already tearing up. "You're more important to the others than I am, you're the only one who can finish this. Farewell, Pharaoh."


"Yugi, something had been bothering me ever since that happened. When you said 'you're more important to the others than I am', what did you mean?"

Yugi looked down into the water. "Well… uh… I knew you were the only one who could stop Dartz."

"There's something more, isn't there?"

"Yeah, there is… You see I think Tea…"

"Yugi!" Yugi turned around and saw Tea and Rebecca running up to him.

Speak of the devil, he thought.

Rebecca tackled Yugi in a big bear hug, "How could you think of going off without me? I thought you disappeared on me again."

"Nah, I just needed some air… uh… speaking of air… Rebecca…"

"Rebecca, you're cutting off his circulation," Tea complained as she struggled to separate the lovebirds.

"Oops, sorry." The two got up.

"After what happened to you, I am not leaving you for a second," Rebecca said snuggling up to Yugi's arm. Yugi's face was flushed.

"Come on," Tea said rather crossly. "Everyone's waiting for us." She turned and started to walk back.

"Tea, is something wrong?" Yugi asked.

"Oh she's just getting to that age," Rebecca said dismissively.

"'That age'?" Yugi questioned.

"Oh yeah, women her age get very temperamental at certain times of the month."


"Oh yeah, it has to do with a hormonal imbalance down in the…"

"That's enough," Tea snapped and dragged the two away.

"See, Yugi, Tea doesn't care about you like I do," Rebecca said. Tea paused for a moment.

Harold noticed Tea still looking peeved and he had a sneaking suspicion he knew why. "Well that was a surprise seeing Rebecca again,' he said conversely to Tea.

"I don't want to talk about it," she said.

"I mean can you imagine a girl like her in college? And can you believe that she thinks Yugi is her boyfriend?"

"I said I don't want to talk about it," Tea repeated.

"I guess there's nothing to worry about I mean this is Yugi we're talking about so the affection is clearly one-way. Besides, it's not like you have a crush on him or anything."

"I DO!" Tea snapped then covered her mouth in fright.

Do I? Tea asked herself.

Yugi, Tea, and Rebecca joined the others in a large dining room where Joey scarf down a third bowl of eggs and let out a belch, "Wow, so that's what an American breakfast is like."

Amara let out a louder belch, "Yeah, I forgot how good it tasted."

"We've got enough to feed an army," Amara's Grandpa, Jack, said from the kitchen.

"Or Joey and Tristan for a week," Harold cracked causing both to pause in their chowing down.

"You kids have been through a lot, so feel free to stay here as long as you want."

"I can be your tour guide," Atticus volunteered.

"You'd get lost on the way to the bathroom," Alexis pointed out.

"Why don't you shut up?" Atticus barked.

"Why don't you just disappear?" Alexis returned.

"Maybe I will," Atticus said turning away snootily.

"Children, behave," Amara scolded. "Don't make me get out the bicycle chain." The two children paled.

"Bicycle chain?" Harold asked.

"I'll explain later."

"Thank you, Mister Rhodes," Yugi said. "But we really should be getting going."

"How can you leave when we haven't even gone out on one date yet?" Rebecca asked in a whining voice.

"I agree…" Duke noticed Amara and Tea giving him a sour look. "About staying, not about the date or disappearing, you guys just got here."

"We should stay," Tristan recommended. "It's been a while since we just had fun."

"If every meal is like this, I'm moving in," Joey said adjusting his belt to accommodate his expanding girth.

"You haven't told us any of your Battle City stories yet," Alexis complained. "I want to hear that."

"Me too," Atticus agreed.

"Give me one good reason why we should go?" Tristan asked. Yugi just looked down.

Tea caught on, "You want to get back and help the Pharaoh, right?" She turned to Rebecca, "You see, Yugi can't stay, he's got important things to do."

Yugi looked up at Yami. The Pharaoh gave him an assuring smile, "I've been waiting three thousand years to find out about my past, what's a few extra days?"

"Thanks. Actually, Mister Rhodes, we'd be honored to stay." Everyone cheered.

"All right, now that the world is safe, time for some play!" Harold, in a swim suit, cannon-balled into the lake. Surfacing, he spit out some excess water, "Ah, this is the life." He heard two more splashes behind him and turned to see Alexis and Atticus, also in swim suits, jumping in behind him. The three quickly engaged in a splash fight while the others watched bemused.

"Out of all of us, I think Harold needed this vacation more," Amara commented. "After that whole business with his Armlet…"

"Hold on, Yugi, help is on the way," Harold said revealing his Armlet from underneath his dark blue jacket.


"Time for this seal to feel the power of the Avatar Armlet! Now, Avatar Armlet, activate!" The symbols rose off the Armlet and faced the Seal of Orichalcos. They started spinning. "Take… THIS!" He thrust his Armlet arm out and fired the shield towards the Seal of Orichalcos. The ring of symbols struck the force field that blocked the Duelists. Lightning danced along the clash of the two shields.

With a loud war cry, Harold thrust his Armlet towards the Seal. Suddenly lightning struck the Armlet's shield. It traveled in a straight line like electricity on a wire and struck the Armlet. Harold cried out in pain as he was thrown back almost to the edge. Amara threw her body behind Harold and stopped him from going over the edge.

Unknown to anyone, one of the symbols on the underside of Harold's Armlet changed.

"I still can't believe that that overgrown bracelet is actually an Ancient Atlantian artifact," Duke commented.

"I wouldn't have known it either," Yugi said, Rebecca holding onto his arm like it was a lifeline. "Had I not hear it with my own ears." Of course, by 'he', he meant the Pharaoh but since it was his body the Pharaoh used to receive the information, it kind of fit.

The room around them flashed and they found themselves floating over Atlantis. "Back when the Orichalcos stones were first discovered, the Atlantians used them as not only a power source, but to construct jewelry." To emphasize, Dartz touched the broach around his neck. "The Avatar Armlet, originally called the Atlantian Armlet, was forged by our greatest ironsmith to quell the chaos rising in one of our colonies." The scene switched again to a man with snow-white hair and a pale complexion working at a forge. "When word reached us that the Egyptian colony was in turmoil due to magical interference, the great Ironsmith Kuloth forged an object which would have the power to quell both the magical and the personal turmoil that threatened the Egypt Colony. He was able to finish it but not before falling ill. He died soon after but we still had to get the Armlet to Egypt. So it was sent in the care of his daughter, whom we called The Maiden."

Yugi turned to Yami, "Who do you think this 'Maiden' was?"

"I'm not sure, Yugi, though I have my suspicions…"

"PHARAOH!" Yami opened his eyes and lazily looked up. A white orb was descending towards him. Suddenly the orb transformed into a woman. She had tanned skin with dark hair that fell chin-length and doe-brown eyes. She was dressed similarly to Ishizu Ishtar when she participated in Battle City.

I know her… Tea? No, it's… the original Avatar. Yami knew she had a proper name but couldn't remember what it was. Then again, he had trouble remembering what he was.

The woman descended until she was eye-level with Yami and turned him right-side up. "Pharaoh, please do not give up, your friends are counting on you."

"But what can I do? I have nothing."

"Long ago, you saved the world by defeating a great evil!"

"Defeat? I WAS that evil."

"No you weren't!" Yami looked up at her shocked. "I was there, you put your own life at risk to save your people. And you saved my soul from being consumed by eternal darkness. Now I have traveled through time and space to repay the favor."

"I knew you weren't entirely evil," Yugi said.

"And so did I," Yami agreed. "During the final attack of the Great Leviathan."

"Destroy him!" Dartz cried just before being hit in the back again by another of Edina's energy blasts.

"Be strong, Pharaoh," Yugi coached. "Concentrate on the good inside of you, think of your friends."

"Yes, my friends! The love I have is my one true light, and now I unleash it against the darkness!" The Avatar Armlet that Harold had given him started to glow. The symbols circled Yami's body. Slowly, the dark swirling mass became a swirl of Egyptian scriptures which gradually faded away to nothing. Now all that's left was a tiny purple spark which shot up to the sky.

"We've learned a lot during our adventure," Yami mused. "But there's still so much we don't know. Who was the original Avatar, what connection did she have with the Armlet, what connection did she have with me?"

"Let's not forget the stone tablet and the Millennium Items," Yugi reminded them.

"I remember Ishizu mentioning that there were seven of them. Maybe once I retrieve them and hold them up to the tablet along with the God Cards, my memories will finally be unlocked."

"Yugi, pay attention to me," Rebecca whined.

"Oh, sorry," Yugi apologized. He was so caught up in conversing with the Pharaoh that he almost forgot about Rebecca, who couldn't see Yami.

"So what time is your guys' flight out?" Duke asked conversely while lounging on a beach chair.

Yugi, Tea, Joey, Tristan, Harold, and Amara all gasped. Joey and Amara, who were playing Duel Monsters the old fashioned way on a table top (shocking, I know), stared at each other wide-eyed. "Oh man, Pegasus was the one who flew us out here," Joey said.

"Except it wasn't Pegasus, it was those Orichalcos guys," Amara pointed out.

"So now we're stranded here," Joey concluded.

Rebecca squealed in delight, "That means you can stay!"

"Don't count on it," Tea, who had enough of Rebecca groping and nuzzling of Yugi like a puppy dog, said. She finally pried Rebecca off of Yugi.

Suddenly a strong wind picked up. Everyone looked up to see a familiar-looking helicopter descending.

"It's a Kaiba Corp. helicopter!" Amara announced.

"Well, my day's ruined," Joey cracked.

The End