Summary: Theresa and Deena's freshman year at Eden Hall,Theresa decides to make history by being the first Portman on the Eden Hall Cheerleading Squad and starts hanging out with Andy's cousin! Danny, Kitty and their parents worry that this will not be good for her.

Author's Note: So, I started thinking about my beloved OCs, in my little continuity, and how much I missed them. Especially the poor neglected Portman sibs and lovely little Deena Banks. And I decided to give them their own story. Kitty and Julian will be in it too, of course, and Heather. But its mostly Theresa, Danny and Deena. Theresa's a real bitch, to basically everyone but Danny, just a warning.

Disclaimer: I own so little in this world, but my precious OCs they are all mine!

Second Generation: Little Sisters

Chapter 1: The Deal

"Did you tell Mom and Dad you didn't want to go Theresa?" Kitty said over the phone.

"Of course I did," Theresa Portman sighed, "but you know that doesn't work. I thought that maybe if you talked to them,"

"Re," Kitty laughed, "Maybe I could convince Mom, but once Dad makes up his mind the only people that can talk him out of anything are Mom, Luis or Fulton."

"So convince Mom and Luis," Theresa said, "And then maybe I'd get out of it. You of all people should understand you didn't want to go either."

"It's different for you," Kitty pointed out, "I was going all on my own, Danny's going to be a senior and Deena's going too."

"But there's no point in me going," Theresa countered, "I don't even play hockey, and Deena's not really a factor since we've met like four whole times."

"Theresa," Kitty said, "when I think about what my life would be like if I hadn't gone. I mean, I never would have met Julian, I wouldn't have started acting, I probably wouldn't have gone to Loyola, and I'd be more than likely working in the bar until I found some office job."

"Who you talking to?" Fulton and Reid walked into Theresa's room.

"No one!" She shouted, "Leave!"

"Is it a boy?" Reid said trying to grab the phone, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Is that the twins?" Kitty laughed on the other end, "Put them on."

"They're not even supposed to be in here!" Theresa grabbed Fulton's head. "It's Kitty, say hi."

"Hi Kitty!" They shouted.

"Ok, now get out!" She shoved them off her bed.

"See, if you go to Eden Hall, there'll be no twins to deal with," Kitty laughed. "Give it a shot Re. You may love it."

"What if I hate it?" She asked.

"I make you the same deal Luis made me," Kitty said, "if you really hate it, I'll call Mom and Dad and talk to them. And if that doesn't work, I'll fly up to Minnesota myself and bring you home. Deal?"

"Deal!" Theresa said, "thanks Kitty! Bye!"

"Bye," Kitty shook her head and hung up the phone. She smiled and dialed another number.

"Hello?" Heather picked up the phone.

"Hi Heather," Kitty smiled, "its Kitty, is Deena there, I wanted to wish her luck."

"Hi Kitty," Heather laughed, as Deena walked into the room eating an apple, Deena stopped when she heard her future sister in law's name. "Yeah, she's right here. Kitty." She pointed to the phone. Deena nodded and took it.

"Hi Kitty," she said.

"Hey Dee," Kitty smiled, "are you all ready?"

"I'm so excited." Deena said. "I've been waiting for this like, forever."

"I just wanted to call to wish you good luck." Kitty laughed. "Also, I know you have other friends going, so if you guys could watch out for my sister."

"Theresa, right?" Deena said, it was a tough job keeping track of Kitty's siblings.

"Right, she's not so hot on the whole Eden Hall thing," Kitty explained. "She could use some friends."

"Does she play?" Deena asked, "I mean, then it's like a built in group of friends."

"No," Kitty shook her head. She thought of her dancer/gymnast little sister and tried to picture her in pads out on the ice. It just wasn't very likely. "Think you can deal with it anyway?"

"You dealt with Lexi right?" Deena laughed.

"Right, thanks Dee," Kitty said, "Good Luck! Talk to you soon. Tell the rents I said hi."

"Bye Kitty." Deena hung up the phone. "Kitty says hi," she said walking over to her mom.

"What'd she say?" Heather asked, just making conversation.

"She wants me to make friends with her sister," Deena wrinkled her nose. "I didn't want to say anything, but from what I remember Theresa Portman's kind of a bitch."

"Be nice," Heather said, "in a few years they're going to be family. God help us."

"I'll be nice," Deena nodded, "for Kitty."

"Good girl." Heather smiled.

The next day Danny and Theresa drove up to Minnesota. Theresa had her headphones on most of the time, and was just staring angrily out the window. Danny looked over and sighed, pulling one of the ear buds out.

"Hey!" Theresa said, "what was that for?"

"We've been driving for four hours and you haven't said anything." He said. "Come on, I know you're pissed but Jesus, make the best of it."

"You don't get it OK?" Theresa said, "you always wanted to go to Eden Hall. I have no interest. They took me away from my friends, and my dance company, and my gymnastic coaches, and now I've got nothing."

"Drama queen," Danny rolled his eyes, "Believe it or not there are dancers in Minnesota too, and gymnastics. And you have friends, what about Deena Banks?"

"God you too," Theresa said, "I couldn't tell Kitty, but Deena and I don't really like each other very much."

"Really?" He said, "I thought you two were friends. And Deena's pretty cool. We've hung out a couple of times."

"She thinks I'm a bitch," Theresa shrugged.

"Well you are a bitch," Danny pointed out, "but under that bitchiness is, well some more bitchiness and then a heart of gold."

"Shut up!" She laughed and hit him. "You're supposed to me on my side."

"I am," he said, "look I know you weren't into coming. But you're going to have a good time. If anything you'll have social status. I mean your older brother is captain of the varsity hockey team."

"Charlie didn't give it to you yet," Theresa said, she knew she had to keep her brother's feet on the ground about this, his disappointment if he didn't get captain was going to be horrible. "And I can build my own social status, thank you very much."

"Whatever," he laughed as she put her headphones back on.

When they arrived, they started unpacking the car.

"Freshman dorm's over there," Danny pointed. "Have fun."

"Thanks." Theresa said, grabbing her bag and walking toward the building. She looked around and saw upperclassmen greeting each other, giving hugs and high fives. She saw Danny start messing around with his team mates. She looked around to see if she could place anyone from the countless weekends she spent here visiting Kitty and Danny. So far not a single face was ringing a bell. She looked over and noticed a group of girls in matching red skirts and sweaters. She smiled. Eden Hall cheerleaders. She had watched them in awe when she was younger, and had heard her parents make many cracks involving them at Luis. She watched one of the girls do an attempt at a back handspring and fail miserably. She laughed, these girls could absolutely use some of her help.

"Danny!" Deena ran up and tackle hugged him when she saw him the next morning.

"Hey Dee!" He laughed, "Ready for freshman year?"

"I was born ready!" She smiled, "Charlie give you the C yet?"

"He called me and said he wanted me to come in and talk," Danny grinned. "I can only assume that's why. You ready to lead the freshman team to glory?"

"Hell yeah!" Deena laughed. "Look, I've got my first class. I'll see you later." She skipped away.

"Who's the cutie freshman?" Jim Tyler, one of Danny's friends came up to him.

"Deena Banks," Danny said, knowing the reaction that was coming.

"Banks?" Jim said, "Like Adam and Julian Banks?"

"Exactly," Danny laughed.

"I take back the cutie," Jim laughed, "I don't want to get my ass kicked."

"Good plan." Danny nodded and kept walking. As he headed into the building Theresa blind sighted him.

"Danny," She said, "I have to get out of here."

"Theresa, we've been here less than twenty four hours." He said, "you can't be stir crazy already."

"I'm calling Kitty tonight." Theresa said, "we made a deal."

"I don't think Kitty meant after a day," he laughed, "probably a month, or even a semester. Look, find something to do."

"I was thinking of trying out for cheerleading." She shrugged. "They really suck on the gymnastics front."

"Yes, good, do that." He said, distracted, "wait, did you say cheerleading?"

"Yeah," she nodded and walked away, "Glad you think it's a good idea, bye Danny!" She walked away her blonde hair swaying behind her. He shook his head, she had done it, the classic distract you with one thing and then do something else, Theresa switch. She got away with murder with their Dad with that one.

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