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Chapter 8: Start Over

"Dee and Re!" Danny smiled sitting down next to them, "Eden Hall's most terrifying twosome since the bash brothers." Theresa rolled her eyes at her big brother.

"What do you want Danny?" Deena said. It was rare that any senior ventured into the freshman end of the cafeteria.

"Just wanted to say hi to my two favorite girls in school," They looked at him with the same sense of 'yeah right.' "Fine, look, hazing the freshman team is in full force and we need your help to get Ryan."

"What was my hazing?" Dee said.

"You don't get hazed," he shook his head. "Are you kidding? Most of the guys still remember what Andy's face looked like after graduation, no one will mess with you."

"What are you thinking?" Theresa said. She laughed, nothing meant more to her over these past few weeks than the fact that she and Ryan were still friends, well that and the fact that she and Deena had become practically insperarable.

"No, no," he said, "Just have him outside after your guys practice, ok?" He smiled and got up and walked away.

"What do you think it is?" Theresa said. "Nothing really bad right?"

"The hazing is harmless," Deena shrugged, "I mean, it used to be really rough. But when our parents were freshmen, it all got a little out of hand, because well, you know Charlie. He won't take anything sitting down, so they retaliated, and everything escalated to the point of just danger. So now its really closely watched. I mean, Julian and Kitty just had to wash some senior's cars, it'll be something like that."

"Oh," Theresa nodded. She remembered the stories about the Ducks freshman year and the massive prank war against the varsity team. She also remembered that she had to deal with her own hazing soon. She shuddered to think what they would make her do, especially now, that she had left the clique and stopped wearing her uniform to class. "What do you think they'll do to me?"

"They haven't done anything yet?" Deena asked. Theresa shook her head no. "I doubt anything. I mean, you're Portman for Christ's sake. No one touches your family, especially not after homecoming." Theresa smiled. Of course Charlie had tried to quiet down the whole fight, so in turn, the entire school was talking about it.

"Hey," Ryan sat down. Both girls looked down at their food trying not to laugh. "Danny and Jim told you what my hazing was didn't they?"

"What?" Deena said, "No, please."

"Like they'd tell anyone," Theresa rolled her eyes.

"Besides, like we'd tell you even if we did know," Deena smiled and stuck her tongue out. Ryan flicked her playfully. Theresa grinned. She'd been watching them. Ever since she put their feelings for each other together, she'd been coming up with creative ways to make sure they were left alone together.

"Oh crap!" She said, "I left something in my room, I have to go!"

"Again?" Ryan said, Theresa shrugged and rushed out. "She's been really forgetful lately."

"Yeah," Deena said, Theresa's tries aside, Ryan was still completely clueless. "Hey, Re's going home next weekend, wanna hang?"

"Oh I see how it is," He smiled, "you're new best friend goes out of town so now all of a sudden you have time for me."

"You're always welcome to hang out with us." Deena rolled her eyes.

"I'll take a pass," he said, "I don't enjoy listening to you two giggle incessantly, not to mention she's been really weird lately. You notice that she keeps staring at us?"

"Does she?" Deena said, with an awkward giggle, "Huh, I hadn't noticed."

"Hey Portman," Lilly stopped Theresa in the hallway. Ever since she had stopped sitting with them Lilly had taken to calling her by her last name and treating her with the same bitter scorn that she used to reserved solely for Deena.

"Hi Lilly," she sighed. "What do you want?"

"Just wanted to say hi," she shrugged, "ready for hazing?"

"Pretty much," Theresa smiled, "you?"

"Definitely," she giggled, "see you later."

"Bye," Theresa rolled her eyes. Seriously, that girl had issues. She felt a vibration in her jean pocket. She looked at the name. "Hey Kitty!"

"Hey," Kitty said, "sooo, its been two months, ready to cash in yet?"

"No deal," Theresa said, "you were right."

"Haha," Kitty said, "I love being right."

"Yeah yeah," Theresa said, "was gloating the only reason for this call?"

"Pretty much," she smiled, "Things good around there? Lilly take to making your life a living hell yet?"

"Nah, ever since homecoming, no one really comes near me," she said, "I think I'm even getting out of hazing because of it."

"Lucky," Kitty smiled, "See you next weekend."

"Bye Kitty!" Theresa smiled, so her big sister had been right, she did like being at Eden Hall, it had been a good thing she came.

The End

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