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Chapter One

One evening while Solomon Motou and Arthur Hawkins were coming home from visiting an old friend, something or someone ran across the road right in front of the car that Solomon was driving.

Solomon hit the brakes and the car came to a screeching halt. Both men were quite shaken up but weren't hurt.

Solomon reached into the glove compartment and took out his gun and told Arthur to get the phone and then Solomon got out of the car to see what ever it was that was lying on the side of the road.

As Solomon approached the thing, he was very nervous and ready to shot it if it were a injured animal. As he got near he could make out that it wasn't an animal but a young boy who was hurt really badly. Solomon yelled "Arthur, get over here."

Solomon then told Arthur "get into the trunk and get out a blanket."

When Arthur got over to where Solomon was he too could see that the young man had been beaten badly and that he was still breathing and they covered his poor beaten body. "Who could of done this" he asked his old friend?

Just then the young man started to try to get up and Solomon got down next to him and softly not to frighten the young man he said "please lay still, help is on the way."

The young man looked at Solomon and then the realization who the young man was hit Solomon and he closed his eyes and tear came running down his face. Solomon looked up at Arthur and said "call Seto and tell him that his brother has been found."

Mokuba tried to speak but nothing would come out of his mouth, his vocal cords had been damaged and all he could do was whimper. Solomon touched the side of Mokuba's face and say "son it's going to be alright now, just rest till we can get you to the Hospital."

Mokuba started to get very agitated and he tried to get away. Solomon then got the feeling that something happened to him at some place and he was afraid that who ever did it would find him and finish the job. Solomon then asked "Arthur for the phone and he called Yami."

"Hello, came the sleepy voice of Yugi, can I help you?"

"Yugi it's grandpa and I need to talk to Yami right away" Solomon said.

"What's wrong" Yami asked?

"I need your help and you have to keep whatever I tell you just between us and don't let Yugi know" Solomon told Yami.

When Solomon was through, Yami told him "I'm on my way."

Just then a black limo pulled up and a very upset Seto got out.

Solomon stopped him before Seto could get near his brother. "Seto what I have to tell you isn't easy" Solomon said.

When he was finished Seto was crying and nearly collapsed and would have hit the ground if not for both Solomon and Arthur grabbing hold of him.

All of a sudden Yami appeared and Solomon told "him about what he feared had happened to Mokuba and that they needed to be sure."

"We need to get him to a place where no one will know about him" Solomon said.

Seto finally got hold of his emotions and he called someone "get an ambulance here now!" He then gave them instructions. "He'll be taken to Kaiba Corp and no one will ever find him there" Seto said.

Solomon then whispered to Yami "get hold of Ishizu and have her contact Shadi because he is the only one who can get inside of Mokuba's mind and find out what happened to him."

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