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Chapter Eight

Joey used the phone in the limo and called Kaiba's and told Solomon "that he had the young ones and that they needed to get them to the Hospital and have them seen by a doctor."

Solomon told Joey "take them to the hospital at Kaiba Corp and he would meet them there."

As the doctors were examining and treating the young ones, Solomon asked Joey "where are the others?"

"Taking care of business." Joey told him.

Just then Yami, Marik, Bakura and Seto who was helping a wounded Roland all came into the hospital. A Nurse helped Roland sit down and the doctor took care of the gun shot wound. As they waited to hear about how the young one were, Solomon fell apart.

Yami went over to him and held him while they both cried. Then the realization hit, that it was all over and that the men responsible for all the hell that had happened were gone. Seto walked over to Joey and they went over to where Marik and Bakura were and they all fell apart.

Just then the doctor came out to let them know how the young ones were and upon seeing the scene he waited till they got control of their emotions then he said "we've taken care of their physical needs, now they all will have to have some kind of counseling to help with their emotional needs."

Mokuba, Serenity, Yugi, Ryou and Malik did see a therapist and it took them several months to be able to deal with what happened to them. They still have nightmares and when they would wake up crying their loved ones were there to help them get through the long nights. It was that love that helped them heal and to be able to deal with the horrors that had happened to them.

As for Seto, Joey, Yami, Solomon, Roland, Marik and Bakura, well it still plagues their lives knowing that something like this had happened to those they loved. It will always be in the back of their minds that if this happened once, it could happen again. They all pledged together that nothing like this would ever happen again if they could help


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