Let It All Go

Life is a burden.

This burden starts from the day we are born.

Others can't see it but I can.

I've seen what happens to those whom cross life's line.

To those who have lied,

and died.

I don't need anyone though.

Anyone who will get in my way.

Anyone who doesn't trace life's wish.

The wish to breathe and live,

To Cry and Mourn.

To forget it all.

To forget.

No on knows the true meaning of it.

It is a word of nothingness itself,

Because it never comes.

Although I wish it did.

After all I've been through…

Reality cannot Change.

No matter what the burden is we all carry,

Weather we know of it or not.

For I know of mine.

We cannot just sit and remain an untrue soul.

I sit here unable to forget…because I can't.

But there'll be a time when I'll have to.

To let it all go…