Harry woke as soon as the sun started to gradually fill the room with light through his bedroom window at The Burrow. He had hardly got any sleep last night. Just knowing that Ginny was finally free to spend some time with him after what seemed like forever sent thrills of anticipation through his spine. Although she may have changed to a day worker at the camp, he had hardly had the chance to see her. Ginny left before sunrise and didn't return until well after dinner. He guessed that over the last month, despite technically living at The Burrow, she spent no longer than six hours a day there. When she was there, most of her time was spent sleeping. However, it was two days before his twentieth birthday when Ginny informed him that starting today she would spend the next two weeks off on holiday.

He made his way over to the window. Bill's old bedroom, which was next door to Ginny's (it had been very tempting to visit her in the middle of the night sometimes), gave an excellent view of the track leading to The Burrow. It had become something of a morning ritual to watch Ginny sneak down the track as the sun started to rise in the distance behind her. He was surprised to see her tracing her steps down the path again today. After what she had said last night about being exhausted, he had expected her to sleep till lunch.

Quickly he pulled a pair of boxer shorts, an old t-shirt, and a pair of jeans out of the drawer before he thought better of it. There had to be a good reason why she had chosen to escape before he was up and he was sure that she would let him in on her secrets later. She always had the most interesting way of revealing her secrets to him in those few hours they spent together during the night.

He stole a glance at himself in the mirror as he pulled a green t-shirt over his head. He was used to the scars and mutilation of his face but others would still be taken aback. Ginny never fluttered when looking at him, stating once that there was so much more to him than the marks on his face. It had, however, taken some time for the other Weasleys to get used to it.

Harry finished getting changed and made his way downstairs, pausing only to collect his wand and to put the ring in his pocket. He had been carrying that ring around ever since he had found it again; it gave him the strength to remember who he was. It was this ring that had taken him and Ginny to a place where they had not been able to imagine a life without each other. This was the very ring that he was going to use to propose to her all those months ago and carrying it around helped him understand that it was a place he wanted to return to at some point.

He mulled over his toast for a bit once he had sat down at the table. He wondered what she had in store for the day. He only knew one thing that when Ginny made plans, they had yet to disappoint him. She didn't leave him long to his thoughts. Less than ten minutes later, she appeared.

Ginny pushed open the door to The Burrow's kitchen and poked her head around it. It was clear that she was tired; her eyes were darkened but her face was still alive. A mischievous grin lit up her face. She was clearly having a lot of fun. She came in further, holding a broomstick in her hand.

"Ready to go flying, Potter?"

"Always, Weasley," he returned her grin, "but where's your broom?"

"Since we aren't playing Quidditch, we won't be needing it."

During the weekends after his decision to leave the camp and over the Christmas period, Ginny had spent her time re-teaching him the finer arts of Quidditch, something that her brothers had laughed over, given his status at Hogwarts. The movements and dives had come back to him very quickly as they took flight as they spent hours in the paddock by The Burrow. While they were still nervous and not sure how to act with each other, it had helped both of them feel more comfortable to be doing something that they both enjoyed. The tension seemed to escape once they took flight.

As they got used to spending more time together, he found himself anticipating her arrival. He looked forward not just to creating more memories as they spent more time together, but also to rediscover the very reasons that had made him fall in love with her in the first place.

"Harry," Ginny called from the gate, drawing him out of his thoughts.

"I'm coming," he said smiling as he crossed the garden, more than a little curious as to what she had planned for today.

She threw the broomstick between her legs in one swift movement but instead of kicking off from the ground, she hovered in the air. "Well, get on then." Ginny moved her body to the head of the broomstick, "I do want to get there before nightfall."

"You're steering?" Harry smiled at her. "I'm not too sure about that."

"Are you trying to suggest that I would crash this broom?" She took the broom slightly higher in the air, holding her position without her hands on it.

This was the thing that he had come most to love about their relationship since returning to The Burrow. Her playful nature, along with that sparkle of mischief in her eyes, made it very easy to tease her. Teasing her always brought very very enjoyable results. It hardly mattered that the methods Ginny used could be deemed underhanded as their banter continued as the end results were always pleasurable.

"Well, you've hardly had that much sleep, how can I be sure to trust you on a broom?" His smile grew into a grin, positive that she would take the bait.

"At least I can remember learning to fly," her eyes twinkled with mischief, as she lowered the broomstick to a height that would allow him to climb on again. "Besides, you don't know where we're going."

Hesitating for the briefest of seconds, he threw his leg over the broomstick, positioning himself behind her, his hands finding a spot mere millimetres from her body. They were so close, closer than her had ever found himself to her in a long time and completely alone. He could not ever remember being ever being this nervous. His whole body was shaking against his will, leading the broom to wobble in the air.

Ginny glanced over her shoulder, sending him a reproachful look as the broomstick shook again. "You're going to make us fall." She hissed. "Settle your hands down."

He ignored the angry tones of her voice and the displeasure on her face as he looked deep into her eyes. They were twinkling again. She was not angry in the slightest; in fact those bright brown eyes were showing that she was having a lot of fun. He felt an over whelming desire to kiss her, which took a great deal of restraint overcome. If he kissed her he would never find out what she was up to; they would spend a few minutes nervously exploring each others bodies before one of her family would rush out the house with some excuse to join them.

As Harry helped her steady the broomstick, his hands moved slightly, so if possible he was even closer to her. This was so tempting. He could feel her body shiver as his breath fell on her neck.

"You ready?" Ginny's voice wavered as she spoke.

"Yeah," he said confidently as he whispered in her ear, "just be careful."

"Now where would the fun be in that?" laughter filling her voice, "Now throw that Cloak over us; I don't want anyone to disturb us."

Harry threw his father's old Invisibly Cloak over them. Ginny had spent months collecting his old things, giving him his Cloak and Sirius' old motorbike the Christmas following their reunion.

Swiftly she took flight. He couldn't remember if he had ever been on a broomstick with another person, let alone as a passenger. His hands fumbled to keep hold of the Invisibly Cloak and the broom at the same time. His heart pounded hard against his chest as though it would burst through his ribcage. If Ginny had intended to get his adrenaline running, she was very successful.

His heart seemed to settle as she circled the old paddock a couple of time, rising higher with each lap she took. She seemed so at ease with her movements. Her early dips on the broom stopped as she turned to look at him.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" she breathed softly.

Harry glanced down, looking at the village below them. Old houses, many of the wizarding variety filled the area. The height that they were at making them look much closer together. There was a simple mixture of the wizarding and muggle worlds standing side by side together, peacefully. Looking to his left he could see Quidditch pitches while if he looked over his other shoulder he could clearly make out football fields, both filled with children playing. A background of fields and a long lake Ginny had taken him to so many times offset the post war world, setting the houses in an idyllic way.

"Very," he replied, "and it's only a matter of time before we get one of our own houses in that village."

The broom shuddered slightly as she turned her head. "Promise?"

"Unless, of course, you'd prefer Hogsmeade." He kept his grip firm on the broom. "So why did you bring me up here?"

"I wanted some time to ourselves. Just you and me, away from prying eyes." She paused briefly, as they reflected on her statement. Since his return from the 'dead,' they had so many eyes on them, both from concerned family and friends, as well as from the less welcome sources. It felt wonderful to be completely alone with her.

"So are you up for a bit more fun?" Ginny asked, turning back to the front, her hair whipping about her.

"What do you…"

Before he could finish his sentence, she swept into a dive. His hands slipped down the broomstick and found themselves underneath her body as she sped towards the ground. Thumbing with his hands he quickly removed them, as he placed his hands tightly round her waist. He was so close to her, he could hear her let out a small gasp. Whether on purpose or not, he would never know, but she lost control of the broom and they crashed into the grass.

The cloak fell off them as they rolled onto the ground, losing the broomstick as it rolled away. They flipped over a couple of times, before he settled on top of her. His heart was racing as he moved a couple of strands of vibrant auburn hair out of her eyes. They stared at each other for a few moments; her brown eyes met his green ones, which were alive with laughter.

Placing his hands onto her wrists, he held her down. Instead of resisting or fighting back, Ginny smiled at him, before he sunk into a kiss. Their lips gently brushed, his racing heart speeding up beyond all control, as he felt her lips starting to open. Their tongues met for the briefest of seconds before he pulled away.

Ginny freed her right hand from his grip as she pulled him back in. "Don't even think about stopping there."

The soft texture of her lips sent shivers down his spine as they met again, this time more urgently. If he had ever had any doubts, they were gone within seconds. This was where they belonged.


All the pain, struggles, and heartbreak ebbed away as he poured his soul into the kiss. He had been craving this level of intimacy between them for what seemed an eternity. Her lips opened again, as they tenderly explored each other's mouths as if it was the first time they had ever touched. His tongue found hers and entered a passionate dance.

His pulse quickened as his hands lost their grip on hers. He could feel her hands in his hair, before they slipped down his back. His own hands found their way to the bare skin between her jeans and t-shirt. One of his thumbs hooking on one of the belt loops on her jeans, while his other hand ran up her body. As the kiss deepened, he could feel his sense of excitement growing. After what seemed like hours, they slowly broke apart.

Harry smiled at her as he regained his hold. She blushed turning a rich crimson colour, but there was no doubting that she was beautiful. Without a single thought, she was the woman for him. He had got it right, two years ago; he did not want to live his life without her.

Playfully, he kept hold of her wrists, pinning her to the ground. He could not help but smile at the state of disarray that her clothes were in and the grass that had woven its way into her hair, very thankful that her family were no where near them right now. As their eyes connected he knew what he wanted to do. He was no longer lost and it had taken his moments with Ginny to realise that. As long as the pair of them were side by side, the feeling of being lost had disappeared into the air.

"I love you," he could see the smile light up her face. It was the first time that he had said those three little words to her in over two years. "Marry me?"

The playful, slightly nervous expression on Ginny's face changed instantly. Her mouth had dropped open ever so slightly and her bright brown eyes had widened. The rich crimson colour from her earlier blushes had disappeared, yet her face was still glowing. Her breath had slowed down from her quick pants to a much more controlled one.

"Yes," she breathed, almost instantly, her smile extending to her entire face, "yes, I will."


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