Mean Girls:Chapter 6

Regina arrived home, opened the door with a evil satisfying laugh and shut the door. She was already planning the next day.

Cady sat in her bedroom sulking, she hated school what'd her parents have to move? She liked Africa. At least in Africa she didn't necessarily have to bond with the people around her. Partly because she was home schooled and partly because she didn't need to. She sighed and opened her calculus book and started doing her homework at least she understood that.

"So honey how was school today?" Cady's dad asked at dinner. Cady sat silent unwilling to answer.

"Cady?" her mum asked. "You okay?" No, Cady thought angrily Regina's ruining my life if you call that fine then yes.

"Excuse me." said Regina and stood up and left.

"I wonder what's wrong?" mumbled her mother.

The next day at school Cady tried really hard to avoid Regina. She'd thank God if she could. No such luck, but when she did Regina surprisingly didn't do anything to her just walked by smiling.

"Oh great." Cady mumbled when she saw Regina.

"Hey Cady!" smirked Regina

"What'd you want?" Cady asked and gritted her teeth. Regina gasped as if taken aback.

"I'm sorry. I was just being friendly."

"Friendly? You are anything but friendly!" Cady boomed but Regina didn't seem to mind.

"Well see you later Cady!" she said and laughed walking away, which only made Cady more mad.

She wanted to explode, but contained her anger. Luckily she didn't see Regina the rest of the day.

When she left the school building she sighed a breathe of relief.

Regina laughed with glee, as she hid behind the school parking lot for Cady. She had spray painted Cady's car. Stuff that Cady hated. She knew this would maybe crack her, if her annoying her wasn't enough yet. She continued smirking, Cady was making her way to her car.

Cady screamed when she saw her car.

"REGINA!!!!!!!" she exploded everyone near her turned and looked at her. "WHAT?!" and she stomped away looking for Regina.

Regina wasn't the least bit concerned with Cady's "mental" problems or so she liked to think. If Cady decided to do something harmful while in the school building she'd go to the principal again. She had failed once and now she was trying to ruin Cady's life again. She smiled and then stopped and calmly walked home. Tomorrow she'd face Cady.

Cady went all around the school looking for Regina, found a clock on the wall looked at the time and thought how stupid she was. Regina'd probably already left. Tomorrow she'd face Regina. She couldn't wait.