Summary: Peyton never told Lucas she loved at the end of the episode Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye. Six years later she's living in New York and regretting that decision. What happens when she's involved in an accident that lets her see a glimpse of what could have been? Rewritten

Disclaimer: I don't own the show One Tree Hill or its characters.

Peyton stood in her bedroom as she slowly walked closer to the newly repaired window; looking out of it. She had just got back from seeing Derek off and had yet to change out of the dress she wore to the banquet. The sound of clapping startled her out of thoughts and she turned around to meet Lucas.

Not that you're the one
Not to say I'm right
Not to say today
And not to say a thing tonight

"Now this is more like it" he said smiling as he observed the once again red bedroom. His jacket was long gone and the tie around his neck was loosened and undone. "Listen, I just wanted to say I'm sorry that we didn't get to spend more time together tonight."

But suffice it to say
We're leaving things unsaid
We sing ourselves to sleep
Watching the day lie down instead

She wrapped her arms around herself. "How did it go with Brooke?" Peyton hoped she wouldn't dread the answer.

"I realized tonight that it's over between me and Brooke… and she realized it too" he replied. He and the bubbly brunette weren't meant to be and after Whitey's speech he saw that.

And we are leaving some things unsaid
And we are breathing deeper instead

Softly she nodded, there it was- the confirmation she needed, it was time to tell him the truth despite the consequences that could occur from it; like him not feeling the same way. Bracing herself she spoke. "I love you Lucas."

Lucas smirked a little. "I love you too Peyton. You know we've been through so much together."

We're both pretty sure
Neither one can tell
We seem difficult
What we got is hard as hell

She laughed softly and shook her head. He didn't understand; she needed to correct him. Opening her mouth words she had no intention of saying spilled out. "I'm sorry… that was pretty random wasn't it?" What happen to telling him the truth?

"No I understand… it's fine" staring at her curiously he watched as tears filled her green eyes. "Peyton are you okay" he asked concerned as he took a step closer to her.

A hundred thousand words
Could not quite explain
So I walk you to your car
And we can talk it out in the rain

"Yeah I'm fine Luke" she sniffled wiping a tear away. "Tell him you're in love with him tell him! "It's just that Derek left tonight… but I'm okay really" she insisted telling him the partial truth.

"I'm sorry Peyt."

"He'll be back…someday" she said slipping into the hug he offered. Her petite frame fit his and even though she was conflicted she relaxed into it, savoring the moment.

Nodding, he slowly pulled away. "You're right. And you know I'm here for you?"

And we are leaving some things unsaid
And we are breathing deeper instead
And we are leaving some things unsaid

Peyton snorted and small smile formed on her lips. "Yes I know, don't worry I'm not going forget anytime soon. It's what you do."

"Are you going to be okay?"

I can sing myself to sleep
No more

"Yes" she declared exasperated, throwing on a fake smile. "I'm good now, so…you can go can to the River Court and play basket ball I know you want to." It was his last game tomorrow and she pretty sure he was too excited about it to sleep.

"Hey who said I was going to play basket ball" he inquired as he folded his arms across his chest. "For your information I'm going home."

Raising an eye brow Peyton just stared at him not believing the bull faced lie for a second.

"Okay so I'm going home to change and then I'm going to the River Court" he murmured sheepishly. She knew him so well.

"That's what I thought" she remarked impishly.

"Well I better get going Blondie, try and get some sleep" turning around he slowly walked toward the door glancing back at her. "If you need me you know where to find me."

"This is it, I'm really going to let him leave without telling him how I feel" she thought. What happening to take risks? Peyton thought back to earlier today when she asked Lucas to the banquet. "It didn't work out." Should she try again? "Lucas?"

He halted and looked back at her. "Yeah Peyton?"

"Thank you" she whispered. "I guess I am."

"For what" he asked confused.

"Everything" was all she said.

Not that you're the one
Not to say I'm right
Not to say today
And not to say a thing tonight

Giving her once last smile he left and she stood staring at the empty space for a moment afterwards. She had blown it; the opportunity was there a she let it slip through her fingers all because she was scared. So much for feel the fear and do it any way. Not telling him was a huge mistake and she was positive that she would never get the nerve to attempt this again. "You're going to regret this for the rest of you life Peyton" her mind chanted and she didn't doubt it.

Six years later

Peyton sat at the desk in her New York office with her legs crossed and pen in hand. She alternated between papers and the computer. For a while now she had been working in the art department at a prestigious magazine; experiences from Thud had definitely paid off. Life was good, well almost good. She was still reeling from the big news; Brooke was getting married.

It wasn't as if she wasn't happy for her best friend; being made maid of honor she was more than ecstatic, but it didn't stop her from being a little bit jealous. Brooke had a love life and was getting ready to take that next big step. The one that involved kids and a white picket fence. Peyton couldn't help but want that for herself. It was just too bad she only saw one person for that role as husband and father. Unfortunately he just so happened to be taken.

Lucas had been dating Lindsey Strauss; his editor for years now and it was only matter of time before he'd popped the question and get married just like Brooke was. The thought made her sick and she was dreading it. However she had no one to blame but herself. All those chances; he was there, he was single and all she had to do was tell him. Now it was way too late; if only- nah it wouldn't do her any good to dwell on that.

"Having fun?"

Peyton looked up from her to see her friend and co worker Allison leaning against the door with a mischievous grin on her face. She didn't like that look one bit. "I'm going to pretend that you just didn't ask me that" she retorted as she sunk down into her chair. Her work alcoholic tendency left her exhausted and Allison knew that.

Smirking amused she walked into the office a cappuccino from Starbucks in hand. She positioned herself in the seat in front of Peyton's desk. "Here you could use a pick me up."

Taking a sip she frowned as the warm liquid ran down her throat. "Are you trying to say that I look bad?"

"No, I'm saying you look horrible and for the record that's worse than bad, just so you know" she teased pushing the blonde's button.

Not impressed Peyton scowled as she searched through her purse for her compact. Opening it she saw that her hair was still intact and makeup was good, the circles under eyes were another story. "Crap" she mumbled bitterly.

Tapping her nails on the arm rest, Allison rolled her eyes. "It could be worse" she pointed out.

"Do tell Allison" she demanded as she attempted to cover up the dark circles with more makeup. How could she have missed this?

"You could have a whole bunch of wrinkles" she joked.

"That's real nice" she muttered sarcastically. She was not in a joking mood today.

Sighing exasperated, Allison leaned back in the chair. "What's up with you Girly?"

Peyton shook her head. "I have this deadline and you know I'm suppose to be going to Tree Hill for Brooke's engagement party in few days and I'm-"

"Stop right there" she interrupted. "Let me take a wild a guess; this is about Lucas." Some how it all ways came back to him.

"No" she insisted a little too adamantly. "It's partially about him, so there." Peyton stuck her tongue out.

"Yeah because that just so much better" she spat out mockingly. Allison loved Peyton but the girl was so stubborn and just so happen to have denial as a friend. "He's still in the equation though."

Folding her arms she tilted her head back a little. "Yeah, yeah" she mumbled curtly.

"I'm going to take another guess and say that it's more about that saying always a bridesmaid never a bride."

"I'm the maid of honor thank you very much" she picked up the papers and neatly stacked them placing them back on the desk. "I guess… I'm tired of being alone, you know all I have is this job and it's great but it wasn't even my first choice, music was. My career just isn't enough any more."

Placing her elbows on the desk Allison allowed her hands to cup her face. "You know what this means don't you? You need to date."

Peyton opened her mouth to disagree.

She put a hand up shushing her. "I'm going to stop your mini rant right there. Look I know you're in love with Lucas but it's time to move on and stop comparing every guy you go on a date with to him. I'm saying it's going to be easy even so you have to try." Satisfied that Peyton wasn't trying to dispute her she continued. "You said you were tired of being alone, you said that your career wasn't enough any more well prove it" she demanded firmly. All she wanted was for her friend to be happy.

Dejected she ran her hands through her hair. "I just wish sometimes that I would have told him how I felt. Who knows what my life would be like?"

"Everybody has regrets Peyton" she said sympathetically. "There's nothing can do about that now… so enough stalling. Are you going to try to move on?"

Groaning she nodded mumbling a yes.

"What was that I didn't hear you" she asked holding her ear.

"I said yes I'm ready to move on okay" she declared her eyes narrowed. Her friend was pushing it with whole I can't hear thing.

"Good" she replied grinning. "That's really good because you have a date…" she glanced at the clock. "In about five hours, good luck."

"What" she exclaimed incredulously as Allison ran out the room. She knew now there was reason she hadn't like that look.

Peyton collected her things, getting ready to close up the office and go home. She glanced at the dress Allison had left her in disdain, not sure if this was a good idea. Past relationships would say it wasn't and truthfully her heart wasn't in it no matter what she had said. Unfortunately there was no way she could in good conscience stand up her friend's friend. She'd tough it out; try after all was the key word here.

"Hey Peyton I'm getting ready to head out" a woman said after tapping on the open door.

Peyton looked in the direction of the voice. "Okay, thanks again Jen for picking up Brooke's gift for me I just didn't have the time" she replied gesturing to the medium size square box that was wrapped in white wrapping paper and tied by a creamed colored ribbon.

"I offered didn't I? So don't worry about it" her eye caught the dress and she smirked. "Big date tonight Peyton?"

She rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't necessarily call it a big date since I don't know the guy and had no choice in deciding whether I wanted to go or not."


"Yes" came the annoyed reply.

"Well you never know you could have a good time and he can't be bad as David."

She involuntarily flinched at the name, David; as hot as he was had been tremendously clingy and oh so annoying. "Ugh I hope not" she remarked.

"Try not to worry to much. Have fun oh just so you I'm going to want details." Jen couldn't help but be interested in Peyton's being the gossiper that she was.

"You and everyone else" she muttered unenthusiastically.

"Bye Peyton" she waved goodbye as Jen left.

Once again alone, she slid her purse on her shoulders, grabbing the work she would attend to at home and the dress. Peyton placed Brooke's present under her arm and wore a shopping bag on her wrist; it contained a purse and shoes that Allison had also dropped off.

Leaving the office and then the locking door she made her way to the elevator. Peyton berated herself for not heading home sooner. She knew she couldn't afford to be late; pressing the button on the elevator she tapped her foot, as she waiting for the doors to open. A few minutes or so later she gave up and made her to the stairs wondering if fate was against this date. It looked that way seeing as how earlier, when she was first getting ready to leave she had suddenly felt an overwhelming need to stay and now the stupid elevator wasn't working.

Her heels clicked loudly as she walked down them and holding on the railing proved to be difficult with all the things in her arms. When she reached the door that led to the entrance she realized she had left her cell phone on her desk after calling a taxi. "Out all the days why did I choose today to wear heels" she wondered peeved about the fact that she had to go back up.

Swearing she sauntered up the steps but didn't get too far when Brooke's present for the engagement party started to slip from under her arm. In a attempt to catch it, one foot went down a step the wrong way causing the heel from her shoe to snap clean off. Everything from the present to the dress fell from her grasp. Letting out a muffled shriek she was tossed down the stairs before she could even grab the railing. Her body hit the floor with a sickening thud; her head took the brunt of the fall.

Peyton's vision blurred and blood poured from the wound. It wasn't long before she surrendered to the pool of darkness.

Author's Note: The song at beginning was Unsaid by the Fray. Please let me know if you like the changes; also feel free to pm me if you have and any ideas for the story.