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Shannon Rose

I stand here looking down on the name on the headstone

I smile as I remember the first day we brought you home

You had these big blue eyes that looked at everything around you

You were a bald as a billiard ball, just a little bit of fluff

You were such a good baby, hardly ever letting out a cry

Your momma loved the name I chose for you, Shannon Rose

You were our little hot house rose that's for sure

You blossomed into the most beautiful young lady

All full of life and wanting to explore what the world had to offer

You were such a good girl, never getting into trouble

You had so many friends that I couldn't keep tract of their names

Oh how we cried when you graduated from High School

You were ready to try your wings and go away to College

Then we got that horrible phone call in the middle of the night

We're sorry to inform you but your daughter was killed tonight

They say that you felt no pain, that you died instantly

You never saw that other car until it was to late

I wipe a tear from my face as I recall how you died

The man had been to a bar and got drunk and drove home

He crossed the middle lane and slammed into your car

Momma couldn't be here today because she's not well

After your death well lets say that she's in her own little world

Honey Daddy has to go now and visit momma

I'll be back soon, I love you.

Shannon Rose Wheeler loving daughter of Joseph and Mai Wheeler

Born January 12, 1991 Died March 21, 2007