Well People, I'm back. Been a little while since my last story ended, and I actually started writing this almost striagth after, but got side-tracked with starting other stories, and the best of it is I don't know if any of them will get a place here on fanfiction. I'm rolling my eyes at myself right now btw.

Anyway, here is the sequel to Ties That Bind, and, well I guess I'll stop the pointless ramblings now.

Ties Can Break

Summary: Sequel to Ties That Bind. While Prue and her sons are still learning to fit into their family, the she and her sisters are kidnapped...leaving twelve kids to try to work together to save their parents and save themselves.

Chapter 1 - How It Should Be

"It's just...weird, I guess." Piper shrugged. "You come back - effectivly from the dead - and move striaght out."

"Not straight out. I've been here for, like, two months." Prue replied.

"Six weeks." Phoebe corrected.

"I can't believe you managed to get a place already." Paige added. "A nice place as well."

"A little help from the Elders didn't hurt." Prue smiled.

"Yeah, they are really sucking up now." Piper said, the hint of a smile on her face.

"They don't have much of a choice, after what they did." Paige replied.

"Yup." Prue nodded. "And Andy helped out the cause a little, telling them the boys needed there own space to try and find themselves properly."

"Umm-hmm. So, have they said anything about you two -"

"Piper, don't go there." Prue replied. "We're not going to push them, not yet anyway."

"Oh, but Prue -" Phoebe whined.

"No. Shh." Prue replied jokingly.

The four sisters walked out of the kitchen, where they had been stood talking, and own the hall. Prue's heart sank as she saw Preston sat in the parlor, watching the TV in the living room through the open door.

"Honey, why aren't you with the others?" Piper asked carefully. The other Halliwell kids had managed to quash themselves into the sofas and armchairs, even Parker and Perry. Six weeks had made them almost as close to their cousins as the others were. But Preston...

They didn't trust him, and all the sisters, even Prue could understand that. But none of them seemed to making an effort. While Parker and Perry had worked to prove themselves to the family, Preston kept his distance. And it was breaking his mothers heart.

"I don't wanna." Preston replied, but his eyes travelled over his cousins and brother, and Phoebe saw the longing in his eyes.

"Sure you do." She said brightly. "Just make them all shift over, and -"

"I don't want to." Preston interrupted, without looking away from the screen.

"OK." Phoebe murmured.

"Preston." Prue said warningly.

"What?" He snapped.

"Don't talk to your aunt like that." Prue replied.

"Stop it. Stop trying to make me into some polite little boy." Preston sanapped, getting to his feet and turning to face Prue. "A couple of months ago you wouldn't have cared what I said or how I said it, and now you're trying to make me into something I'm not."

"I'm trying to make you realise you're really a kid, a human kid, and not some bloodthirsty demon."

"But I am a demon!" Preston cried.

"Half-demon. And it doesn't mean you can talk to people like that." Prue said. It was the same kind of arguement that had been repeated over and over, that she was sick of.

"Maybe I don't want to be half-demon. Maybe I liked it better when I was just a demon."

"Tough. That's just tough. You're not a demon, live with it!" Preston lowered his eyes, the anger fading from his face.

"But that's all I know how to be." He murmured.

"I know." Prue sighed. "I know, I'm sorry." She held out her arms to hug him, but he turned and walked away. A second later the front door closed, and she turned back to her sisters. "What do I do?"

"Leave him for a while. Give him some space. His whole world has changed, and he doesn't know how to fix it." Paige said quietly. "Kids I used to meet at social services...there were loads just like him, angry, confused, lost."

"Could you...I mean...if you don't want to..." Prue stammered.

"I'll talk to him." Paige said. "Don't know if it'll be any help, but I'll give it a go. And Prue...try not to worry too much. Some of those kids had been through more than you or Preston - or even I at the time - could ever imagine. And they pulled through it."

"Thanks." Prue smiled, and the youngest sister walked from the room. A few seconds later they heard the door close softly.

"So, you two are getting on well." Phoebe smiled, and the three of them automatically stepped away from the kids in order to keep their conversation from them.

"Me and Paige? She's a great person. We could have done a lot worse." Prue said.

"Yeah, we could have." Piper nodded.

"You guys are close to her." Prue smiled.

"You will be too, soon." Phoebe said. Prue nodded, but the doubt was obvious.

"Prue, when we first met Paige, we had just lost you, and I couldn't imagine ever loving her like I love you and Pheebs. But before I knew it... it was really like I'd known her forever. You'll get there."

Prue nodded, and looked back over at the kids. Her boys were sat on different sofas...a few short weeks ago they were clinging to each other at times like this, scared to let go of each other, scared to talk to the others. But now they were fine, and she just had to hope that a few more weeks down the line, so would Preston.


"Hey." Paige said as she closed the front door behind her. Preston was sat on the top step, and didn't turn. "Mind if I sit with you?"

"It's not my step. Sit all you want." Preston replied with a shrug. Paige sat down next to him, and waited a few second in case he had something to say. When he didn't speak, she started to talk.

"It's gotta be weird for you." She said. "A bunch of strangers claiming to be your family, expecting you to be something that you...just aren't."

"Yeah." He murmured.

"It was weird for me, too." She continued. "I spent my whole life as an only child, and then when my parents died, I got used to being alone. Well... it took a long time to ajust to that. A long to time and a hell of a lot of vodka. But I got used to that, that then all of a sudden, there were these people who just claimed to be my sisters. It's confusing, and sometimes it made me feel even more alone than I had before. Plus, at the same time I found out that not only were magic and demons real, but I was a witch. I felt like they expected me to be just like your mum, who I'd never met...but from what I'd heard about her, she seemed like this perfect witch, perfect sister."

"She's not perfect." Preston said.

"You have it worse than I did, though. You got used to this whole way of life, and then it all changed, you lost your dad, and your mum and brothers just changed...and they expected you to do the same. But you can't just change like that. And I only had two people to get used to, learn to live with. You have to walk into a huge ready-made family."

"They don't trust me." Preston said. "Whenever I'm in the same room as them, they keep looking at me, like they expect to see fireballs heading for them or something. I get why...but they wont even give me a chance."

"I think...maybe we should have a talk with them, get them to make more of an effort. But you'll have to make an effort too."

"I know. I don't fit in. I'm not a part of them."

"You will be. I know that now, it seems like you'll never be a part of them, fit into this bond they have...but then you wont even realise it, and it'll have happened."

"I don't think -"

"It will. Hey, kid, I lived through it. I know your situation is worse, but it's the same kind of thing. Tell you what, if in a month you don't feel any better, any closer, you can sling a few fireballs my way, K?"

"Promise?" For the first time, Preston looked at her, and he was grinning.

"Promise." She smiled. "We good?"

"Yeah." Paige started to stand, and when he didn't she decided to leave him a little longer. She was almost at the door when he spoke.

"Paige? Uh, aunt Paige?"

"Paige is fine if it makes you more comfortable." She replied.

"OK. Uh, you're situation was worse." He said, slightly awkward.

"It was?"

"Yeah. You didn't know any of them, or anything about magic. I have my mum and brothers, and I already know about magic, and how to control my powers."

"You know what, kid? I think maybe they were both as bad as each other." Paige said.

"Maybe." Preston replied. He stayed sat on the step, and listened to her wait a few seconds before leaving him there. He didn't know if she was right, about him fitting in with them, but he figured he could try.