Ch. One


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I strode down the busy urban street quietly in hopes that no one was following me. That was the first rule—make sure no one follows you in. My new job is mysterious and I'm uncertain of what I applied for, but with the salary I receive nothing could detour me now. So, there I was, a girl of average height, straight shoulder length light brown hair with a form-fitting black dress on and stilettos sprinting towards the large, stone office building. There's no dress code or uniforms in the department I'm serving in which is a plus, I guess. I grasped the metal handle of the front door and pulled it open to reveal a very polished and professional lobby complete with a clerk seated behind a large oak desk swinging back and forth slightly on an office chair. I walked in hesitantly.

"Hello, miss. What can I do for you?' the female clerk asked as she pulled an earpiece blaring with voices out of her ear. I stood in front of the desk with my hands knotted together nervously.

"Hi, I'm Raven Vendet. I was hired, and today is my first day. Could you tell Mr. Smithson that I've arrived?" I politely informed, and even added a weak smile at the end in hopes of hiding my nervousness. The clerk returned a cheery smile and picked up a white phone attached to a spiraling cord and listened to the rings as she spoke to me.

"Wow. So you are going to work for Mr. Smithson. It's a rough job dealing with them and we're constantly lacking personnel. Good luck." She remarked, and before I had an opportunity to question her, she conversed loudly with the person she called.

After a few minutes, she hung up and pointed to the elevator.

"Go to the thirteenth floor, take the left hallway, and Mr. Smithson is the fifth door on your right. He'll be expecting you." She instructed, and then picked up the phone as it rang. I pushed the up arrow button and it lit up and I could distinctly hear the beeps as the elevator ran down the shaft. The gates open to a chair railed elevator, I clamored in, pushing down the thirteenth floor key, and again I listened to the beeping to pass the time. One-beep….Two-beep…Three-beep. The door suddenly slid open and a young man roughly about my age entered and stood beside me after selecting a key on the panel. Four-beep…Five-beep.

"So are you new here?" he asked attempting to make polite conversation to abolish the awkward silence ensuing.

"Yes." I answered curtly. I wasn't trying to be rude, but my nerves made me less focused on the conversation and more on the beeping. Seven-beep. The man next to me glanced sideways to observe me, and then smiled oddly as he held out his hand.

"I'm Dymetri." He greeted as I shook his hand distractedly. Eight-beep. He was apparently waiting to for me to introduce myself, but I wasn't paying him the time of day. Nine-beep. He murmured to himself, but I could still hear him. "Mmm...Human." His brows met as he contemplated. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, and looked at him for the first time during the conversation. I must admit, he had good looks. I inhaled sharply when I saw him and immeadately blurted out an apologetic introduction.

"I'm Raven Vendet. Today is my first day, and I'm extremely nervous." He looked at me as if he had just noticed my pretense, and then smiled.

"Very nice to meet you, Raven. Who are you working under?" he questioned.

"Under Mr. Smithson." I replied casually.

"Really?" he commented. "That's nice. I do also. Would you like me to escort you to his office?" I thought about it, wondering if I should let a stranger lead me, but his appearance distracted me. He was tall with tanned skin and dark brown hair and copper eyes. Muscles were visible through his ensemble of faded jeans and smug cerulean tee.

"I'd appreciate that." I accepted as I heard the thirteenth beep, and the doors parted. I shuffled out of the elevator as Dymetri led me through the long, narrow corridor dotted with metal doors that looked prison-like. I opened my mouth to pose a question on the contents of the rooms, but he pulled open a wooden door unlike the rest and put a hand on my back to guide me in. The office wasn't large and it was dark and crowded with papers everywhere. I almost missed the stout man with a cigar placed lopsidedly in his mouth as he scanned some papers.

"Mr. Smithson?" Dymetri called, alerting the man that we were waiting. Mr. Smithson flinched before he took in our appearance.

"Hello, Dymetri. I assume that is Miss Vendet?" he said as he eyed me with narrowed eyes as if he was searching me for something. Dymetri smiled and nodded while Mr. Smithson leaned back in his leather office chair, and I noticed he was well dressed also. This company pays well obviously enough. Mr. Smithson wore a beige suit with a matching under vest and tie with his shoulder length brown hair pulled back into a gelled ponytail at the nape of his neck. He could be the poster man for drug pushers. I leaned forward over his desk to shake his hand as I smiled, but he didn't return with a handshake. He pulled his cigar out of his mouth and set it in an overfilled ashtray, then looked at Dymetri exhaustedly.

"Dymetri, show her the ropes, will ya? I'm got loads of papers to fill out and file before dusk." He asked in a tone that reminded Dymetri that it wasn't a suggestion or request but a mandatory demand. Dymetri nodded submissively, and pulled Raven to the door. Mr. Smithson slammed a fist on the desk to catch our attention, it made me jump, and Dymetri peered down at me worriedly.

"Dymetri." Mr. Smithson added in a low threateningly voice, "take care of this one. If any more employees die, even just one more, it is my ass in the fire. Got me? Let her die, and I'll cut off your tail. Understand?" When Mr. Smithson warned Dymetri, I felt uneasy. What kind of job had I signed on for? People had died her before? Dymetri put a large, tanned hand on my shoulder and directed me out of the office quickly. He led me down the large hall when had journeyed through earlier and gestured for me sit next to him in a plush waiting chair stationed several feet outside the door to Mr. Smithson's office.

"Alright, Raven. Do you have any inclinations as to what this place is?" Dymetri asked seriously. I considered the question, and realized I had no clue, so I shook my head slowly. "Well, you already signed the contract didn't you?" I nodded. "No backing out now. This place is humanity's last resort to the captivity and restrain of dangerous paranormal civilizations." I made a face that reflected my bewilderment, and he elaborated for my benefit. "This building houses abnormal creatures, Raven."

"What kind of creatures?" I inquired, interested now. This job could prove to be quite exciting.

"So far, we mainly jail out of control vampire and werewolves. We do have some shape shifters and two baby dragons. We also have a shelter for endangered fey." He explained, and my mouth dropped before I started stuttering incoherent sentences.

"W-what? Y-you'v-ve got t-to be joking?" He grimaced, then shook his head.

"I'm not. Would you like me to prove it?" he asked and I nodded in response.

He stood up, clenched his hands, and for a brief moment his eyes flashed an animalistic color before he transformed openly into a silver wolf with thick black streaks. The wolf stood on all fours observing my reaction, and I could read the intelligence behind its glowing eyes. Without thinking, I impulsively stroked its fur, and it sat down at my feet.

"You're a werewolf. Wow." Was all I could muster out. He seemed to relax now that I wasn't going to freak out at him. I pulled back my hand as he got up and sprinted into another hallway adjacent to the one I sat in. Human Dymetri rounded the corner coming towards me as he slipped on a shirt over his head revealing his muscles.

"Well…you took that nicely. The last assistant almost died of a heart attack." He said lightly. "Okay, let's get to work. Try not to put yourself in danger." He pulled me out of the chair and escorted me to a thick metal door studded to the threshold and he pulled it open effortlessly. Inside, jail cells lined a cement hallway and could barely make out forms inside the cages. Glimmering electric votives were scattered around providing the only light in the cells. Dymetri dragged me further into the hallway, and withdrew a key from a chain around his neck. He inserted the key and assured me as panic started to grow in my stomach when I saw the occupants. Dymetri had let three vampires saunter out of the metal cages that from the feel of them were etched with symbols or words. The first was a woman in her late twenties, pale, thin, and looked very attractive with the exception of her fangs poking out of her mouth and crimson eyes. Following her was a preteen male with blonde hair and the same crimson eyes, then an older teenage male with ear length jet-black hair stopping to frame his face. I gasped and Dymetri shot me a glance before shackling them all with handcuffs. I highly doubted the cuffs would hold up, but Dymetri informed me that the cell bars, the doors, and the cuffs were made of silver fused with a potion lethal to vampires. The inside of those objects were hallow on the inside, and if someone were to break it, the potion would seep out before they could flee and ultimately kill him. The vampires had a better chance then the werewolves. They could not even touch anything; most of it was made in silver. One touch would do them in.

"Wait, if one touch would kill werewolves…how can you?" I asked confused now. Dymetri was a werewolf…

"I was given an immunity shot. I need one every few weeks otherwise I endure the same fate as my brethren." He explained as he escorted the three vampires out into the hallway and instructing them to sit on the plastic chairs. All three of them were observing me intently.

"The female is Vivian, the young one is Flair, and that one is Aluxin." Dymetri said, pointing each of them out. "Vivian was convicted twenty years ago of mass murder, Flair has been here three years for exposing his secret to a stadium of mortals, and Aluxin was conspiring against this agency over five years ago." They glared at Dymetri disgusting and Vivian spat on the ground mumbling about dogs.

"Who is she?" Flair asked meekly, looking expectantly at Dymetri. "She's human, no?" Dymetri watched Flair gauging his intent.

"This is Raven, and she's human." Dymetri confirmed. I felt very odd just standing there. "Alright, guys. Don't move. I need to show Raven around. Mr. Smithson is having someone attend to your meal." With that, he fled with me out of the hallway and into an adjacent one. This time he opened and door that let me glimpse a room filled with men in priest's clothing, but then I realized—they were priests. They all were chanting in time together in an intense prayer making me wonder curiously about the content of their blessing.

"Who are they praying for?" I asked bemusedly, unable to catch a name.

Dymetri glanced down at me, smiling smugly as he spoke to me, passing the priests and through another door as I followed.

"That vampire, Aluxin. He's going to be…eliminated tomorrow morn. They pray for justice on his soul." He responded a little too cheerful for neutralism. He seemed to be anticipating his demise, as if he was mentally counting down.

"You don't like him?" I asked, wondering if there was actually a rivalry between werewolves and vampires similar to those many movies had portrayed.

"Of course not." He snapped, cringing. "He's…disagreeable."

"Is that your personal opinion or do werewolves in general dislike vampires?"

He looked torn between answering me, clearly he was pleased with my interest, but he also had restrictions on divulging information.

"Well, outside of here…yes, werewolves are at war with vampires. However, inside this company, we have to remained unbiased." He informed, translating to 'yes, I hate vampires.' I thought about it, and felt fleeting sorrow for that vampire. I hadn't noticed the dark, large, open armory I had entered and Dymetri towed me by my elbow. His touch made my skin itch…not in an unpleasant way, but not pleasantly either. He pulled me up to a long wooden table shoved against a wall with a few uniformed men attending to various weapons with focused precision. Dymetri beckoned one short man towards us, and he obediently shuffled to our side. With an effortless swept, Dymetri plopped me onto the table on a deserted spot and addressed the man.

"Ah," the man saluted rigidly after a slight bow, "Master Dymetri, what can I do for you, sire?" Dymetri smiled, and pointed to me.

"This beautiful human here is Raven, and I'm afraid she'll need some armor and perhaps some weapons. Could you also bring me a first aid kit, just for precautions? You know what happens to humans…Would you be inclined to supply us with that?" The uniformed man's eyes went wide with ambition and he nodded earnestly before he dashed away. He wasn't gone for long, but it gave me time to converse with Dymetri.

"Master Dymetri?" I asked playfully, and he tore his gaze from the workshop scene to my coy face.

"Yes?" He answered, smiling again as he put his hands in his jeans pockets and leaned back against the table I sat on. "You want to know why they call me that?" he guessed, reading my mind as I nodded. "Well, many mythical creatures have hierarchy. Vampires, for example, have a monarchy. We werewolves have a more complex hierarchy, not fully monarchy but close. Our king isn't all controlling as the vampire's is. We have many counselors to preside over his reign, and if we don't like his efforts…he will surely be eliminated."

"So, where are you within your kind's hierarchy?" I questioned.

A timid voice answered, and I spied that short man who had rushed off to meet Dymetri's commands. "Master Dymetri is the most admired of the heirs to reign." I squeaked out of surprise.

"That means you're a prince?" I asked incredulously. He laughed, his head thrown back, and for the first time I noticed how animalistic his movements actually were. His gait was wild as I had noticed in the hallways, his voice roughly low, and his stance reminded me of a confident wolf.

"If only a fairytale could save me." He remarked lightly, putting his palm on my cheek affectionately, "No, I do not find girls who fit into a glass slipper. Werewolves don't have kings."

"In status, yes, Master Dymetri is a prince. His responsibilities are very dangerous and give him little time to spare." Input the short man still present. Dymetri glared down at the man, and the uniformed servant adverted his eyes. I knew what he saw. The copper eyes normally associated with the human Dymetri had turned into a glowering, yellow wolf's. Dymetri turned slowly to me, very intimidating for a first.

"This is Cal, my servant. If you require anything, he will attend to you, Raven." He introduced. "Now, Cal, what have you accomplished?" Cal lifted a box and put it next to me on the untreated wooden table.

"Here are some first aid materials, she may require. This is the last in inventory so when you are finished, come to me. In the meantime, I'll reorder it. It's not very often we accommodate a human." He turned to Dymetri, informed him on the making of my armor, and customized weapons, which apparently appeased Dymetri, for he dismissed Cal.