Looking Forward by blackdragonflower. I do not own Shino or Shibi they are created and owned by Kishimoto. This story is from Shibi's point of view.

They all look upon us with disgust, with fear. They are afraid of us. They think we are monsters. I don't want my son to grow up in a world like this but he will. They are afraid of our partners, our second family. The ones we so diligently take care of as if our life depended on it, but then again they do. Our lives depend so much on these creatures as they depend on us. The small insects that live and breed in us, nestled into every corner of our being, they keep us alive. We feed them our being, our chakra, it's such a small price to pay for such an everlasting friendship.

There is a certain beauty to it all they will never understand. The kikai, so numerous and yet, so few compared to all the other creatures that inhabit these peaceful lands. They hold such a power for something so small and their intelligence is amazing. They communicate at wondrous levels and each one we contain have a distinct personality and concern for their host.

Though as I look upon my small bug asleep against my wife's breast I couldn't help but smile. A miniature thumb was stuck in his mouth, a little fro to match my own. Shino, he always could make me rethink everything. Only a little baby now, but I knew he'd always have a hold over me just as the kikaichu do to me now. I was always worried about him, yes, it may sound funny to outsiders but I was always deathly afraid something would happen. He was a beautiful baby, it was all worth it, every bit.

Shino would soon grow up a strong shinobi, heir to this clan. He would be all of this I knew it. Shino's future would be bright. I kissed my baby boy's forehead smiling, I have the best friends and family I could ever want. Kikaichu, a strong clan, a loving wife, a promising son. I have my baby boy, Shino Aburame, my strong child who will be my successor in life. Shino will make me proud, a kikaichu wielder just like me.

I laugh at the thought of another me. He'll be fine, I convince myself sitting on the bed taking the little bug into my arms. He opened his eyes and stared at me holding out his arms reaching for my glasses and the object that dangled there. "Daddy…" Yeah, he'd be fine. Everything's been going by so fast. Later on in life I'll look back but for now I'm content to float downstream looking forward. It'll be fun, and it'll hurt but he'll make me proud. He has friends watching over him.