Ch. 13

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Lisa came back down stairs a few minutes later with a hand full of assorted bracelets.

"Thank you Angel," Aunt Millie said, taking the bracelets and kissing Lisa on the cheek.

"On objects like these I can only place a barrier spell we can just hope that will be enough," Aunt Millie said, closing her fingers around the bracelets. "Here Frankie make sure to give one to everyone that helps you and don't forget this," Aunt Millie said, take off her pendant and handing that and the bracelets to Frankie. You boys should hurry I have the feeling time is running short," Aunt Millie said.

"How do we trap him in the pendent?" Caleb asked.

"Ah well that could be difficult especially if he finds out what the pendant is for so please be careful who you trust. All someone has to do is get within a foot of him and the spell on the pendant should pull him in," Aunt Millie answered.

"Should pull him in," Reid said, with raised eyebrows.

"Well I never got the chance to test," Aunt Millie said.

"Great," Reid mumbled, under his breath.

Frank looked at his watch and stood up. Walking over to Aunt Millie Frank gave her a kiss on the cheek thanked her for helping and left the room.

Caleb and Reid each thanked Aunt Millie and turned to follow Frank when Aunt Millie called out to them.

"Caleb you and your friends are welcome to come by any time and Reid your family now so I expect to see you soon," Aunt Millie said, with a smile.

Everyone sat silently on the drive back to the hospital each lost in his on thoughts.

When Frank, Reid, and Caleb walked into the hospital cafeteria they found everyone but Tyler and Mrs. Simms sitting at a large table.

"Aunt Millie was right," Reid whispered.

"She usually is," Frank answered.

"Pogue what are you doing here?" Caleb asked.

"He's hard headed and he doesn't listen," Kate said, holding Pogues hand.

"Where have you guys been?" Pogue asked.

"Getting help," Reid answered, grabbing a chair and turning it around backwards so he could sit down.

"First thing first if your going to help us put one of these on," Frank said, passing around the friendship bracelets.

"I haven't seen one of these in years. What are these for?" Sarah asked.

"They have shielding spells on them," Caleb answered, tying Sarah's' bracelet around her wrist.

"Shielding spells from what?" Kate asked.

"From the witch who made Tyler sick and hurt Pogue," Caleb said.

"What are you talking about?" Kate asked.

"We have a lot to tell you guys about," Frank said.

Reid who had been rubbing his new ring absently suddenly jumped out of his chair.

"We need to take the bracelets up stairs," Reid said.

"Here you can take them while I fill the others in," Frank said, holding out the bracelets to Reid.

"No the three of us need to go," Reid said, shaking his head.

"What is wrong with you?" Pogue.

"Nothing I just I want to talk to them in private," Reid said, giving up on trying to make up an excuse.

"What's wrong?" Caleb asked, after they were a way from the others.

"I don't know just a feeling I started remembering how Aunt Millie told us to be careful. How do we know that Isaiah hasn't taken over one of their bodies," Reid said.

"Good point kid," Frank said, as the stepped on to the elevator.

The rest of the short ride was spent in silence. When they rounded the corner to Tyler's room they found a strange man pacing in front of the door. Reid and Caleb immediately went on guard ready to fight.

"Joey?" Frank called, to the stranger.

Joey stopped pacing and turned around and smiled at the group.

"Man it's about time if I had to wait much longer I was afraid they where going to call security," Joey said.

"What are you doing here?" Frank asked.

"Nana sent me she forgot to tell you something about the amulet and she was worried," Joey said with a small smile.

"We don't know you. How do we know your not lying?" Reid asked.

"Who ever has the amulet take it out if it's not glowing bright green then I'm not your man," Joey said.

"Aunt Millie didn't tell us anything about the amulet glowing," Frank said, suspciously.

"I know that's what she forgot to tell you," Joey said

Cautiously Frank pulled the amulet from his pocket and looked at it.

"Is it glowing?" Joey asked.

"No," Frank answered, slipping the amulet back into his pocket.

"When ever you get around what's his name the amulet will start to glow it's how you'll know you have the right person," Joey said.

"I guess we should go see if he's still in Tyler," Frank said.

"If your talking about the kid in that room," Joey said, pointing to Tyler's room. "I seriously doubt he'd go back in to him he's just about all used up," Joey said.

"Let's get this over with," Frank said, as he opened Tyler's room door.

Reid felt a knot form in his throat when he saw Tyler he looked so small and helpless lying in the bed. One look at Caleb told Reid Caleb felt the same way. Frank was looking down discreetly at his hand.

"How's Tyler doing? Reid asked.

" He's holding his own right now," Mrs. Simms said.

"Here put this on," Frank said, handing her a bracelet and tying the other one around Tyler's' limp wrist.

"What are these?" Mrs. Simms asked.

"They have shielding spells on them," Frank answered.

When Frank went to walk away Mrs. Simms grabbed his arm.

"Please save my baby," Mrs. Simms begged.

"We're going to do our best," Frank promised.

Out in the hallway Joey was still waiting for them.

"Alright fellows here's what I came up with," Joey said.

"Since when do you make plans for us? Who are you?" Reid asked.

"He's my wife's cousin and lets at least hear what her has to say before you shut him down," Frank said.

"Thanks Frankie. Now the first thing we need to do is get the rest of the group away from innocent people. I think the courtyard in between the buildings will be a good place. I'll know the minute I see them if what's his name is in one of your friends," Joey said.

"His name is Isaiah Hanks. And exactly how will you know if he's in one of our friends?" Caleb asked, sounding irritated at the new comer for try to take charge.

"I can read auras it's part of my gift," Joey said, with a shrug. "Give me the amulet Frank I'll sneak up on who ever it is and hopefully he'll never see it coming and we can finish this thing without a big fight," Joey finished.

Frank hesitated for a minute before giving Joey the amulet.

"You trust me don't you Frankie?" Joey asked, before taking the amulet.

"Of course I do it's just I hate you had to get involved. There is enough life's at stake and you have a brand new little baby girl," Frank said.

Joey raised his eyebrows and almost looked amused. "I plan on being home in time for a late supper," Joey said. "Besides your family you know I got your back."

"Are you two ready?" Frank asked, Caleb and Reid.

"As ready as we'll ever be," Caleb answered.

Reid went to get the others while Frank, Caleb, and Joey went outside to wait.

"Alright Caleb we're here what's the plan," Pogue asked.

Nobody noticed that Joey had come in right behind them.

"Excuse me," Joey said, tapping Kate on the shoulder.

"Yes," Kate said, turning around.

"Gottcha," Joey said, holding up the amulet.

Kate screamed and started backing up.

"What are doing?" Pogue screamed, lunging for Joey.

Reid grabbed Pogue by one arm and Caleb grabbed him by the other.

"Easy Pogue easy," Caleb said.

"He's hurting her let me go," Pogue screamed.

"Look at her man there's someone else in side of Kate," Reid said.

Pogue stopped struggling and looked at what the others where staring at.

Kate was lying perfectly still on the ground and there was something that looked like a shadow half in and half out of her.

"Something's wrong it shouldn't be this hard to get him out. I'm killing her," Joey said, almost in a whisper. "If I stop and he gets a way he'll kill all of us."

"Stop please," Pogue said, sagging between Caleb and Reid.

Reid looked down his heart dropping to his feet. Suddenly the bright orange bracelet on Pogues' wrist caught Reid's attention.

"It's the bracelet," Reid said suddenly.

"What?" Caleb asked.

"It's the bracelet that's what's keeping him in. Caleb use your knife and cut it off," Reid ordered.

Caleb let go of Pogues arm dropping to the ground beside Kate he pulled out his knife and cut the bracelet off her wrist. As soon as the bracelet was off the shadow flew out of Kate's body and into the amulet. The stone turned black and the amulet jerked and pulled like a dog trying to get free of a leash.

"Oh God Kate," Pogue said, dropping down on her other side and scooping her into his arms.

"Is she…" Reid started.

"She's alive," Caleb said.

Kate began to moan in Pogues' arms.

"Shh it's ok baby your safe I gottcha," Pogue said, gently kissing her face.

"Thank you."

Everyone turned at the sound of the new voice.

"Tallie Austin," Reid, said smiling.

"I knew you where the ones I knew we had found our heros the minute I saw you," Tallie said.

"Liar you just thought they were cute," Austin said grinning.

Tallie gave Austin a look that would have killed him if he hadn't already been dead.

"We just came to say thankyou and goodbye," Tallie said.

"You have to go," Reid said, sounding a little sad.

"We can be with the rest of our family now but first there's one more thing we have to do," Tallie said, as she and Austin disappeared.

Tyler's Room

Mrs. Simms was sitting by Tyler's bed holding his hand when she saw the two reflections appear in the window.

"Hi Helen we've miss you," Tallie said.

"I knew you'd come as soon as Hank told me about you. Have you come for Tyler? Is this my punishment to loose my baby," Mrs. Simms asked.

"Why'd do you blame yourself it wasn't your fault it wasn't anyone's fault but Isaiah Hanks," Tallie said.

"I should have been there to protect you," Mrs. Simms said crying.

"If you'd been there you'd be dead too," Austin said.

"We're not mad at you we never were. We're glad you got grow up fall in love and have kids we'd never take that from you," Tallie said. " We just wanted to say that we love you and tell you goodbye."

"I love you too. Will you tell mom dad and Brian I love them too ?" Mrs. Simms asked.

"Of course we will," Tallie answered smiling.

"We've got to go now," Austin said.

"Wait my baby," Mrs. Simms said.

"He'll be fine," Austin said, as he and Tallie disappeared for the last time.

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