Chapter 1: . . . in Japan

Neji: Mercedes?

Mercedes: Yes, Neji Bunny-kun? ;)

Neji: . . . Did your parents name u after a car? . . . .

Mercedes: I don't know really. I think so.

Neji: Weird . . . Now, could you please get off of me?!

Mercedes: NEVAH!!!X3

Me: I don't own Gaara-kun or any of the Naruto characters.

Mercedes: Yea, 'cause if u did, I'd steal Neji from u!!!

Me: sarcastic What's stopping u from stealing him from Kishimoto-san now?

Mercedes: gasps Your right!!!throws Neji over shoulder and tries to run away


Me: It was quite simple, actually.

In a small village called Konaha, four ninjas were gathered together in the forest for a fight between two of the four ninjas.

"Neji? Why did u have to wake me up so early just to fight? What are you doing up so early, anyway?" the blond ninja named Naruto asked the brunette that so resembled a girl named Neji.

"Because, Naruto, you filled my shampoo with ramen!!" Neji replied, shooting Naruto a dirty look.

". . . Why would I waste good ramen on your hair? And what makes you think that I did it?"

"There were three bowls of ramen still on the floor."

"And you didn't notice that before you got in the shower?"

" . . . SHUT UP!!!!"

Gaara, the red-headed ninja, walked over to Sasuke, the emo looking brunette, & whispered, "Do you want to know who really put the ramen in Neji's shampoo?" with an evil grin lighting his face.

Sasuke gasped. "You didn't?!"

"I did. And do you want to know what I put in his gloves?"

" . . . What did you do?"

"AH! THERE'S KETCHUP IN MY GLOVES!!" Neji squealed in a rather undignified way as the sticky red goop that is ketchup dripped down his arms.

"HEY! THET'S MY KETCHUP!" Sasuke shouted before covering his mouth, realizing his mistake.

"SASUKE!! 7 days . . . 7 days . . ."

"AH!" Sasuke screamed, "Just like the Ring!!" And with that, he ran in circles, until finally running into a tree & passed out next to a snickering Gaara.

Suddenly, all eyes turned to Naruto, who was dancing awkwardly in place. "You guys," he whined, "I REALLYgotta use the bathroom!!!"

"Well, then hurry up & go already," Neji yelled at Naruto.

"Okay . . ." he replied, unzipping his pants.

"NOT RIGHT HERE!! GO BEHIND A TREE OR SOMETHING, JUST NOT HERE!!!" Gaara & Neji shrieked in horror.

So Naruto quickly grabbed his bag & went behind the biggest tree in the area (A/N: which just so happened to be right behind him.)

. . . . . . . 20 MINUTES LATER . . . . . . .

"Huh? What's going on? Did Neji kill Naruto yet?" Sasuke groaned, rubbing his throbbing head.

Gaara sighed. "Not yet. After you passed out, Naruto decided to take a little 'bathroom break'."

"Are you done YET?" Neji shouted impatiently at Naruto.

"Almost . . . "


". . . Why were you keeping track of that?"

"Just hurry up!!!"

"Done!" Naruto exclaimed, triumphantly waddling back to the group.

Sasuke's mouth dropped in confusion and disbelief, Gaara was rolling on the forest floor, laughing and Neji was fuming at Naruto. The blond had come out from behind the tree in a slinky red cocktail dress WITH high heels.


Naruto pointed at the Hyuuga. "I don't tell you how to live your life!!"

Neji and Sasuke sweatdropped while Gaara started gathering tears in his eyes(he was laughing REALLY hard now).

"Let's just start the battle already!!"Neji said, ashamed for even knowing Naruto.

"Alright! I'm going to beat you! BELIVE IT!!!"

Not in those clothes, Neji thought. "Byakuugan!!"

"Switch-no-justu!!" Naruto shouted after various hand signals.

POOF!!! Naruto & Neji all of a sudden had a switch of clothes.

"What did you do to me?!?!" Neji screamed, looking down at his new outfit.

Both Sasuke & Gaara burst out laughing, finding it funny that Neji now looked more feminine than he ever has in his life.

"It's a new jutsu I learned," Naruto exclaimed.

"Well, reverse it NOW!!!"

"Why should I?"

"Because I'll burn all your ramen to ashes!"

"gasp Alright, alright! You win!! . . . Now let me think . . . how do I switch it back again?"

"You can't remember how to switch it!!!"

"I just forgot, that's all!"

"Well, you better remember SOON!"

"Um . . . I think I remember how to do it now!"

And at the moment, Neji, Naruto, Sasuke, & Gaara disappeared, leaning not even a trace that any of them were there.

Me: End of 1st chappie!!!XD

Gaara: FINALLY!! I was getting bored.

Me: sniffle Gaara, you're so mean . . .sniffle

Gaara: You're not going to cry, are you?

Me: tears start to fall No . . .

Gaara: wraps arms around me & sighs I'm sorry.

Me: YOU SHOULD BE!!!starts crying into Gaara's shoulder

Reader: Aaww . . .

Gaara: Oh, brother . . .

Kankuro: Yes:-)

Gaara: O.o

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