Me: This is the chappie that is described about in the summary!!!

Neji: And you think I care because?

Me: You're a smart ass, you know that?

Neji: Yes. And did you know that you have a cockerroach in your hair?


Neji: Hahaha!!! OMG!!! That was frickin' hilarious!!!

Me: Grrr . . .

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Me: I'm really slow at typing . . . .

Reader: Would you be a faster typer if I gave you a piece of the world's chocolatiest cake? (gives me a slice)

Me: (takes one bite, then swallows the rest whole) No . . . . . I'll jus t be REALLLY hyper!!! (starts running in circles in the school library)

Gaara: (walks in carrying ten books, which he drops at the sight of me) WHO GAVE HER CHOCOLATE?!?!?! (Reader rasies hand shackily)

Cont. in the beginning of the next chapter . . . .

"So this is an anime connvention?" Maria, whom many could have sworn belonged to the royal court in some vampire land, asked her best viennese friend, Tori, standing outside the O'Conner High School Library. (O'Connor High School: YAY!!!! I'M IN A STORY!!! Me & Reader: O.o)

"Yep! Ain't it beautiful??" she replied, throwing a pale arm up for emphasis. (Tori: I'm not pale!!! I'm just white. . . )

"No, it's creppy," Mercedes, standing to the right of Tori.

"Well, I guess that makes you weird. . . " Jeff, who ALSO looks like vampire royalty, said, coming up behind Maria. Maria screamed, & hid behind a laughing Tori. Mercedes . . . well, Mercedes . . . . okay, I don't know WHAT Mercedes did! I just know that it was weird.

Maria pointed a finger at Jeff & started screaming at Jeff, . . . which unitendly went into Tori's ear as well. "JEFF!!! Don't you ever try that again!!!"

"Maria . . . that was my ear! (Me: Tori read my mind at lunch! Damn her . . .) But Jeff, besides the fact that I may possibly be completely deaf in my right ear, THAT WAS HILLARIOUS!!!!!! DO IT AGAIN!!!!"

Jeff was about to do . . . something . . . . , but then noticed that Maria had her head peeking out from behind Tori's shoulder. To Jeff, it seemed that a dark, evil aura seemed to appear around her as she gave him a menacing glare. He gulped. "I think I'd rather not", he told a very disappointed Tori. The aura around Maria seemed to brighten to a pure white light as she smiled & stepped out from behind Tori.

"Can we go in already?!!! I'm freezing here!!!" Mercedes burst out, shivering immensly.

The other three looked puzzled at her. " . . .But it's only 62 degrees fahrenheit out here. . . ." Maria said, momentarily becoming the voice of the group.

"I don't care!! That' too cold for me!!!!"

The others merely shrugged their shoulders & went inside the library. The four gaped at the scene. It was practicaly comic book geek heaven inside there. They should know, each having a cousin or a sibling that pretty much sold their soul to their comics.

The group rushed over to the NARUTO stand when bright light went off in front of them( which, for some reason, only they could see) & four people appeared in front of them. These four happened to be Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, & Neji, all looking very tired & in their regular clothes.

The four Americans looked at each other & nodded. Jeff grabbed Naruto's hand, Tori grabbed Sasuke's, Maria grabbed Gaara's, & Mercedes grabbed Neji's and they pulled them outside the library for a little interigation.

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