Chapter Twenty Seven

Dumbledore looked out over the full Great Hall, his face pinched in a frown. He had been surprised that the Master Vampire had not lashed out in rage at the death of his daughter. Yet. The Headmaster knew that it was coming. He had heard that the young hero was in a state of misery that left him even unwilling to speak but he would recover. Dumbledore knew that once he did, there was nothing that would stand between him and the Potter heir's rage. He could feel his impending death coming like shivers down his spine. From what his sources told him, it was not a matter of if, it was a matter of when. Christmas break had just ended and he had heard nothing new from his sources on Harry. He had really screwed up and now he would bare the consequences. The hall had been relatively quiet, well as quiet as a bunch of teenagers all wanting to discuss their breaks with each other could be until he heard the castle's front doors bang open and the sounds of a little skirmish outside. The doors to the Great Hall burst open by themselves and in walked a very distraught and very ill looking Jul- Harry. His cat-like eyes were focused only on the Headmaster. Dumbledore saw out of the corner of his eye, Draco Malfoy stand quickly, confused by his friends entrance and the state he was in.

"MURDERER!!" Harry yelled and Edward and Anita tried to restrain him but since they were not willing to hurt him it remained ineffective, "No! You murdered my daughter!! You sick bastard!!"

Dumbledore felt somewhat uneasy about this whole situation. The students were all starting to chitter amongst themselves, casting him wary glances. The Slytherins all unanimously gave him disgusted and hateful looks. Little traitors.

"Mr.Potter, I have no idea what you're talking about. My people's actions were their own. They acted outside my orders." He tried to assured the teen but it was no use.

"Liar!! I know you did it!! The portkeys they used to escape all had YOUR magical signature on them! You killed my baby! You killed my Genevieve!"

At this point, the boy burst into hysterical sobs and Anita held him. Edward cast the Headmaster a promising look before carrying his son out of the castle. Dumbledore looked out at the student body and every face was filled with either disbelief, confusion, anger or disgust.


Julien wiped his face on the handkerchief his beloved handed him with a grateful smile. The plan had worked.

"Well that went well." Anita stated calmly, polishing her gun in the corner seat.

Edward nodded in agreement. Discrediting Dumbledore in the eyes of his staff and students was an important step. And what the students heard would be circulated and circulated and eventually it would get out to the Wizarding world, courtesy of a friendly interview with Rita Skeeter, who would rather betray Dumbledore than let a scoop that juicy go to some other reporter, and it would repeat the process all over again. The plot had been a success. Unfortunately, his pleasure at the incident could not erase the ache he felt in his heart when he thought of his baby. She had faced a terrible death. He hadn't even gotten to say goodbye. It had been a hard week. Thankfully, Jean-Claude and Asher were there to hold him together. They were just as upset as he was though. Being vampires, they would not be able to reproduce again. It was purely luck that they had gotten Genevieve. Julien could not have another child, either. As Severus had reminded him earlier, if he used any potions to force his body to conceive again, it would kill both of them. If he died, Jean-Claude and Asher would likely go with him. It was a sad fact in itself. Genevieve had been their only hope for a family together. Now she was gone…Dumbledore was going to pay. He was going to pay dearly. It seemed, he thought with a grin, that a hit was in order.


Damn that Dumbledore to hell! Tom paced exhaustedly in his rooms, a crying Genevieve in his arms. He'd been trying to calm her for an hour now. Remi, his personal house elf, popped in just in the nick of time with a bottle of chocolate milk( with a little something extra mixed in) and a headache potion. He nodded to the tiny creature before offering the bottle to Genevieve. She accepted it greedily, sucking down the warm liquid as quickly as she could manage. Tom sighed heavily, plopping down on his bed with the child still in hand. It had been a long day. He didn't know how Julien did it. He certainly had new respect for the teen parent. To be able to take care of a child every day, catering to her every demand and need. It was a job that should only be allowed by licensed individuals. Hmm. That was a thought.

Note to self: When I rule, make parenting a licensed profession.

He looked down at the baby who was quickly falling asleep.

Second note: Never reproduce.


Dumbledore sat at his office desk, rubbing his tired eyes. His paperwork was finally finished for the night. He looked at the clock and winced. Three in the morning. He'd really burned the midnight oil tonight. There was too much to do. The Dementors had abandoned their posts at the school, only go Merlin knows where. He couldn't find trace them and there hadn't been a single one spotted since they had gone. He had a sneaking suspicion that some may now be the personal guards of the Circus of the Damned. Harry and his damned necromancer, no doubt. The others…They had more than likely gone to Voldemort. He had known that the

Dementor Lord shared a certain affection for Harry, but now he knew that they were now willingly and blissfully taking orders from the teenager. He could only assume that Harry was siding with Voldemort now as well. A part of the Headmaster was furious, but another part that hadn't been twisted by the decades of manipulations and power plays, didn't blame him. He had killed Harry's daughter. His flesh and blood. Abomination that she may be, she was Harry's baby. That last of the Potters. It would be a lie to say that he didn't feel the least bit remorseful. How was he supposed to know that Julien Forrester was actually Harry Potter, though?! Of all the places Harry could have hidden, he hide with the solarly allergic undead and the lunarly challenged! He was just about to pour himself a night cap when the doors of his office burst open. The old man jumped, dropping the liquor to the floor where it smashed into pieces and soaked his carpet. Harry stood in the doorway with an Uzi on his back, two Smith and Wessons in crisscrossing holsters on his hips and a machete as long as the Headmaster's forearm strapped ontop of the hip holsters. He looked like Death come to the ball. His father stood at his back with a pleasant smile on his face. Anita's face looked blank. He nodded at the vampires at their backs who sneered at him in return. Harry stepped forward, and drew the blade silently. The only sound was the zing of the metal as it was unsheathed. The teenager ran a loving finger down the cold metal in a soft caress.

"Albus Dumbledore. Are you prepared to face the consequences of your actions?" He asked in a hissed whisper.

Albus nodded. He had known since he discovered Julien Forrester's true identity that this moment was coming. His affairs were in order. He was prepared.

"I am."

Harry nodded and raised his weapon. The last thing that Albus Dumbledore saw was the blade coming down on his neck quickly. Truly, Julien Forrester was the next Executioner. In a small, sick way, Dumbledore was proud of him.

Tom had summoned him at last. Now that Dumbledore was dead, Genevieve was free to go home. He would be lying if he said that he wouldn't miss the little brat. She had grown on him quite a bit. Severus paced around the room nervously and Tom just sent him a slightly sad smirk. He'd miss the little furball. He rocked the bassinet gently while Genevieve slept on. Julien had made it possible for his reign to begin in a crashing land slide. With both Dumbledore and Fudge dead, the Wizarding World was looking to anyone for protection and guidance. He had made his appearance at the Conference of World Leaders and they had all decided unanimously that they would follow him. The only problem area had been Switzerland who opted to remain neutral. Of course, they always did. No matter. Julien stepped out of the fireplace with his beaus following shortly. The teen looked confused.

"Tom, what is it?" He asked calmly.

Severus's pacing stopped short. The vampires had stiffened as soon as they arrived. He gestured Julien over, motioning for him to be silent. The teen timidly stepped over, unwilling to look inside the bassinet. Tom picked the sleeping infant up, handing her to Julien. The Nimir-Raj was shaking uncontrollably. With quivering hands he took the child.

"It's really her, Julien. You don't have to be afraid. Severus saved her. The Genevieve that died the day of the attack was a polyjuiced Peter Pettigrew. She's real." He assured him.

Jean-Claude and Asher had dared to take a few steps forward to see the thing curled in their lover's arms. Julien's emerald eyes were wide and he didn't even try to stop the crystal tears that were spilling out.

"Why…Didn't you tell me…?" He choked on a sob, clutching the baby to his heart.

Tom touched the black tufts of hair on Genevieve's head gently.

"It was unsafe until Dumbledore was taken care of. I didn't want either of you hurt any more. So Severus and I cared for her until the old man was taken care of."

The nervous potion's master snorted from the side.

"You took care of her. Don't let him fool you, Julien. He didn't let that child out of his sight the entire time. He was such a mother hen you wouldn't even believe it." He chuckled, making the teen laugh through his tears.

Julien was laughing and crying and he couldn't even stop. He just held his daughter close and Jean-Claude and Asher held him in turn. She never did wake up, but snuggled closer to him instead. She was alive. That was all he asked for. He touched his lovers' minds, the pure ecstasy of joy overtaking him. He smiled up at Tom who merely returned the smile a little uncertainly. He brushed the Dark Lord's mind next and what he felt made him all the more happy. He sent a little question to his beaus who both nodded. He grinned at Tom.

"Tom? Will you be Genevieve's third daddy?"

Severus choked in his shock on the wine he had poured himself. Tom looked at the four before him with astonishment. He wouldn't have to give up Genevieve…Or Julien. Oh my.

"I think she already has three daddys, Julien." He laughed but Julien just scoffed.

"Nuh uh! I'm her mommy."

The Dark Lord burst out in laughter, his whole being giddy with excitement and bliss.

"I'd love to be her daddy too."

Julien clapped his hands, hugging the baby as much as he dared. He handed her over to Jean-Claude and Asher who loved on her just as much as he had. Everything was…perfect.

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