-Chapter 4-

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Ever since the incidents at the Merry Go Mall Ace had been in a terrible mood. He had gotten into a real bad fight with Garp and was now lying in bed nursing his aching stomach (Garp had given him a good punch there). "Stupid fucking old geezer…" he mumbled as he curled up into a ball.

Meanwhile, down stairs Luffy was hiding just out of view of Garp, who was in the kitchen talking on the phone.

"I just can't take it anymore!" Garp shouted, slamming a fist into the counter. "He's completely out of control! Who knows what he'll do that'll wreck his future!?"

Luffy felt a bit nervous, he knew Gramps might do something drastic, and with a person like him, drastic meant just plain insane.

"I guess I'll just have to send him away for a while, you have any room at that military school you help run? Hopingly that should instill some discipline…" Garp said with a sigh. "Huh? His brother? Luffy? Nah…I'm not too worried about him…The kid's got strength and stamina, I'll give him that but he's a bit on the slow side if you know what I mean…"

Luffy gave a quiet huff. He was tired of people thinking he was stupid. Sure, he didn't care much about a lot of the things in school, but that didn't mean he was dumb.

"So do you think you have any room?" Garp asked again. Suddenly he grinned. "You do? Great!"

Luffy felt his heart jump. 'No! He can't!' he then quickly snuck back upstairs. He then quietly tip toed into Ace's room and over to his bed. "Ace…?"

Ace was still in a rotten mood and was pretty irritated with Luffy, so he pretended to be asleep.

"Ace…" Luffy climbed into the bed and began to gently nudge his brother.

Ace still tried to pretend he was asleep.

"Ace! Please wake up!" Luffy's voice now sounded urgent.

Ace then suddenly sat up. "What!?"

Luffy jumped a little. "G-Gramps is trying to send you away!"

Ace blinked. "Huh?"

"I heard him talking on the phone with a friend of his, he said that he wants to send you away to some school…" Luffy explained.

"Hmph…Fine by me…" Ace then laid back down and wrapped himself in his blankets and turned his back to his little brother.

"What?" Luffy said in shock. "You don't care!?"

"Hmph…not at all…" Ace said with a slight huff. "I'll be away from that bastard…and that's good enough for me…"

"B-but…I…" Luffy tried to force more words out, but nothing came.

There was silence for a while.

Then suddenly Luffy managed to get under the covers of the bed and he snuggled himself against Ace's back.

"Luffy…?" Ace said with a slight hint of surprise. He could feel his face warm up as crimson began to stain his face. It was that weird feeling again, damn.

"I don't want you to go…" Luffy said as he tried to hug him.

Ace suddenly wriggled away from him. "D-don't touch me!" he grumbled.

Luffy blinked "Why? What's wrong?"

Ace gave a small moan. "Don't ask…I don't want to talk about it…"

Luffy snuggled against him again.

"Luffy! I told you not to do that!"

"But Ace…"

"It's weird! Now stop it!" Ace said finally.

Luffy sighed and rolled over so he was facing the opposite direction.

There was a long silence between the two.

"Why are you still here?" Ace asked finally.

"…………I don't want you to go."

Ace rolled over and looked at Luffy. "……………Why?"

Luffy sighed and rolled over to face him. "You're my brother Ace…and my friend…I-"

Ace sighed and pulled Luffy into a hug.

Blushing a bit, Luffy nuzzled into him a little.

Now Ace blushed, and his heart beat quickened a little, just what was wrong with him? Giving a sigh he also took in a little of Luffy's sent, it was a nice smell, Ace held Luffy a little closer, and suddenly a narcoleptic fit kicked in.

"Ace?" Luffy said with a blink. He then could hear light snoring. Luffy couldn't help but give a small laugh.

That night the two made a silent agreement, that they'd do their best not to be separated.

In Garp's opinion, it was a miracle, Ace had suddenly started to behave, he did as he was told without giving any lip, he kept his temper in check, and he was actually sometimes even a little nice to him. Ah, yes, it must've been a sign of the Apocalypse.

If there was one thing Ace was thankful for it was that Luffy was actually a very good listener. He'd let Ace vent out on him, and even do things that'd help him feel better, small, silly things, but it helped none the less.

As time passed and the more time they spent together, the local punks had finally stopped calling Ace Luffy's boyfriend. Now, they moved up to calling Luffy Ace's wife. This would never fail to bring rosy tints to both boys' faces, and of coarse a major butt kicking of the offending brat would soon follow.

"Wife…can you believe that!?" Ace said with a huff.

"It's not that bad…" Luffy said.

"Huh!?" Ace blushed a bit. "You dork…Of coarse it is!"

Luffy blinked. "Why? You don't like me????"

Ace blinked. "What???? N-not like that! Lu if I liked you that way, that would be very bad…" His face was now a brilliant shade of red.

Luffy just gave a confused blink.

Ace sighed. "Forget it kid…let's just hurry home…"

When they got home they had caught Garp finishing a call on the phone.

"I gotta go, I'll talk to you more about it later…"

Ace raised an eyebrow at this, why was Garp being so secretive? He didn't like it one bit. "Hey old man, who were you talking to?"

Luffy in the meantime rushed upstairs to put his school stuff away.

Garp watched Luffy to make sure he was out of hearing range. This only served to make Ace uneasy about what could be possibly going through the old man's head.

"I was just talking to an old friend of mine…" Garp explained. "Apparently Luffy's grades at school aren't doing too well so I was talking with him to see if I could have Luffy put into the school where he works…"

"Y-you're sending Lu away!?" Ace was absolutely shocked. "You can't!"

"Why not? It could help the boy…"

"But…What if…what if I can get him to do better in school? I can tutor him!"

Garp raised an eyebrow and thought it over. "Well…perhaps…Okay, tell you what, if you can get Luffy's grades to improve by the end of the month then I won't send him away, got it?"

Ace nodded.

-Few days later…-

Luffy was sticking his tongue out. "Stupid history…"

"Take it like a man Luffy…" Ace said with a sigh. He didn't tell Luffy what gramps was planning, he didn't want Luffy to be too worried over it. "Okay…we're almost done, then we can move on to your math homework…"

Luffy couldn't help but wonder what had gotten into Ace, why was he doing this all of a sudden? "Ace…"

"Focus Lu…"

Luffy gave a slight frown and continued. "Why are you doing all this?"

Ace tried to ignore the question. "Lu, you have homework to do…"

"Ace!" Luffy said with a frown. "Don't shrug me off! You've been acting really weird all of a sudden…"

Ace was silent for a while. "Your grades suck." he said flatly.

"I know that! But you didn't do anything about it before…" Luffy pointed out.

Ace then sighed and began to explain. "………Gramps…wants to send you away."

Luffy's eyes went wide. "Me!? Why!?"

"Because he's Gramps…" Ace said with a sigh.

"Good point." Luffy said while scratching the back of his head.

"Look Luffy…You really need to focus on school right now…okay…" Ace stressed.

Luffy just smiled.

Ace blinked and blushed a bit. "What?"

Luffy just gave a small laugh and returned to his work.

Ace soon found that he couldn't help but smile a little as well. Darn Luffy and his too cute smiles were far too contagious.

"Oh, by the way…" Luffy began. "Shuraiya asked I he could go out with me…"



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