Title: Where the Candy Colored Princess Lives

Author: Molly the Wanderer

Notes: Written for my personal Fanfic 100 Challenge, number 78: where? It's not much. I needed to practice and Del is so much fun to write because I can break all the rules. Hope y'all like.

There is no peace here. Delirium builds a castle out of pansies and fills the moat with butter cream. On a little hill, not far off, Barnabas chases fish that fly by without wings. Del climbs to the top of her castle, to a little room made out of jade, or maybe cotton candy and her hair is as long as a mile or maybe a google or maybe a year. She plays Rapunzel by herself, because Delirium is always alone on the inside.

But that's alright. Barnabas sits at the bottom of the flower tower, which is a very nice rhyme and plays the prince, and Del giggles because Barnabas is a dog not a prince, though he could be if he wanted and she imagines Barnabas is tall and dark like her brother who is not her brother anymore and Barnabas notices that the clouds are gathering.

It rains grape juice. Barnabas hides underneath the tree at the top of the hill while Delirium jumps in puddles that change colors as she splashes through them. Red, blue, brown, green, pink and some colors that Del can't remember the names of so she says the first things that come to mind, "spittle, goon, Maori, top!"

Delirium curls up on a muffet, which is just as soft as it sounds and Barnabas sleeps inside his dog house, which is mostly normal because Death and Despair said so except for the baby monitor and the sword that Barnabas brought with him from Destruction although, only Del knows about it. Balloons rise twinkling into the night sky and the moon sings everyone to sleep.

In the morning, Del will sail across the sea of syrup in a dingy made out of an ├ęclair, strawberry one not a chocolate one. But until then, things are quiet. There is no peace in Deliriums world, but there is a castle made of pansies, and fish that fly without wings, and a dog with a sword and a princess who believes that twinkle is a good word.