The Sacrificial Temple

Sam had had nothing but nightmares since she had been possessed by Jolinar, it was so vivid just like she was living it again and again, " Let's go Captain, those gliders are coming back around !"

" This man's alive !"

" We cannot wait !" She could see Daniel helping people through the Stargate

" Okay, come on, come on. Don't panic, we'll have you out of here in a minute."

" Teal'c I gotta go back for Carter."

" He's alive, but I think He's gonna wish he wasn't. Let's get him outta here." She had started to give a man mouth to mouth and he suddenly grabbed her around the back of the neck so she couldn't break free, It was always the same, a choking feeling, a fire at the back of her throat and then she was a prisoner in her own body " Carter ! We've got to go ! You alright ? "

" Yeah " " Let's get him outta here, come on."

" Dead ! Had some kind of seizure. Bit his own tongue." but this time the dream was different, there was a voice in her head and it said " Mi'la tu'tu ? Ya'ol'wa ? Ma'tel ma Tua Tena'ak'te, Ma'tel ma Tu'et Vor'at Me Cardia" before she lost her body, She would have to ask Daniel or Teal'c to translate it in the morning. Morning came around way to quickly but curiosity had gotten the best of her, quickly she dressed and on the way to Daniel's lab bumped into Teal'c, " Perfect" She thought to herself with a smile, although she knew Teal'c did have feelings for his friends and new family she also knew that those feeling's were more disciplined than most, he almost seemed...wise, yes he would be perfect. " Teal'c may I have a word ? "

" Certainly Captain Carter, what troubles you ? " He asked with concern

" Can we go somewhere more private ? " He bowed his head and held out his arm in the direction she was to follow, he had shown her into his quarters,asked her to take a seat then started to light a lot of candles. Sam had to admit this was more relaxing than Daniel's cluttered office would be " Oh where to begin " She queried to herself out loud

" The beginning is usually a good place Captain Carter " Teal'c offered innocently bringing a smile to Sam's face and was instantly put at ease

" The beginning, well that would be Jolinar "

" I see "

" I've been having nightmares for sometime, the same dream over and over again, but last night i heard Jolinar speak, she said " Mi'la tu'tu? Ya'ol'wa? Ma'tel ma Tua Tena'ak'te, Ma'tel ma Tu'et Vor'at Me Cardia" before I was imprisoned, I just wanted to know what it meant."

" It's literal translation would be Is everything all right? what is the matter? Forgive me I thought you gave me new life, forgive me for what i now must do my dear one" Sam took in the words and tears appeared

" If I had understood I might have been able to save her "

" I do not see how knowing a language could change your predicament Captain Carter "

" Don't you see Teal'c ?, I would have understood her, when Janet mentioned Cassie I would have told Jolinar about her, she would have warned me about her Naquadah problem, I would have made up some excuse and stayed away, Jolinar would never had been locked up and she would have escaped and warned the Tok'Ra about Apophis and Chronos "

" I see "

" Do you remember anything of the Tok'Ra ? "

" Some faces, some names, Martouf, Martouf is important "

" Who is Martouf ? "

" I don't remember, I remember Martouf...and Lantash "

" Lantash ? " Teal'c actually sounded excited " He was a great tactition and was responsible for a great many losses of Jaffa defeats, he was a worthy opponent that I believed to be deceased "

" Oh, I see, we best get going , we have a briefing to attend " Sam smiled " Thanks Teal'c, I needed this off of my chest "

" My door is always open Captain Carter " He smiled and they both made their way to the briefing room.

" Nice of you to join us " O'Neill grinned, Sam smiled back, not the same bright smile Jack was used to " Everything O.K. Captain ? "

" Fine Sir " He was just about to press further when he saw Teal'c slowly move his head from side to side, so he let the matter drop...for now.

" Good morning SG1 " General Hammond said with a smile " Dr Jackson will be briefing you on your next mission " He concluded and handed over to Daniel

" Well if you remember the writings on Ernest Littlefield's planet a few different races were mentioned one of them being the ancients, well anyway the M.A.L.P. That we sent through to PX978942 showed ancient writing on some old ruins on the planet and a significant power spike "

" So we're talking big honking guns ? "

" Uh? Oh, I don't know Jack, maybe, or it could just be a shield or it might be nothing that's why we're going to check it out " Daniel sighed, Jack could be hard work sometimes.

" O.K. SG1 you have a go, suit up and ready to go in 1 hour, dismissed " And with that SG1 went about getting their gear together, Sam sighed, it was probably going to take them an hour just to get the paper work complete. 1 hour exactly and everyone was in the gate room ready to go, once the O.K. Was given they walked up the ramp and disappeared through the event horizon, a short trip later and they were re-materialising on a strange world with Neon pink skies, one sun and three moons which occupied the sky together, there was an abundance of plant life and strange sounds that accompanied the weird and wonderful..." Pinkery ? " Sam thought to herself " Oh hell, shake yourself Carter, now your just being stupid " She chastised herself, something had her rattled and she couldn't put her finger on it which made it twice as bad. " Teal'c ? "

" Yes Captain Carter " he answered while looking around, something clearly had him rattled also " Ever since this little escapade with Jolinar..."

" Did she just say Jolinar ? "

" Shhhh, I'm trying to listen "

" ...I've felt a little different around you, don't get me wrong I don't mean that in a bad way, but it's like I can sense you before I can see you "

" It is the Naquadah in your system, just because Jolinar is gone..."

" Gone ?..."

" Does not mean that you go back to the way you were, the ability is caused by the Naquadah not the Goa'uld "

" Well that could prove useful " She pondered aloud " Teal'c , I think we have company "

" Indeed "

" We know if they're friendlies ? " O'Neill had been keeping his ears open as well as his eyes and had heard the entire conversation

" I do not know O'Neill, they have been with us for some time now "

" Do you think they could just be curious ? "

" A possibility O'Neill "

" Keep a check on it " Teal'c dipped his head in acknowledgement and continued to survey the area.

" Carter, what's up ? You've not been yourself for a while "

" It's nothing, I just miss Jolinar, memories have been filtering into my concious mind and I've gotten to know her a little better, the Tok'Ra would be a useful ally "

" Yeah, well unless any of those memories can give us a gate address that's not going to happen "

" I'm working on it sir "

" Just hang in there Carter " O'Neill said affectionately, he couldn't pretend to know what she was going through but it wasn't like her to let it get to her like this.

" We're nearly there " Daniel said excitedly oblivious to the conversations going on behind him " It resembles the Sacrificial Temple back on Earth "

" Can you read this stuff ? " Jack asked pointing to the strange symbols on the Temple " Jack I don't even know what these symbols sound like "

" Deja Vu " Jack sighed. " Well I know I've probably said this before, but this is a galactic waste of time " Jack stated while leaning against one of the Temple pillars causing the machine to spring to life

" It didn't do that when we touched it "

" Will you Shush "

Sigh " I am sorry my friend but this could be important "

" Wow, how'd you do that Sir ? "

" I have no idea Carter " Watching her as she explored the machine, " Bet she was one of those kids that took everything to pieces " He thought to himself, a flash and a scream brought him out of his reverie just in time to see Sam fall to the ground...